A New Venture to Start 2014: Rise Of The Indigo!

Hello everyone! If you stumbled across the site by mistake or on purpose, let me be the first to congratulate you you lucky person you! You have just stumbled onto what will be one of the most controversial, in-your-face truther sites that you will ever read. Here at R.O.T.I. no holds are barred, no punches are pulled, and no stone is left un-turned. We will discuss everything from New World Order. government corruption, reptilians, Illuminati, the War on Terror, discovering  our true history as the human race, multiple dimension, the occult, Freemasonry, secret societies, Annunaki, religion, cosmology, if the truth is there, we will find it!

I must warn you that the content that you will read on this site will not be a easy pill to swallow, but is very necessary. This site will make you question your whole reality if you haven’t already questioned it yet. What you find on this site will not be the trash that you were force-fed in those government-funded indoctrination camps that they call “schools” (whether public or private), or the drivel that they have the nerve to condition you to believe on that comedy show they call the “Evening News”. Nope! This is a site for people who are addicted to truth. This is for those who enjoy digging deep and getting the big picture and breaking free of this “3D-reality” that we call the Matrix.

In order to properly introduce you this new journey. I figured what better way to do so then to have my friend Morpheus from the epic film “The Matrix” explain it to you. Get ready to take the red pill and never turn back!



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