Why I am Not A Fan Of Organized Religion (Part 2)

Previously on “Rise of the Indigo”…………

“We as humanity are looking for answers of who we are, where we come from and where we are going. As a matter of fact, most of us have become so obsessed with this that we have ran to anything that sounded good to us.”

The major reason why I have came to the conclusion that I am not a fan of organized religion is because it seems to be a means of total control for the masses. Do this or go to hell, follow these rules or forever be damned, this book is the 100% word of God and should not be questioned, do not speak bad about our faith or we will label you a “suppressed person” (SP).”

And now for the gripping conclusion…….

Now I know what you may be thinking if you are a fundamentalist of the very kind that I have spoke about in the previous entry. You probably think that I’m on a one way ticket to the pits of Hades to burn for my lack of faith in the “one true God”. If that is you as you read this site, then congratulations…..you are part of the problem! But wait don’t get mad just yet. Because not only are you part of the problem, you are a BIG part of the problem. Why you ask? I’m glad you did! Because of your division, your closed-mindedness, your fear of the unknown, and your dark Age way of thinking, we have been set back many years. Your faith has allowed you to fall into the dreaded “trade liberty for security” mentality. You know, the fear-based way of thinking that caused many Americans to allow a draconian legislation like the Patriot Act to be passed without question. I’m out of line you say? Well allow me to prove it to you using the modern orthodox version of Christianity. You were told in the Bible and certainly by the preachers in those money-making scams called “churches” that in order to avoid the torture of Hades, you have to unconditionally surrender yourself to Jesus Christ and accept him as your Lord and savior in order to live in heavenly bliss.

Catch my drift? You fundamentalists traded your free will and your free-thinking for artificial heavenly bliss. Sounds like an esoteric form of the Patriot Act to me. But hey it’s okay. We were not born knowing all the answers. But that’s just the thing. When we were children, we had no prejudices, no belief systems, none of that. We also had curiosity. The ability to question everything. This is what we must get back if we are to rise above the conditioning of this 3D-reality. We have to be open to the fact that we may have been lied to about……well……EVERYTHING while living in this reality. Then once we break down the barrier of lies, we can be at peace with the situation that is unfolding in front of our very eyes and rise above the fear-based thinking instilled into us since birth into the love vibration where we see each other as one. More on this in another post.

So after what I have stated in the two-part entry about organized religion, if you are a devout member of your faith, no matter what it may be, are you going to curse me to the fiery pit? Or will you consider rising above your conditioning and explore your faith in depth and come to an informed decision?


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