The United States of America Needs To Get Its Act Together

After this post there is a good chance that I will be labeled a domestic terrorist. But it is a good thing that I do not live in fear. In addition, I believe that speaking the truth is way more important than keeping my mouth shut especially at this point in time. As an “American”, I must say that this country is about to catch some serious trouble and I would not feel sorry for this country or even the citizens.  Wait don’t call Guantanamo Bay just yet! Allow me to explain myself. Let’s start with the so call U.S. Government, which I will now refer to as USA Inc.

USA Inc.  have literally become the terrestrial version of the Star Wars Imperial Force, with “Lord Barry Soetero” as Commander-in-Chief.  Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that things were bad way before the current commander-in-chief, so I am not placing blame on him. The problem with USA Inc. is that it feels that it has the right to dictate to the rest of the world what to do with their natural resources (meaning that they claim dibs on all of them) or the type of government it is to have, and if the country doesn’t bend to the will of USA Inc., watch out, they’re bringing in the drones and the military to convince you otherwise.

Two examples of this (and believe me there are way more than two) are Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Mummar Gaddafi in Libya. Both of these middle Eastern countries had their own state-owned central banks and controlled their own natural resources. All of a sudden here comes NATO (care of USA Inc. of course) to straighten them out, overthrow the current leaders, and install a puppet government to bring “democracy” to their country. Who said that these countries wanted “democracy”? Put it this way, “democracy” hasn’t worked very well here in America, so why bring a failed experiment to a country that never wanted it? The answer is because it benefits the powers that be.

USA Inc. also seems to enjoy implementing draconian legislation on its own citizens (employees). Things like the Patriot Act, the NDAA, the Monsanto Protection Act, the Food Safety Act, and a whole lot more have been restricting the civil liberties of its citizens (employees) for some time now. This brings me to the next thing that is screwing up America, and this is where I will catch the most flack, the citizens (employees) themselves. Yeah go ahead and get mad if you want to but think about it this way: What did you do to stop this legislation or to put your government in check? Top answers would be watching the football game, being a good slave at your job, eating GMO-laced foods, and getting drunk. Just like the fundamentalist religio-bots, you are a BIG part of the problem.  It’s because you dumb American citizens (and I don’t mean ALL American citizens. I am aware that most of the country is finally waking up.) do nothing but complain and go shopping. But I bet you will be scared once foreign troops are in the country to assist with martial law (Oh wait! They’re already here). Yeah I’m getting tough with you because someone has to. I refuse to sugar-coat this issue.

Here is an example of how stupid you people really get. Two words: BLACK FRIDAY. Every year there is a YouTube  video of a bunch of ignorant buffoons crowded in front of a Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or whatever other multi-national corporation you choose to attend just to be able to get an iPhone 5S for $70.  Even to the point of injuring or killing someone (yes there have been deaths at these things). If that doesn’t boil your blood then you are more than likely a lost cause.

Here’s another reason why a number of American citizens are stupid. You allow things like the media and public opinion control your thinking through the corporate government’s 24-hour propaganda machine. As a matter of fact, any American that decides to consciously use critical thinking gets labeled a “conspiracy theorist”, and are ridiculed for not conforming to the establishment. Way to support your fellow citizens (of course I’m being sarcastic). We all know that it’s wrong to force people to eat poisonous food, however, when the TV adverts push it through their media, then it’s “down the hatch”. Media has conditioned people to believe that vaccines and pharmaceuticals are a good thing when what they are really are “poisons for profit”. Then when someone like me tells you that these are poisons, you believe that I’m a troublemaker and that I should just fall in line and conform. Well sorry to burst your bubble, but that will not happen.

So let me tell you why America is now asking for trouble. If we as a country allow USA Inc. to continue down the road of destruction without stepping in, putting out foot down and saying “No more”, we will be sorry. We ( USA Inc. rather) have ticked off a lot of countries by sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong while allowing those here at home to suffer.  But understand this: the chickens are coming home to roost and when they do, you will see something that you have never seen before. And you know what? I believe that this country deserves it. Mad? I really don’t care. If you don’t see it, then you’re blind as Stevie Wonder. It’s the apathy of this country that will be its downfall. So what’s the solution? Start caring about what goes on. Turn the TV off, put down the newspaper, start asking our “representatives” (if you can even call them that) the tough questions that the “presstitutes” are to chicken to ask. Your vigilance is their downfall. There are more of us then there are our “representatives” so start using the power of numbers to get results.

The biggest weapon that we have as a people is our non-compliance. Stop sending your children to those government-owned and operated day care centers called schools. If you work for a multi-national corporation whether you are an employee or a manager, don’t show up for work, and for the love of God DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THESE MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS! The more people that don’t comply, the stronger a message we send to the Elite and corporations that control the U.S. Government. The best thing about this is that we are not using violence in order to get our point across. So if violence is used, it will be initiated by USA Inc. and their thugs on their payroll which will speak huge volumes.

So in conclusion, I have spoke harshly about the actions of USA Inc. and the citizens of the United States of America. However, instead of just telling you the problem, I offered a simple solution. The question is “Will you be strong enough to exercise that power and salvage the freedoms that you have left? Or will you remain an apathetic, docile, mindless consumer who will eventually be put out to pasture?


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