Lets Talk About ‘Six’ Baby!

Okay after talking about the faux-Jews known as the Khazars and briefly mentioning the State of Israel in the last post, brace yourselves because I’m about to take you even further down the rabbit hole. Just a disclaimer, before you start this journey, if you haven’t read my previous posts “Could Tila Tequila Be On To Something” (Part 1 and 2), then I suggest that you read those posts as a set-up to this one. For those that are caught up, let’s get down to business.

I guess the best place to start to start is with the Israeli flag.

Look at it. No really. What do you notice? A six-pointed star. What if I told you that the number six is recorded in this one symbol three times? At this point some of you reading this may know where I’m getting at, but let me talk directly to the ones who may not. The number six is shown three times in the following way:

1) There are 6 points of the six-pointed star.
2) There are 6 triangles the consist of the six-pointed star.
3) There is a 6 sided hexagon in the center of the six-pointed star.


If you think that’s something. Keep it locked. There is more. Let us focus on the hexagon for a hot minute. Take a good look at it. Besides a hexagon, what 3-dimensional shape does is represent. A cube! Okay, so why is that important? Well rather than just tell you, maybe I should just show you. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

This is the Kaaba that is found in Mecca. Notice that it is a black cube. This is something that is used concerning the Islamic faith as devout followers circle the Kaaba seven times
Here it is again!
And again!

Now just to let you know, there are more of these all over the world, but I think that with these I seem to be making my point. So I bet your next question is “What’s the deal with all of these cubes?” Before I actually share that answer with you, let me show you one more picture and then I will cut to the chase.

The picture you are now looking at is the planet Saturn. If you look carefully, you can see the hexagon and with a little Sacred Geometry, you will see that you can form the cube and the six-pointed star.

This will now lead to my point. Everything from the Khazars to Israel has to do with the planet Saturn. WHAT? Hey, get away from the ‘X’! Do not close this page until you hear me out. We are going to break down the esotericism of Saturn.  First, when you look at the word Saturn, what can you see that you may not see right away? Maybe a day of the week? Saturday? SATURN-day?? Hang on a minute! Let’s take this a step further. What day of the week is Saturday? The SIXTH day of the week! We were talk about seeing six all over the Star of David not too long ago. Not only that, but here’s something that you should be aware of. Saturday is also known as the Sabbath. Where have we heard that? The Bible where we are told to keep the Sabbath as a holy day.

Let’s talk even more Saturn. For those who know about mythology, Saturn was also referred to as Kronos, or Father Time. Now check this out! Time is a form of enslavement and is an illusion. I’ll prove it to you:

Everyday you have to wake up at a certain “time” to follow a routine (shower, eat breakfast, watch the news, check the weather). Then you have to be at work or school, depending who you are, at a certain “time”. If you’re late, you are punished either by detention, or even suspension at school or docking of pay, or even termination if you work at a job. Then on top of that, you are told what “time” you can have lunch and for how long (the average lunch break for an eight hour day is one hour). In terms of school, you are given a schedule of what “time” and how long your classes are. A bell rings at the end of one class signaling that it’s “time” to go to your next class. If you get to your next class after the bell rings, then you’re late, and you get in trouble. At a job you have to “punch a clock” in order to record the “time” that you have worked in order to get paid.

So after hearing that, does that sound like the life of a free being or a slave? On top of that, was this scenario created by you or did someone else create it for you? This is the point I’m trying to make. But let’s go even deeper into the Saturn scenario. When you look at a cube, you think of a box. A box is used to keep people inside, limited, restricted. The best word to use for this is finite. If we are to connect all the dots so far that we have expressed on this site, from the Khazars to the Rothschilds to Israel to Saturn, then we can come to the conclusion that in that one symbol on Israel’s flag that the endgame is to keep us trapped in this 3-dimensional reality, which is also in turn an illusion, and keep us from experiencing our multi-dimensional selves. Wow! Is this what this is all about? As strange as it sounds. Yes! This is exactly what it is all about. But in all reality, is it that hard to believe? The  Khazars, who are in turn being controlled by outside forces (yes there are outside forces) have been chosen to misguide humanity from becoming multi-dimensional and breaking free from the 3-dimensional matrix prison that we have been born into and conditioned to believe is true reality. This is done through mind control through television, telling us what to believe is current events or listening to experts that they have paid big bucks to tell us lies and half-truths about what’s going on in the world. Telling us what to wear, who to date, what politician to vote for, what medicines are good for you, and most of all, how to feel about war. Think about it in this way, the television set is cube-shaped (another Saturn subliminal?). Now let’s go back to talking about schools. The purpose of education in 3D reality is not to empower you, but to indoctrinate you into a life of debt slavery that you believe to be a pathway to the American Dream (call it anything else if you live in another country). But what is the American Dream? All together now: It’s an illusion!

Okay let me blow your mind just one more time. Let us refer to the Christian cross. Do you actually know what the cross turns into one you modify it? Once again, rather than tell you, let me show you with a picture.

Christianity also possibly a Saturn connection???

The true agenda from a big picture perspective is to keep the illusion going that is collapsing very rapidly. The only way to keep it going is to tighten the reigns. This is why all of this draconian legislation is being pushed through. If people know the truth about everything, they will be more unwilling to keep it going. Hence the desperate grab for power. Now at this point, you may think that you have heard it all. Well brother (or sister) we are just scratching the surface. Look for more to come and rise with the Indigo.


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