The Real World?

What if the world that has been pulled over our eyes looks something like this:

Welcome to the real world
Welcome to the real world

On the surface, you may think the world may not look so bad. But when you take off the rose-colored glasses and open your eyes to the truth, you may see a world that looks like the picture listed above. Well okay maybe it won’t look EXACTLY like the picture above but metaphorically speaking when you start to do your homework and think outside the TV, you may get the feeling that the world is not what you were indoctrinated to believe it was.

Now I’m sure that most of you have seen these T-shirts at least once:

Maybe the world is just like “They Live” after all

Can you honestly say that you don’t get an eerie feeling when you see people wearing these shirts. I know I do. Exactly what are we to “obey”?

How would you feel if you walked into a world that looked like it does in this video?

Not pretty is it? Well the truth isn’t always pretty. But as I said before, it is necessary. The truth is that we have a bunch of empty vessels walking around on this planet. You can call them zombies, or soulless, or as I like to call them “walking, talking voids”. In this video, the ones I speak about are the ones who look like aliens underneath their “meat-suit”.

The video clip that you just watched was from the 1988 movie “They Live”. If you have never seen that movie in its entirety, I highly recommend it. There is a lot of truth in that movie, even though that clip alone seems absurd. Anyway, I wanted to post this brief entry to show the readers exactly what we are dealing with and how we can stop “obeying” and start living. R.O.T.I. will help you get to that stage.



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