What If I Told You That There Was No “Out There”?

I originally had the intention of elaborating on the topic of Saturn in the next post, but I felt that it could wait in order to bring you very important and informative post. Don’t worry, we will go back to discussing Saturn later. Right now I want to focus on something for a minute.

Have you ever heard the quote “You cannot change the world, you can only change yourself”? It took me some time but I realize that the quote is absolutely true. This is speaking from experience. I tried to change the world in my own way by attempting to tell people about what I learned as far as the truth is concerned with the hope that they would listen good and take action. However, the harder I tried, it seemed like the worse my situation got. Due to this, I was living with the fear that we were headed for a dark time. Did you just understand what I just said? I was living with fear. There was the problem. It was this fear that was holding me back from being who I knew I could be. So right now, you may be asking yourself  “What’s the point of what you’re saying?” The point in the fear was inside of me. I may have been worried about what was going on out there in the external 3D reality that I was born into, however, it was what was within that was causing me the most pain. Realizing this was one of the biggest revelations I have ever had. Why? Because if it was within me, I had the power to change it. And so do you.

Now here’s something else that you may be thinking about. If I am not living in fear anymore, then why do I continue to talk about negative things like the USA in for trouble if it doesn’t get its act together, or how the powers that be are trying to keep us imprisoned in this 3D reality, or a global fascist superstate called the New World Order is on the rise? Well the answer to that is a simple one. It’s a matter of being aware. Just because it’s happening, doesn’t mean that we should ignore it. Facing truth is never comfortable, but it is necessary. But here’s where it gets interesting. Just like the fear of what’s coming is within you, so is what’s coming. Huh? Well that can’t be right.  Oh but it is! This goes back to what I have said about not being able to change the world, but instead change yourself. Here’s where I am going with this. If you make the choice not to fear what’s coming’ but to be aware of it, the fear loses its power over you and then it’s game over for the powers that be. And the more people that make the choice to not let fear conquer them, the quicker this all comes to an end.

I will show you proof that this is true in regards to your five senses. Check out the picture below.

Everything from what you see, smell, taste, touch and hear are nothing but electrical signals being sent to your brain. So for example, if you put a piece of candy in your mouth, the taste is really all in your mind. The same works with when you see something on television. What it comes down to is how you react to it. You can see something that may be painting a bleak picture of a future world of no freedom and endless brutality. If you choose to feed into that with your fear, then you have lost the war within.

Let’s forget about the wars happening all over the world for a minute. Let’s talk about the war that is really important. This is not a war involving guns, missiles, troops, tanks, and nuclear bombs. The real war is the war to control the consciousness of humanity, which is who were really are. CONSCIOUSNESS.

The human body that you occupy right now is not who you are. Think of it and a spacesuit. Yet we do everything we can to maintain the spacesuit because we have been conditioned to believe that we are the spacesuit, but we are not what is inside the spacesuit. When we start to shift our perspective to remembering who we really are, the rules of 3D reality will not apply to us. We would have transcended that belief into learning more about our multi-dimensional selves.

This revelation should put us at peace because this helps us to realize that there is no such thing as death, fear, and hate because that is not who we are. Consciousness is love. Love is the only thing that can trump fear and it raises your vibration (which is something else that I will touch on in another post). Now I must make it clear that love doesn’t mean that you let people walk all over you and take advantage of you. Love can also be tough as well, but in the end, it is what it is.

So how do we change the world? We don’t. Because we can’t. Because there is no external world to change. If everything is within you then you must change yourself. You must change how you react to the world around you, whether in the micro or macro sense. Then, and only then will things start to change. With that realization you also have to realize two important things when looking at life from this perspective:

1) You create your own reality based on the thoughts in your head. This is why we must learn to control our thoughts as well as out emotions. I admit that I am not perfect with this, but in the end, are any of us perfect? Not until we come to full self-actualization to who we really are. When we do, the possibilities are endless. This is how you can manifest things in your life.

2) You take full responsibility for what happens in your life. Good or bad, it is you that decides what will happen in your life. This means that you do not rely on a savior to rescue you. This will be very difficult for most Christians who were conditioned to believe in accepting a lord and savior. That is not taking full responsibility, hence that is giving your power away to someone else outside of you. Remember, there is no out there! So in reality, you are giving your power away and on top of that, you are giving it away to something that is an illusion.

For those that have ever experienced astral projection, you may have seen your physical body as if you were standing in front of it. Wow even more proof that you are not your physical 3D body! Congratulations, whether you realize it or not, you had a revelation of your true self. That alone should free your mind from the limits of the artificial reality we are subject to.

As long as you consciously realize and keep telling yourself that there is no “out there” and that everything in this experience is from within, then you begin to free yourselves from the finite restrictions of the 3-dimensional world. As I said before in the post about six and Saturn, the goal of the Khazars and the unseen forces that control them is to misguide humanity into believing that the 3D artificial reality is all there is, therefore keeping us fixated on this illusion and ignoring, or even outright rejecting the other dimensional aspects of ourselves.

To really drive the point of the post home, I would like to close out with two videos. One from the animated film “Rise of the Guardians”, that shows you the best way to deal with the situation that looks us in our face. The other from the prophetic film “The Matrix” which explains the truth about there really being no “out there”.




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