Police and Military Need To Pick a Side

Okay here is something that really needs to be discussed. We have a real dilemma. I will keep this post about America since it is my home. But if you are a police officer or a military man or woman, this post is specifically for you. You need to open your eyes and be aware of what your “masters” are requiring of you. Let’s start with the police.

I will just come right out and say this for the men and women who serve as our police force. You need to choose a side. More importantly, you better pick the right side. I am aware that most police officers are just trying to do their job, believing that they are protecting and serving the people. But news flash! You are not doing that. In fact, to be more accurate, you are oppressing and abusing the people. Here’s an example. In NYC, we have a little thing called “stop and frisk”. This means that if you are walking down the street, a police officer can stop you and search you. No warrant. No probable cause. None of that. If you are one of the police officers that are in favor of this, you are a BIG part of the problem. And I don’t want to hear that you are just doing your job. That didn’t work for the Nazi officers during the trails at Nuremberg and it won’t work with me. And if you really want to use the excuse that you were “doing your job”, what makes you think that your “job” is to frisk innocent, law -abiding citizens just because your “masters” told you to? All you are are just paid thugs by the city in order to enforce your oppression on the people just for kicks. After all, the word “cop” breaks down to “city owned punk”.  I find it laughable that there are crimes being committed all over the country on a large scale, and you brainwashed mercenaries paid by the soulless State blindly follow orders, no matter how ridiculous they are. Prime example of this? Arresting and convicting someone for marijuana. Why is nature illegal by the way?? Hey another post to write about! Or how about the fact that you are pulling people over for things such as not having a seat belt on. or having a tail light out. A person with the slightest bit of consciousness  would just let someone go for something so trivial and stupid. But because your “masters” tell you that you must do this, you blindly follow without question. Now if these scenarios lead to there being an injured party, then that is a different story, and you must take responsibility for your incorrect actions. There is no argument there. But if there is no injured party, why waste time harassing someone who you could have just informed them that they should wear their seat belt for safety or they have a tail light out and should fix it. All it seems like is another scam to extract money from the people. Kind of like taxes.

Forget about the fact that we have a Khazar privately-owned central bank that robs the American people on a daily basis. Pay no attention to that. Instead, grab the young man smoking a plant on his front porch not bothering anybody. Are you kidding me?? Well let me give you “city owned punks” a slice of advice. You can keep going with all your oppression on the people, but there will come a time when you will cross a line and the people will have had enough. And I hope to God it doesn’t get to this point and that you will wake up to what you really have been serving all this time. But if you don’t, do not be surprised if the people take the law into their own hands and respond in an aggressive way. You would have no one to blame but yourself. Justify it all you want. But the chickens will come home to roost. And then it will not be a pretty site. Believe or not, I am trying to protect you by warning you. There are more civilians than police officers, so you WILL be outnumbered. Why do you think that the powers that be are so intent on taking guns from law abiding citizens?? Another later post to come.

Here’s another thing to consider while you continue to oppress and abuse the people. When you are finished doing your “masters'” bidding, exactly what do you think will happen to you and your family? Do you think they will just let you continue on with life as usual. They will rob you of everything you have and then they will get rid of you. You don’t think that could happen? You have no clue! What you need to understand is that to the powers that be, you are nothing but a pawn in a grand chessboard. You serve your purpose and then they turn the gun on you. If you want proof of this, just be aware of what is happening to Afghanistan and Iraqi veterans. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Which now leads me to the other people that I wrote this post for. The veterans and military. Now before people think of stringing me up let me say this, and I won’t repeat myself after I do, I do not blame the veterans or the men and women who are on active duty. For the most part, I strongly believe that most enlisted to defend their country because they love it. Just like police, they were brainwashed as well. They were told over and over who the enemy was and  that they were there to spread “democracy”. But I asked those to be aware, because just like the police, you are pawns as well.

As a matter of fact there is documented proof of this that was stated by one of the elite, Henry Kissinger, who stated, and I quote:

“‘Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

There you go. That’s how the powers that be feel about you. As a matter of fact, Kissinger might as well have said this about the police too. Just switch foreign policy with domestic policy. This is why the elite think that the people are dumb. Because we allow them to continue this cruel game without even batting an eye. Isn’t it about time that we showed them that we get the game and now their time is up? Just as a side note,  Kissinger is also a Jew. In a more accurate case, he is a Khazar just like Rothschild. Are you starting to get it now?

Here is a video showing exactly how military men should respond when receiving useless trinkets like the “medal or honor”.

These are the men in uniform that willingly have my respect. They may have not known what they were getting into before, but what’s important is that they do know now and they reacted accordingly.

This will build controversy I am sure of it. This will also cause me to lose some friends as well. But if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Why not stand for the truth? Even if you have to die for it. Which is no excuse anyway because I stated in a previous post that there is no such thing as death. So police, active military, and veterans unite with the people and go for the enemy. As a matter of fact, I will take this a step further. I challenge the powers that be to abandon your plans of oppression and shake off the brainwashing that you received (oh yes, even the powers that be have been brainwashed into this Luciferian agenda) and unite with the people to take it directly to the unseen forces (which is the root cause of all the problems in the world today). I am one of few people who will reach out to those who are the most severely brainwashed by this agenda (the powers that be) and tell them to stand with the people. Or you can reject what I say and reach desperately for that power grab and fail miserably. And there is nothing you can do to silence me. I will not shut up until you come to your senses. So I ask you to join the winning side, because if you don’t, prepare to regret it.

Once they are done with the people, they will rob the police and military too!

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