Truthers Must Consolidate, Not Compete!

We truth-loving people all have a common bond and that is a love and desire to spread the truth about our reality. However, we have a problem within our group and that is the fact that we seem to be competing with each other instead of working together to wake the sleeping sheeple up. Now for whatever reason this may be, whether if your truth is to spread the importance of accepting Jesus as your lord and savior, or whether you are a Tea-Party truther, or a New Age truther, or if you are just riding the truth wave just to boost your ego and become popular, you are a BIG part of the problem. I will admit, there are always conflicts of interest in any movement, but it should be in your best interests to set your differences aside and work on spreading information that we can ALL agree on. For example, we are aware that the Federal Reserve is a Khazar/Rothschild owned central bank that steals the wealth from the American people. Or that it is quite obvious that the U.S. Government, a.k.a. USA Inc., serves the interests of the international bankers and Wall Street and not those of the people. We also agree that there is a dark cabal that is working to build their one-world fascist superstate known as the New World Order. But I notice that the movement breaks off in different directions when it comes to the spiritual aspect of things. Some truthers lean towards Christianity, others towards the New Age, others towards Islam, others towards Humanism. This is not about which form of spirituality is the right one. By all means if you believe that your spiritual path is the true path, by all means follow it. But when creeping into territory like this, you must be careful on how you associate with others. You must realize that when it comes to spirituality that there are some that will literally die for their faith, they will ridicule you for not agreeing with their faith or worse, if they are extreme about their beliefs, they may kill you for criticizing them.

Not only is this the case with the spiritual truthers but the political truthers as well. Enter the Tea-Party. Sure they make some good points, but in the end, their “return to the way things were in America back in 1776” will land all minorities back into slavery. Division in the truth movement will be or greatest downfall. But even with the flaws of these groups of truthers and the spiritually divided group, they don’t hold a candle to the group that I will speak on now.

Now the one group that I specifically want to speak on is the “truthers” (and I am using quotations for a reason) that specifically use this information for profit or popularity. You are the worst people in the world! The spiritually divided truthers at least believe in what they say and are using their voice in a constructive way. But for you “truthers for the moment”, you are undeniably the most fraudulent and lowest forms of life that I have ever come across. Look at it this way, even if I don’t get one person to follow me on this blog, I would have no regrets because I know that I did my part in order to wake humanity up. And if I fail, I know I gave it my best shot. I also do not charge a dime for the information that I provide. The truth is free and should always be. How could you charge people for such crucial information?? Another reason why I have a problem with these “truthers for the moment” is that when you want to work with one of them, they act like they are “mightier than thou” and too good to work with other truthers. Or they have a specific group of truthers that they work with and refuse to work with anyone else. I thought this was about spreading the truth, not about a popularity contest. Believe me, I’ve seen these factions on Facebook. Some of you know that I’m talking directly to you and will end up either unfriending me or insulting me. That’s okay.

If your whole goal for jumping on the truth bandwagon is for fame or any monetary gain, then i suggest jumping off the bandwagon right now, because people like me can see through you like a glass window. And you do not have my respect. You are the reason why we can’t move forward any faster in waking humanity because you pick and choose who you want to spread the truth with instead of uniting with all truthers in waking humanity. You are an embarrassment and I am not apologetic for saying so. Are you offended? Good, that was the point. Most of you need to be called out because you are the ones who preach about love, but won’t even unite. So you are not a truther, you’re a fraud!

But there is hope. Instead of thinking that you are better than other truthers, start working together with us so we can spread the message to more people. Otherwise, you might as well pack it up and going back to falling in line with the sheeple.


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