What’s the Deal With Gun Control?

It was inevitable but I had to touch on a controversial issue that affects Americans. This being the issue of gun control. Even when I was a Democrat a few years ago, I was always a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I still am. But during the administration of Barry Soetero, especially during his second term, they seem to be quite dedicated and motivated to confiscate the American people’s guns. Even going so far as staging false flag attacks involving mass shootings like Columbine, Aurora, and Sandy Hook in order to brainwash the American people to push for tougher gun control and eventually gun confiscation.

There is something that the American people should know if they don’t know it yet. Cities with strict gun control like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles seem to have a higher crime rate then cities with looser gun control laws like Dallas and Phoenix. I won’t bore you with the statistics. Do yourself a favor and do the research on your own. Here’s the point that I want to make. I have no problem with gun control. Now before you call me a Marxist or a left-wing freak, hear me out. I have no problem with gun control as long as no one is allowed to own a gun. This means the police, military, private citizens, absolutely no one possesses a gun. Not only no guns, but no nuclear bombs, no grenades, no C4, no missiles, no assault rifles, nothing that can shoot to kill. My logic is that if no one has a gun of any type, then we would all be on equal footing. No one can kill anyone or bend someone to another’s will with the barrel of a gun.

The problem that we are facing as private citizens is that the USA Inc., along with the Khazar powers that be and the unseen forces that control them are desperate to take the guns away from all law-abiding citizens, while the thugs under the control of the Khazar powers that be (police, military, private armies) get to keep their arms and even secure more arms. Does this seem fair to you? On top of that, do you really think that you can trust the thugs under the control of the Khazar powers that be to not abuse this power? If you really believe that, then go ahead and turn your guns in and just wait and see what will happen.

Remember this little “promise” that the puppet in command made?

So he promised not to take our guns. So why would he sign two executive orders specifically concerning gun control? Don’t believe me? Click here.

So my remedy that I believe will work for everyone is that no one should own a gun. Then no one can shoot anybody. If you have a beef, use your fists like a man. Although if possible that should be avoided as well. However, if the factions under the control of the government such as the police or military  can bear arms so should the private citizens. This keeps everything on an even playing field.


4 thoughts on “What’s the Deal With Gun Control?”

  1. Then no one can shoot anybody. If you have a beef, use your fists like a man.

    I’m sure my wife and my daughter will certainly appreciate your advice they step up to their rapist and use their fists like a man.

    Forgetting a few aspects in your plan perhaps?

    1. I see your point. However (and perhaps I should have posted this in the entry earlier), I did mention two choices. The other one being that everyone carries a gun. With this logic, there is a higher chance, albeit not perfect, that most likely people will think twice before trying anything funny. Also what I should have included is that things like pepper spray or stun guns wouldn’t be outlawed because the force wouldn’t be lethal. I would suggest if a situation involving rape were to be included, it would be fine for women to be able to have access to mace or tazers. Then who knows, maybe your wife and daughter may be better fighters then we think. But considering the matter stated, you did point out a flaw, but that’s how I would correct it. Thank you for having the foresight to see that.

      Mikey Indigo

      1. I’m against the idea of the government dictating either way; guns or no guns.
        I think we need to focus on liberty and yes that does include the opportunity to die because of firearms – self inflicted accidents or criminal activity. No one said life was safe.

        My wife is a scrappy fighter but physically limited due to breast cancer surgery several years back. When they go in and take out 19 lymph nodes under an arm; it greatly affects upper body strength.

        And pepper spray — counter-indicated in situation – it could be quite lethal to someone who suffers from Asthma — me 🙂

        See firearms, in my opinion, are a better choice because they actually have fewer side effects and equalizer power differences better. One of the problems with proposing an all or nothing solution is the antis can’t see the sarcasm and issues related; they see it as a viable goal.

      2. I am against the government dictating as well. As a matter of fact, I am more in favor of the people deciding on whether they want gun control or not. Then we try to work in accord with what everyone wants. Those who want to live in a society with absolutely no guns whatsoever can do so, while those who feel safer having a firearm can live in that society. So to solve the all or nothing aspect, I would suggest looking into it using the scientific method.I say this because technically there are no absolutes in science. New information can always change the perspective. So you have your scientific inquiry which we can call “All or Nothing Gun Control”. You would have a vote among the people for which society they would like to live in (gun society vs. gunless society). Then when all the votes are tallied, whatever choice each individual makes is where they would end up. So there would be division in the world which can be discussed among the people as to when these two separate groups can be placed. However, the catch is that there must be a mutual agreement between these two groups that the gun society will not attack the gunless society. Basically live and let live. The only issue, which will require a shift in consciousness is can we trust the gun society to stick to the terms of this agreement. I understand that there are just some that are not ready to follow this to the T because of our conditioning to be in fear. And I suppose that I can’t argue with you about pepper spray being lethal in some aspects depending on your situation, which would also lead to stun guns possibly being lethal too, depending on how they are used. I happened to believe that a utopia cannot be achieved, at least not at this point in time, but we can at least make our situation a whole lot better if we can just learn to think outside of the conditioning that we have received being in this life. Simply put 3boxes, I do not disagree with you on the issue of firearms, but there are those that want nothing to do with guns and they should be able to have the chance to live in that society by their own choice and certainly not because the government says you should either.

        Mikey Indigo

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