winter solstice :)

When i close my eyes and feel the night i can feel a new energy .. we are uniting and standing so much stronger today then ever before. The soul is on a journey of healing and remembering the divine self , We are being reborn .. moving from the mind to the heart.

Time is slipping and becoming obsolete. Our bodies are lighter and shedding all the years of anger, hate and pain. This winter will be a time of shedding all the past and making room for love.

All my life i have felt like running home that home was some far off distant place and i would one day feel ” normal ” again if i could just reach it  . This i realize was  the start of my journey to find my self. That piece of me that i had hidden away till i could allow myself to process the truth. Now through divine intervention i have let the hurt go i have forgiven others and soon myself for all transgressions. This winter solstice i  open my heart and my soul to you and give the universe my body and soul to use to wake others to the truth of who we are 🙂



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