From National Citizenship to Global Citizenship

We are at a point in time where national boundaries will be eliminated. Now I know what you may be thinking. You think that by me saying this that I am in favor of a New World Order. Well you would be right. Wait, relax! Let me finish. I must be absolutely clear here. The New World Order that I am in favor of is not the New World Order that the Khazar powers that be are looking to accomplish. That is just the Old World Order taken to a new level. No, the New World Order I’m in favor of is a global voluntaryist republic form of government controlled by the citizens of Earth.

We are at a point that we should not refer to ourselves as citizens of a specific country. We should shed the labels of American, Canadian, Australian, Irish, English, Mexican citizen  and collectively become Earth citizens. This nationalist division is one of the reasons that we have been at war on this planet for quite some time. By realizing that we are one race (human race) living on one planet (Earth), we can start to work together instead of competing against each other. At this point we will then realize that we are ALL one consciousness experiencing ourselves subjectively through a separate physical 3D body.

This may be hard to believe for most people but it is a truth that we must come to terms with. We have been conditioned to believe that we are separate. Whether it is division through gender, social status, sexual orientation, race, or religion. But what people must also realize is that the 21st century is the time for unlearning what we were conditioned to believe and re-learning the truth. The days of the the few controlling the many is over and the powers that be know this, they just don’t want us to realize this, for if we do, their whole plan for global domination under their terms is stopped dead in its tracks.

Also, and I know most people will chew me out for this, but we should gravitate towards the elimination of weapons that kill. Why? Because we need to grow up that’s why. The only ones who benefit from the death of millions through war are the arms industries, the Khazar powers that be who fund both sides of these skirmishes, and the inter-dimensional entities who control affairs from outside of this 3D frequency (more on this specific topic will follow in a later post). The people collectively suffer as a whole through death, destruction, and pain, bringing more fear into the world, lowering our vibrations, keeping us trapped in the 3D world. We must be sick to death of that at this point in time right? If you are not, you are either a mental case or an evil minion for the Khazar powers that be.

Another reason that we should navigate away from national citizenship and towards global citizenship is because the point in time will come where we will meet our galactic neighbors. Yes I’m talking about extraterrestrials. If in 2013 you still believe that there are no such thing and that we humans are the only species in the universe, your arrogance and ignorance appalls me. If you look into the Bible with an open mind, you will see that extraterrestrials are mentioned all over, you just have to be diligent enough to discover this. There are even paintings from the Bible era with UFOs included. We must realize and accept that extraterrestrials are real and have been watching us for quite some time. Once we start to accept the responsibility and privilege of being Earth citizens, we will be ready to interact with these entities because we would have matured from the unstable mentality that we have been having and continue to have.

Of course this would take some getting used to and like I said before, we have to grow up as a species. This includes realizing that Earth is a sentient, intelligent, self-regulating being and that we must learn to live in harmony with her. We must  get back to nature. We must start to appreciate the simple things in life. Most importantly, we must learn to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. We can’t rely on government (especially the one we have right now as we speak) and we can’t look toward a savior every time we get in a jam. We need to start having faith in ourselves as individuals and as a collective as well. This starts with phasing fear out and embracing the high vibration of love. This will be humanity’s greatest challenge because of our conditioning to hate those who are not like you. Or using violence to solve an issue. This has got to stop. Our destiny is in our hands and we do have a choice. The question is will we make the right one and evolve, or will we continue the way we have been going and eventually perish.

Global Citizenship: The Time is Now!

2 thoughts on “From National Citizenship to Global Citizenship”

  1. we are close to a world we could never imagine possible … no borders no war just peace and wisdom .. You my friend are an amazing being to be on the front lines … thank you

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