What You See Is Not All You Get

I’m sure that all of you have heard the phrase “What you see is what you get”. Well I would like to up the ante and modify the phrase with my own saying. That one being “What you see is not all you get”. Now what do I mean by that? My point is that the world that we believe to be reality, is not all that there is. In this reality, we operate in seeing only visible light. However, this is just a fraction of all that there is in the world. We seem to be leaving out radio waves, ultraviolet, infrared, x-rays, and gamma rays. Let’s start slowly. We must overstand and innerstand what I mean by visible light, because it’s not as simple as people believe it to be.

light chart

Visible light is a lower level energetically illuminated projection. When operating in 3-dimensional 5-sense reality, this is all we see. And unfortunately, due to our unconscious awareness, we perceive this, and only this, to be true reality, while rejecting the other levels of energetically illuminated projection.  Visible light is severely limited, so by the time we come to the understanding that there are other forms of light that we do not perceive, we are already locked into the belief system that visible light is all that exists.

For more info on visible light and how it connects to this reality, I highly recommend reading this article from the ZenGardener website.

Now here is why what I am talking about is important. If the point of the game is to keep humanity focusing on visible light, who may stand to benefit from that? We can rule out anyone who is also operating in this same frequency, which includes government officials, politicians, international bankers, royal families, and secret and semi-secret societies. This turns out to be a revelation because not only are we discovering who is not the root of the problem, we are on our way to figuring out who is, or more accurately, what is. When we move beyond what is going on within the visible light reality, we have to move on to what is going on outside of the reality of visible light.

Keep in mind that this reality of visible light is a low level dense frequency. This is why we believe everything to be solid as Richard Dawkins has told us. But as you move up to higher vibrating frequencies, things become less dense. As a matter of fact, if you take matter and break it down to its most basic form, you are left with energy. Now we may not be able to see this energy with the naked eye, but it is there whether you believe it or not. This includes everything  in this reality from humans, plants, animals and inanimate objects. Everything is energy.

Allow me to go back a little bit. As I said, in the frequency of visible light, everything is dense and vibrates on a low level. Well do you know what else vibrates on a low level? Negative emotions. That’s right. Let me prove it to you in this way. When you are feeling emotions such as depression, fear, anger and stress, you feel weighed down. You feel more dense. This is why we must learn to move out of the fear vibration into a positive love vibration. Again I will prove this. When you fall in love, your heart is as light as a feather. You feel like your floating. These are positive emotions that cause you to feel this way. Now we cannot see these emotions in 5-sense reality, but we know that they are there because we can feel them.

Now on the topic of negative emotions, connecting this with what we cannot see outside of visible light, there are certain entities that feed off of this negative energy. These entities feed off of our fear, our depression, and our anger. It is their food. On the flip side, these entities cannot withstand positive emotions such as joy, love, peace and bliss. Why? Because those emotions vibrate higher than the frequency of these entities. So when our emotions vibrate higher than the entities who use us as their food source, they have no power over us. So  what are these entities that operate outside of visible light? Well researcher David Icke has referred to these entities as the reptilians. As a former Gnostic, I will refer to them as the archons. The archons crave something that we humans possess, a soul. Since humans have a soul, we have the ability to expand our creativity and feel emotions such as joy, peace, and love. Since the archons do not possess a soul, they must use deception in order to control the human populace in the hopes to control their souls. This truly may be the meaning of “selling your soul to the devil”.

Now if you have read my post about Saturn entitled  “Let’s Talk About ‘Six’ Baby”, you’ll remember that I said that the point of this whole global fascist totalitarian takeover is to keep humanity inside the box of 3D reality in a constant state of fear. To these archons, this would be a never ending feast of negative emotions that humanity would have a very difficult time escaping. Now you can start to overstand and innerstand why the constant barrage in the media about never ending wars, impending dangers, fears of economic collapse, recessions and depressions, stock market crashes, false flag terrorist attacks, country invasion, etc. When humanity feeds into the fear propaganda, the archons feed off of your fear keeping them well-fed and moving along with their agenda uninterrupted. Now with this new found knowledge, what if we just stopped being afraid? What if we just stopped paying attention to the fear porn being force-fed down our throats? And instead, what if we were to raise of vibration to such a high point that these archons just scurry away knowing that their plans of 3D reality control is futile.

Another important thing to take into account of this whole scenario is that in order for these archons to be able to operate within this reality to impose their agenda onto an unsuspecting humanity, they need a conduit operating within this reality. And if they were to have that, they would need to make sure that this conduit is in a position of great power and authority. And on top of that, the conduit that has all this power would have to have absolutely no remorse for the human plight and be very sympathetic to the archon agenda. Are you starting to see where I am getting at with this? For those who don’t quite get it yet, allow me to be blunt. In this reality, who are the entities that are in great power and authority? Many of you know them as politicians. Your presidents, prime ministers, Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the royal family dynasties. What these entities really are are half-human, half-reptilian/archon hybrids. You think that I have lost it, don’t you? Well maybe I have. But regardless, if you look at how society is following the agenda that I have been speaking of to a T since the culmination of this website, then you would have to at least consider this possibility. Remember what I said at the beginning of this post: “What you see is not all you get”.

Since we have been conditioned literally since birth to believe that visible light is the only reality that exists, it wouldn’t be a surprise that most of you reading this as I write would think that I have gone of the deep end. But if you have been following this site from post number one, and connect the dots that I have laid out for you, then this theory should not be far off.  As I said before, archons worked purely off of deception. When this is done, if humanity is not conscious enough, they can perceive this deception to be true reality, hence, they can lead humanity into the 3D reality prison that is the New World Order (or better yet, the Old World Order Remodeled). So this is where you get your religions that put you in a state of fear of hellfire if you don’t surrender your free will to a savior, whether its Jesus, Moses, Krishna, Mithras, Horus  or Maitreya. It is 100% mind control. And since it is our free will, which is Source’s greatest gift to humanity, that determines what will happen next, it is our responsibility to use our free will wisely. The best thing about free will is that if used to go against this agenda, we will be protected. Just to plant the seed in your head, we can look at it like this. Since we are in a free-will universe, the benevolent entities (yes they exist as well) outside of 3D reality are not allowed to interfere according to universal law. However, if we exercise our free will for non-compliance against the agenda and the archons and their minions force their will onto us, the benevolent entities have a right, once again according to universal law. to intervene on our behalf. So yes there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Now to follow in the next post, I will dig a little deeper into where the archons truly want to take humanity. I just want to warn you that it will get a little dark talking about it, but it is necessary in order to be aware and prevent it.


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