Agenda 21 Is About Blaming Humanity For Archon-Created Problems

I think that now is the time to make you aware of a plan that has been put into place in America right under our noses. It is a thorough plan under the United Nations called Agenda 21. Let me be very clear, if anything is being introduced to the public and it comes from the United Nations, you can be sure that it is not for your benefit, but for the benefit of the elite hybrid bloodlines and the unseen archon forces that control them. So what is UN Agenda 21?

According to Wikipedia:

Agenda 21 is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development

Now it sounds benign from what you heard, but as I said before, if it comes from the UN, I suggest digging a little deeper to get the real deal. In all honesty, Agenda 21 uses sustainable development as the false front in order to control and enslave the global population. This is done by eradicating the remaining freedoms that the people would enjoy. Things like private property, growing your own food, driving a car would be gone under Agenda 21. The United States was dragged into this plan thanks to the archon-controlled president George H.W. Bush in 1992. What do you think all those talks about a New World Order was all about? Watch this video and tell me you don’t get a bad feeling.

Did you catch that? The nerve of this guy and his arrogance! “When we are successful, and we will be”. He also mentioned the goal of the UN founders, which are the Khazarian elite hybrid bloodlines, along with the archons who pull the strings from behind the scenes.

Let’s fast forward to the presidency of Bill Clinton, another archon-controlled puppet. Have you ever heard of Executive Order 12852? If you haven’t then you should start researching. But in the interest of time and urgency, I will fill you in. This established the President’s Council on Sustainable Development. Just for future knowledge, sustainable development is a buzzword relating to Agenda 21. To have a look at the entire Executive Order, click here.

Just to give a visual of what America would look like under Agenda 21, take a look at this picture of the map of the new America.

So what does this map represent and why should you be aware of it. Because this could very well be our future if we do not wake up. In the red zones, these are for core reserves and corridors, this will have little to no human use. So if you are looking at this map and you live in any of the red areas, if the agenda goes through without a hitch, you will be moving. Same for the yellow areas which are buffer zones where the use is highly regulated. So where would humans live? See the green spots? Those will be where they would be confined to. These are human settlement zones. Doesn’t that sound just great? I’m being sarcastic of course. But if you think that’s something, wait until you see what kind of living space they have set up for you.

Look at how small the space is?? Now this would be fine for a single person, but what about a family of three or four??  Why not just stuff them in a clown car? Well thanks to the former NYC Mayor Bloomberg, another archon-controlled puppet, he signs on to have these shoe-box type apartment units put all over New York. This screams Agenda 21. As a matter of fact, you can read all about it in this link. Better yet, here’s a quote from said article:

Bloomberg has announced this ‘New Housing Marketplace Plan’ with directives toward financing 165,000 units that are more affordable than anything on the current market. By 2014, these units are expected to be competing to get New Yorkers out of their large apartments and single-family houses and into a tiny space to maximize functionality in a clear move toward creating Agenda 21 megacities out of existing spaces.”

Still think Agenda 21 is just a conspiracy theory? Oh you do? Well let’s move one state over to New Jersey where the archon-controlled Governor Chris Christie is implementing a “Development and Redevelopment Plan” which contains red-flag Agenda 21 buzzwords such as “sustainable development” and “smart growth”. You can research this some more by clicking here.

One lie that Agenda 21 takes advantage of is global warming, which is now known as climate change. Why the name change? Well it was documented that temperatures were actually dropping, not rising, and haven’t been rising since 1997. So calling it global warming wouldn’t have worked out for them in the powers that be and their archon controllers. Enter the term climate change. Also for the record, did it ever occur to these global warming/climate change sympathizers that the cause for the warmth could be the sun itself?? Gee, that never crossed anyone’s mind. The point is that they believe that the cause of this climate change is because of human activity. That would make sense because since the archons despise humanity, it would suit them to blame humanity for climate change. It would justify their actions of restricting the freedoms of humanity while giving them an excuse to cull the population through things such as war, famine, vaccinations, genetically modified food, and disease.

One important thing to touch on with Agenda 21 is that they want to drastically reduce the global population to a manageable size where we are easier to control. This is actually stated on the Georgia Guidestones and is actually the first commandment which I quote:

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

500 million?? But aren’t there over 7 billion people on the planet? Yes there are. So wouldn’t that mean that 6.5 billion people would have to die in order for this plan to work? Yes they would. You say you don’t believe this to be a real plan? Well have a look at this photo

This has archons written all over it! Remember this and never forget: The archons hate humanity because of our connection with Source through our souls. The archons do not have souls and greatly desire one. So they want to control the remainder of humanity in order to control their souls. Agenda 21 sums up to one statement, two words: BLAME HUMANITY! Blame humanity for climate change, for the wars of the past, for greed, for racism, for the sky being blue. Even though it was the archons who programmed us to act accordingly.

Agenda 21 is about punishing humanity for actions that the archons created from outside of this reality. What jerks!  But once you rise with the indigo, you will see through this agenda like a glass window and we can delete the archons before they can delete humanity.


2 thoughts on “Agenda 21 Is About Blaming Humanity For Archon-Created Problems”

  1. what exactly is a archon? everyone is a soul but if you mean it in a figurative sense, that makes sense to me.lets not forget who is actually behind all of this. satan and the demons, they have to use deception and trickery to get people to obey them including the elites. he has to get them to believe they are special, above other men, set apart by God for some special mission (or frame it in your own words) he has to make them forget God in the real sense (that he is living and the earth really belongs to him and man has no right to rule over other men) he has to make them believe that they are gods to whom all mankind and life on earth must serve. what arrogance and selfishness for anyone to believe such a thing. shameful the reality is if they don’t use global warming they will fabricate another reason to oppress their fellow men/woman.

    1. I agree with you Roberta. What an archon is is the entities that reside outside of visible light, also known as 5-sense reality. They are the same entities that the Bible refers to as demons, the Quran refers to as jinn, Sumerian culture refers to as the Annunaki, and the Gnostics refer to the as archons. They are all the same thing. The goal is for them to use highly advance technology through the microchipping agenda in order to control humanity mind, body and soul. Instead of being aware of the Divine, which is all around us in nature through the sun shining, the grass growing, birds chirping and the sound of the wind blowing, humanity is at a dangerous point where technology controls their life. So unconsciously they choose to ignore Source/God which is all around us as well as within us and instead focus on an artificial reality through technology. This turns into a massive distraction while the archons/demons/jinn/Annunaki and their hybrid elite minions known as Rockefellers, Rothschilds, the royal family, and the politicians push through in order to desperately grab power and control over the human race. And yes Roberta, since the global warming argument is failing miserably (and calling it climate change isn’t working out for them either), they will eventually use another excuse. It’s the same thing when Agenda 21 was about sustainable development, so they started calling it “smart growth”. So with that said, people should really take a moment to think what else has the word smart in it….SMART phone, SMART meters, SMART TVs….Hidden in plain sight!

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