2014: The Year of Detachment

With the year 2014 beginning in just a few days, I felt that it was an appropriate time to talk about a wave of new energies that will be hitting us in the coming year. Remember as I have said in previous posts, everything is energy when broken down into its smallest unit and although you cannot see this energy with your 5-sense sight, you can believe that it exists. This is a crucial time for humanity and there will be some decisions that humanity individually and collectively will have to make in order for these new energies to serve you rather than destroy you. So with that in mind let’s talk about these waves of energy.

As you are aware, there is a massive global awakening taking place within humanity. Some people are moving through their journey at their own pace and that’s okay. Better late than never. Whether your awakening began by following alternative news instead of the mainstream news, research on conspiracy theory websites, occult and esoteric websites, or maybe it started with reading religious texts like the Bible. One way or another, wherever it began, chances are it made you more aware that things are not what they seem and that all along we were being moved in a path that was not serving our best interests, and worse, was serving the entities (those being the archons and their elite hybrid flunkies in politics, banking, heads of multinational corporations, top military officials, and the like.) who intend on controlling humanity in a brutal way.

Since this site is dedicated to bringing you the truth, it would only be fair to let you know that part of these new energies is that the archons and their minions will continue in an act of desperation to get their control grid moving as quickly as possible. This means more draconian legislation, more taking wealth away from the people to give the archontic 1%, more unfolding of the totalitarian police state, and more false flag attacks in order to keep the citizens in a never ending state of fear. But here is the good news! With those energies will come the positive, benevolent energies which will cause more people to join in on the global awakening that is taking place at this point in time. When you look at it, these really are exciting times that we are living in. With that said, you must remember that we came into this world at this particular time for a reason, you just have to remember why. Once you do, you are on the way to fulfilling your life’s purpose, which in turn is the purpose of all of humanity. That purpose is to learn, love and evolve out of your lower nature to ascend to your higher nature. Did you really think that the reason for you coming into this world was to work a dead-end job that you hate in order to earn a bunch of debt notes to buy a whole bunch of material things that you will not be able to take with you once you leave this reality? This is the thing that we have to realize. The time of old is done. As long as you hold on to it, you won’t be able to move on to the next thing. In my honest opinion, 2014 needs to be the year of detachment. What exactly do we need to detach from? Well let’s make a list:

MONEY – I figure we would start with possibly one of the most hardest things to detach from. Money. But why money? Don’t we need money in order to survive? Truthfully….NO! Let me ask you this. Do the animals in nature use money to survive? I think not. Do you ever see a bird with a $20 bill?? Or do you see a squirrel with a credit or debit card?? Of course not! They get along fine with the simple things in life. They sit in the trees, chill in the grass, always getting plenty of fresh air and sunlight and don’t have to worry about things that stress them out like paying bills, or keeping up with the Joneses by purchasing the latest gadget which will in turn become obsolete in a year to make room for the next gadget. But we believe this to be the  point of life and this is not the way. Here is something else for you to think about it terms to money. Why do a percentage of marriages fail?  FINANCES!!! Why should a marriage fail due to something that down to the bone doesn’t really exist? Yes, it’s true. There is no money!! We will talk about that in a later post. But speaking very generally, love fails because of something illusory. Sounds like an archon action to me!

EGO – This is also something that we must detach from. Now this doesn’t mean that you have low self-esteem or that you think of yourself as worthless. This just mean that instead of strictly living through the mind, you start living through the heart. Keep in mind that the archons do not want this. They can get you when you live in the mind (because we actually have their mind which they can control). Carlos Castaneda talks about this. I highly recommend researching his work. But when you begin to live in the heart and get it to work with your mind, the archons cannot touch you. Here is a formula that I would like you to internalize as you move into 2014:

Intellect + Intuition + Detachment = ASCENSION

With this three tools you will be able to rise above the incoming negative energies that are set to hit this planet in the coming year. All you have to do is remember who you are in addition to remembering that there are benevolent forces working with humanity in order to speed up this global awakening, hence the abundance of positive energies also entering this planet. To give you an esoteric look at what I mean about the battle between ego and spirit, I will refer to a verse in the Bible (I should make this clear so that no one calls me a hypocrite, although I am not a Christian and I do not believe the Bible to be the 100% word of the true God, or Source as I like to refer to it, I do happen to find some words of inspiration in the Bible).

8 Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;9 And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

Matthew 4: 8-10 (KJV)

So how do I interpret this verse? I look at it as the ego (Satan) trying to test the spirit (Jesus) to serve its purposes by offering power and wealth. But when Jesus (spirit) tells Satan (ego) “Get thee hence, Satan”, this to me is a representation of the spirit keeping the ego in check. This is what we as humanity should also do. We need to close the chapter on “The Age of ME” and move into “The Age of WE”. After all, the Constitution for the united states of America (I typed it this way for a reason) states WE the people, not ME the person.

3D EDUCATION – What does this mean? Well simply put this is the education that we received in those prisons for children called “schools”. If you take anything out this paragraph, take this: Almost everything in our school systems, whether public or private, that we have been taught are LIES! Even to this present day. Education in this reality is not meant to empower us or educate us to be intelligent, conscious critical-thinkers who think about the deeper meaning of life. Instead, think of it as a global workforce training program which is designed to prepare you for life as a debt slave to serve the agenda of the archons and their hybrid elite minions. As long as we are allowing our children to be indoctrinated into these concentration camps for kids, we will be teaching our children to accept the system that is designed to enslave them and keep them in fear. Education needs a serious overhaul. There will be a post dedicated to this soon.

NEGATIVE EMOTIONS – As I said in the post “What You See Is Not All You Get“, negative emotions carry low vibrations that make your heart heavy and keep you weighed down. This is where you must learn to ignore and reject these feelings. This is actually very difficult considering negative emotions lurk around every corner in this reality, but just remember who you are. I can’t stress that enough. Whenever a negative emotion rises within you, sit with it, consider it, but don’t judge whether your thoughts are right or wrong. This is what meditation is about. Going within yourself to confront your  negative emotions head on, and before your mind comes at you with arguments, DETACH! If done the right way, your negative emotion should recede. This is why we must forgive those who wronged us, but at the same time not give them the opportunity to do it again. Forgiveness and love doesn’t mean showing weakness. It just means that you release your anger and love them whether they are good or bad.

There are more ways to detach but I think that if we incorporate these actions into 2014, the rest should fall into place. As I said, this is a great time to be living on this planet. We are on the frontline of defending consciousness in a battle between unseen forces who believe that they have gotten the best of us. The one thing that these archons despise besides humanity is being exposed to humanity. Think about why I have switched my fight towards the archons instead of attacking Republicans, Democrats, Congress, Obama, Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Queen Elizabeth, Prince William. Yes they are compliant to the archon agenda and yes they should be held responsible for playing their part in the enslavement of humanity. However, if we go right to the head and cut if off, eventually the body dies too. Heck maybe, and this is wishful thinking, we can convince the elite hybrids to get in touch with their human side and abandon their archontic nature in order to work with the rest of humanity to break free of the archon prison being unveiled to us.


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