The Ascension Formula (I + I + D =A)

I wanted to take the time to discuss to all of the readers of R.O.T.I. exactly what the ascension formula is. I plan on making this  the most revolutionary, life-changing formula in the world. 2014 will be the starting point for humanity to learn and internalize this revolutionary formula. So let’s get started.

(Intellect) + I (Intuition) + D (Detachment) A (ASCENSION)

Since people became fascinated with this formula that I out together, they have asked me what these elements mean. So I plan on breaking down this formula piece by piece.

I (INTELLECT) – This involves the mind in the sense that we have to learn to use reason when dealing with situations. As Socrates said, “I know nothing”. We have to know nothing as well. But Mikey, if we know nothing, how is that using intellect? Relax I’m getting to it. When we commit to saying that we know nothing, we are allowing new information to enter our minds. We don’t lock our minds because of a certain belief system and we even welcome information that conflicts with it in order to open our mind to new possibilities. This aspect of the ascension formula deals with using our left brain which is logical and also looks at things in parts. It is also involved in paying attention to detail. It is also the male energy.

I (INTUITION) – This involves the heart in the sense that we use our consciousness to discern a situation. We also use our sense of consciousness to determine if this is a situation that will serve us or one that will harm us. In a reality such as 3D, we are conditioned to shut off our intuition, which not only connects to our hearts, but our right brain. This is the female energy. This part of us attempts to see the big picture. Rather than looking at things in parts, this is used to look at things in a more holistic way. Being that we are a left-brain society, our intuition isn’t as strong as it should be. We must build this because it is just as important to the Ascension Formula as intellect is.

D (DETACHMENT) – This is where it all comes together. We must realize that the old way of doing things is coming to an end and we must learn to let go. This includes letting go of anger, fear, depression in terms of negative emotions. But this also includes detaching from the material things in this 3-dimensional reality. Money, cars, expensive gifts, etc. The more we attach to these items and identify with them, the harder it will be to reach ascension. A tip to get you started on the road to detachment is meditation. Take the time to observe your thoughts, but do not react to them. Just be a watcher. Observe. Then when your mind starts to come at you with arguments, let those thoughts fly away. You have just detached.

A (ASCENSION) – This is where you are now at a higher level of consciousness. You can begin to feel inner peace and be fully in the present moment. Most importantly, when you reach this stage, you will want to tell everyone that you know and love about this feeling and want them to experience it as well. This is where you can see clearly so to speak and you understand that you are connected, as is everything in this reality and beyond, with Source and that you are indeed and divine manifestation of Source, meaning that you are a powerful, sovereign, and spiritual being.

So that’s all there is to it. This is meant to be a technique and should be done without effort. Just as natural as breathing. This is how we will rise above the low vibration that we have been subjected to.

The Ascension Formula


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