The Illusion of Law 2: Two Types of Humanity

We are on the verge of a split in humanity. I am aware of this and as time goes on I think you will become aware of this too. This next section in the “Illusion of Law” series talk about this split. As a matter of fact I wrote about this in my first publication 2013: Evolution or Extinction.  We are coming to a fork in the road and humanity will have to make a choice of whether they want to evolve into who they really are, which is infinite consciousness, where we take full accountability for our actions and live a sovereign life and discover the power inside of us to become our God-Self or we continue to hold on to the old, continue to live how we have been conditioned to live and meet our end. This is what I like to call “The War For Consciousness”.

I will now turn it over to Consummate Ilias Mahatma who will now talk to you about this war and the choice that we will have to make eventually. This post contains some strong language.

THE ILLUSION OF LAW 2: Two Types of Humanity
by Consummate Ilias Mahatma

The Final War has come, the War to end all Wars. This was the War that could never be avoided because it is in fact the war to define what it means to be human and to determine the future of humanity. It’s nothing less than the Battle of Armageddon for the human soul!

The Platonic Soul

Plato divided the soul into three components: reason, spirit (courage) and desire (appetite). Reason is the immortal part of the soul. Spirit and desire are mortal and die with the body. The more rational you are, the more divine you are.

Humanity has hitherto been run according to spirit and courage (military power; might is right) and appetite (desire for sex, food, drink, luxury, wealth, power, entertainment, sensory pleasure, safety, security, to be with God in heaven and to avoid hell). Monarchies, dictatorships and theocracies have always been backed up by military power. In today’s world, capitalism is the economic means for satisfying primitive appetites and desires, and those who are best at appealing to our base, animal aspects have become extremely rich and now rule over us like medieval kings and popes. It’s no mistake that capitalism has zero intellectual content. Is it even possible to conceive of an intellectual capitalist? In a 100% capitalist world, reason would be completely dead. Reason serves no capitalist purpose. Adverts deliberately bypass the rational mind and go straight to the most primitive part of the brain concerned with basic desire.

If humanity remains locked into spirit and appetite, it will be forever bestial. The future of humanity is to become guided by reason rather than animal desire. Humanity will undergo a split. Higher Humanity (Logos Humanity) will be Platonic, advocating the spread of rational enlightenment. Lower Humanity (Mythos Humanity) will remain trapped in the prison of the senses and feelings, of religious faith and delusion, of capitalist consumption and anti-intellectualism.

It is Lower Humanity – the overwhelming majority of the human race – that buys into capitalism and worships the rich elite. Higher Humanity can no longer pretend to like and tolerate Lower Humanity. A formal divorce must take place and Humanity must split into two – the Platonic immortals dedicated to reason, and the Bestial mortals devoted to satisfying their base desires. Higher Humanity is humanity’s future. Lower Humanity is humanity’s animal aspect that will be shed in due course and become extinct. Only via reason can we become Gods. Rational people don’t get on their knees and worship Gods; they stand up straight and become Gods themselves.

Are you one of the slaves of the Abrahamic “God” – or do you reject that monster, that Torture God, entirely? You will have no God except yourself.

Paul MacLean’s triune model of the brain perfectly complements Plato’s view of the soul. MacLean said we have a primitive Reptilian brain at the centre of our brain, dealing with basic survival functions and reproduction. It’s all about food, fighting, fleeing (when necessary) and fucking. Upon this was built the mammalian limbic system which gives us our feelings. Finally came the neocortex which gave us our reason.

So, the Reptilian brain reflects Plato’s lowest part of the soul dealing with desire, will and appetites. The limbic system reflects Plato’s middle part of the soul of spirit, feelings and courage, and the neocortex reflects Plato’s highest part of the soul – reason.

Capitalism is dictated by the Reptilian brain. Abrahamism and Karmism are dictated by the Reptilian brain and limbic system. The Enlightenment – and humanity’s future – is all about the neocortex … about rationalism.

The Star Trek future is available only to rationalists, not to people of faith, capitalist consumption and worship of rich elites. The Star Trek world is a rationalist meritocratic world. In Star Trek, the elite have gone, capitalism has gone, money has gone, faith has gone, Abrahamism has gone, Karmism has gone. Humanity has become ENLIGHTENED!


2 thoughts on “The Illusion of Law 2: Two Types of Humanity”

  1. Hey little cousin a lot of the things you say are true but this particular subject I disagree on anyone knows that rationalism means what “seems” to be the most reasonable answer for the situation at the time but its still not a fact .my personal opinion there is one Creator and we are all his children with in his children there are Indians and chief’s I consider myself a chief or we can say with in his children their Are kings queens and the people. I recognize my own power and authority over my mind and life I believe Satan has his forces be it iluminati Satanist the elite whatever they want to be called Masons secret societiesI believe there is one God Jehovah one son Jesus 1 Holy Spirit to guide us into righteousness I believe that God sent Jesus to die for our sins and if the Bible is a fairytale we have nothing to worry about when we die but if it is true and we did’nt live by it we will be in trouble we both know good and evil are very real and none of us have died and came back to tell the story people worship the God that brings them results and Jehovah God and Jesus Christ have brought me my results so I’m sticking with them till the end love you little cousin you are on the right track seek and you shall find knock and the door will be open God Jesus angels demons Satan they all come to earth from heaven this is why people believe in UFO’s and Aliens anything that comes from its original place to inhabit another is an alien this world is coming too its climax The Book of Revelations for tells it the Armageddon war will take place.Satan will lose.

    1. Hey thanks once again for commenting cuz! I would ask you to do something that you may not be used to doing. Google and research origins of the Holy Bible. I for one challenge you to do this as I am certain it will conflict with your beliefs. The last thing I would want you to do is doubt yourself and your faith. But just to be fair to yourself, take some time to suspend disbelief and put your belief to the side in order to take in the info you may find without prejudice. If I am right, I think you may find a whole new way to look at things. We are all looking for the answers and sometimes we look anywhere, which is how I almost got fully suckered into the New Age Movement. However, even though I do not agree with a lot of what the New Age Movement puts out 100%, I try not to throw the baby out with the bathwater so to speak. One thing the New Age Movement has taught me is that I do possess a spirit, I AM A SPIRIT, or as I said before, I am infinite awareness having a human experience. This shifts your thinking from looking outside of your own abilities for a savior to trusting in the abilities you have in order to break free from this control matrix. I ask you to do yourself that favor and if you still feel the same as you did before then I am not mad at all. I’m glad that you do stand for something at least. Because let’s face it, many out there will fall for anything.

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