The Archonicles! Coming in 2014!

It was a plan that has spanned for many generations. A plan for the ultimate enslavement of the human race. A plan to control every man, woman and child without their knowledge.  Through the use of a severely corrupted history, a neutered education system, a media propaganda machine, a bought-and-paid for two-party political system, genetic modification of food, poisoning of the water supply, a brutal totalitarian police state and massive mind control through organized religion, the unseen forces of a different dimension have nearly succeeded. Until their time ran out! The year is 2014 A.D. A global mass awakening takes place on planet Earth. The human race begin to understand the massive psychological deception that they have been subjected to for many years and work to alter their intended destiny. This begins a quest to understand humanity’s true essence. A quest to discover the power that has laid dormant for so long and has been begging to be awakened. That time is NOW! This year the tables begin to turn as humanity unlocks their full potential. Behind the corporate governments, the unscrupulous politicians, the greedy international bankers, the unethical medical system, the impenetrable legal system, and the arrogant hybrid bloodline elite, lies an unseen force that humanity has not been aware of. The ARCHONS! The Archonicles opens the door to who really controls what goes on this planet. This is the beginning of an esoteric war that will now reach its climax. The War For Consciousness! The big question remains. Will humanity awake in time to defend what is theirs?

THE ARCHONICLES…….Invading in 2014!


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