The due date has been set for the release of “The Archonicles: Book One (The Ascension Formula)”.

The year is 2014. A 12-year old Indigo child named Paul Morgan makes a discovery made by an infamous scientist eight years ago. He has found a special formula that will assist in humanity’s evolution to their higher spiritual self. This leads to a nationwide manhunt of Paul which includes high-ranking government officials, local and state police, the FBI, CIA, DHS, NSA, international banksters, high ranking religious leaders, and a number of super secret societies . The twist is that all these entities are under the control of an unseen inter-dimensional force called the archons, who ultimately want control over the 3rd dimension by this year. Paul must navigate through the obstacles of the 3rd dimension while evading the 4th dimensional archons in order to get the Ascension Formula: (I + I + D =A) to all of humanity before the archons  successfully complete their generations-long plan of total control over humanity.

THE ARCHONICLES: Book I – The Ascension Formula
Coming 7/7/2014


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