The Elite Have No Real Power

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote a new post due to my working on The Archonicles, but this is one that I believe couldn’t wait. For a long time I believed that the elite/Illuminati whatever you call them were all powerful and controlled things behind the scenes. But the more I think about it, I have come to this final conclusion: THE ELITE HAVE NO REAL POWER! I know what you’re thinking. You are probably wondering how could I have the nerve to believe that when I can just look around at all the things that they are planning in order to gain total control over humanity? Well that’s just it. Hear me out for a second. When you think of someone who is empowered, do you honestly think that person has the desire to control others? Of course not! Someone who is truly empowered can feel confident about who they are without the need to take someone else’s power away.

This brings me to the Elite. Here is something that I know most people are going to have a hard time understanding. THE ELITE ARE MORE ENSLAVED THAN THE PEOPLE ARE! They are enslaved to their reptilian brain, which is truly the mind of the Archons. We humans also have a reptilian brain as I have explained in previous posts, but the good news is that we have the ability to keep it in check. The elite cannot. The reptilian brain is all they can think with. This alone makes us more powerful than they are and the elite know this already. The thing is the elite are way too proud to admit this, so they are trying to push their control grid as quickly as possible. They have no power, just the illusion of power. It is the same way that Americans believe that they have freedom, but they really have only the illusion of freedom. What you must realize is that you are already free. You were born free. However, you were indoctrinated to believe that you had to be controlled, which explains why most humans allow things like the Patriot Act, the NDAA, and Agenda 21 go on being pushed through without so much of a question.

In the essence of things, we are infinite awareness and as infinite awareness we don’t have to fear things like new world order, or martial law, or FEMA camps. As a matter of fact, the most fearful are the elite and their minions. They feel it absolutely necessary that they control the people because they know that once a vast majority of the people catch on to what is happening, they’re will be problems.

The Elite are at a point of desperation. They are desperate for total control. But after what I just told you, we can feel confident that they have already lost. They are afraid of the people. They are the most enslaved. In all reality, as soon as most people get the point, they are no longer a threat. This means that Rockefeller, Rothschild, Bush, Obama, Clinton, the Pope (black or white), the Freemasons, and the Jesuits are now irrelevant. This means that we can take the fight to the unseen forces that control the elite’s thinking: The Archons.

As a matter of fact, what if I told you that there is another entity that controls the Archons as well. Most of you are not ready for that, but we will get there.


2 thoughts on “The Elite Have No Real Power”

  1. You are very wise.the reason the so called Elite are in a hurry for the New World Order is because they know their time is very short Jesus will be back very soon to put an end to all the madness glad to know you’re on the right track cuz you need to come down here and teach me how to do a website laugh out loud but I’m serious

    1. You are right cuz. Their time is very short. Shorter than most people know. Although you and I believe differently as far as Jesus is concerned (I believe the second coming to be more of a Christ Consciousness within humanity) we still know what’s up and they are running scared. And yes I will help you with a website if you like, just send me your ideas.

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