Unlock Your Inner Child (Zero-Point)

I want to take you all back to a special part of your life: your childhood. Remember when you were a child? How did you feel? What were you like? As children, we saw wonder and joy in everything. We were innocent, full of life, energy and most importantly, we were not corrupted by belief systems. Now when I say belief systems, I’m not speaking only on religion. I’m talking about political beliefs, beliefs about race, beliefs about social status, etc. We came into this 3-dimensional world with a clean slate. We need to get back to that. This is what I believe to be zero-point. Zero belief systems and zero mental corruptions. One we get back to zero point, we then relearn the truth about who we are. Another name for this I would call “Deconstruction-Reconstruction”. Breaking down the indoctrination and the building up by truly educating ourselves.

Another reason why children are special is because they let their imagination run wild. Let me once again take you back to your childhood. When you were a child you had imaginary friends, you created your own world, and it made you feel happy and safe. Thanks to our school system, children have been forced to suppress this for a life of debt slavery and servitude to the corporations and the governments that they control. Instead of being encouraged to embrace their imagination and creativity, children were told to sit still, shut-up, and do the assignment given to them. What kind of life is that? No wonder children hate school. Didn’t you hate school when you were a child? In all honesty, I did do well in school but deep down I didn’t care for school due to the fact that I was certain that the stuff I was being taught was not going to help me in my adult life. I will be doing a post soon on what a true school curriculum should consist of.

What also makes me very disgusted is that the teachers, principals, doctors and the government believe the best way to get the child to behave and pay attention to their brainwashing is to medicate them with drugs like Ritalin. But then they want kids to say no to drugs. Hypocrites! Don’t say no to the drugs that we prescribe you to take. Say no to those un-taxed natural drugs that expand your consciousness. Again like I said, hypocrites!

Just to show an example of how public schooling affects people, take a look at this experiment involving a controlled group of six people. Pay close attention around the 1:30 mark. This is what school has done to children. They have sacrificed their critical thinking for unthinking conformity.

I also suggest that everyone reading this post to do a little research on a little thing called “common core”. Then I also suggest reading the book called The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. That should open your eyes to what “education” has done to children.

Another thing that will get out of our indoctrination and back to zero-point is that we must let go of these enslaving belief systems like Abrahamism (Christianity, Islam, Judaism). Who are we to tell kids what to believe as far as spirituality is concerned? Why are we putting the fear of God into young children while they are in the process of living life? Right there is taking away a chunk of the joy and wonder that they see by telling them that if they don’t unconditionally surrender to a savior, whether it’s Jesus, Mithras, Horus, Maitreya, the archons, Lucifer, the government, whatever your savior of choice is, they will suffer eternal torment. What madness! My solution is to let children learn about all forms of religion and spirituality so that they can make an informed decision of what they wanted to believe in spiritually. It all starts at zero-point. Zero belief systems and zero mental corruptions. Here are some examples of how dangerous this corruption and indoctrination really is. The first video shows how children are being brainwashed into Christianity.

This next one is more sickening than the last. Look at what this three and a half year old little Muslim girl was brainwashed into believing about Jews.

Are you disgusted yet? Well here’s a little more proof on how religious brainwashing is corrupting children’s young minds.

This has got to stop! Children should not be force fed this type of dogma. They should be going out and playing and getting the most out of life. How is this getting the most out of life?? This is the reason why we have holy wars. Because children’s innocence is being robbed so that they can submit to the will of some angry deity with a bad attitude and a control issue.

Just like the planet itself is going through a transformation, so are we. But in order to get the best out of our transformation, we have to work on ourselves. We must get back to zero-point.


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