The Bloods and Crips and ‘Saggin’

Okay, I may get in big trouble for this, but this is something that we should be aware of on a deep level. This will actually be two separate topics in one entry. The first part I want to talk about is two infamous gangs: the bloods and the crips. To understand these two gangs, we once again have to do a little history research. Let’s start with the crips. What did ‘crip’ really stand for? Community Resources for Independent People.  I bet nowadays that today’s youth don’t even know that. It was formed by Raymond Washington in 1969 and the reason was to increase awareness in the community about police harassment of the African Americans. It was styled on the Black Panther Party by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. Trouble started when police were arresting leaders of such community resisting  groups on bogus charges. More trouble started arising as more community groups formed which FBI agents would pit against each other in order to stir up conflict. Now up to this point, you must see where I am getting at. This is how I look at the blood and crip war. You are basically fighting over COLORS! I’m red, you’re blue…BANG! Come on now. With that said, you have to realize that this is stupid and the fact that people end up dead because of this is even stupider. If you that are bloods or crips are reading this, you must be aware that the men behind the curtains are playing you at the cost of your life and freedom. When you look behind the red vs. blue non-sense, you’ll remember that you are African-Americans. But then this question should pop into your head. Why are we killing our own people? And the next question that should be asked is who benefits from us murdering each other? Work from there and you should be able to see life a bit differently.

However the message was being made clear by the authorities. Do not form African-American community resistance movements or we will destroy you. This was basically another way of saying “Shut up and accept your role as a slave”. But here is the kicker: Gangs were still allowed to continue existing. Now this is just my opinion but hear me out. I think gangs were allowed to continue for several reasons. One being for population control. It would serve the Luciferian Illuminati agenda to a ‘T’ if you look into it. They can say that the black community is killing each other and that they must be stopped. This leads me to another reason on why gangs were allowed to continue. That being to benefit the prison-industrial complex. When a person is locked up, they are referred to as a stock that is traded on the open market. So the ones that own these prisons make a lot of money by filling them up with inmates. Think about it for a second. Inmates make good cheap labor. This is why inmates make about 13 cents an hour when they work a job in prison instead of making the minimum wage. This is also why generally good people are thrown in jail for idiocy like possessing marijuana. It’s not about the crime itself so to speak, it’s about how much money can we squeeze out of the ‘criminal’. This is why most people do not like or respect the cops, although it’s not the cops that we should be mad at, but the ones who control the puppet show behind the scenes. But anyway, I’m getting off topic, so let’s get back on track.

With the African-American community being harassed by the police, they would end up with a police record, and a very hard time trying to find employment. So what option was available. The gangs! This was especially true for the African-American youth. With nowhere to turn, most ended up choosing to gang-bang. This led to even more of a life of crime which would then lead to the youth going to prison for an even longer amount of time which ended up making the prison owners even more wealthy. See the vicious cycle? One thing you have to remember is that someone is benefiting from these African-American youth walking through the revolving door of prison. A diabolical scheme that happens to work.

Now let’s get into the second part of this entry: saggin’. To all of my youth readers, I want you to know something about the trend that you seem to be setting unconsciously without even knowing it. In prison (here we go again), when an inmate wanted to make it known that he was available, he would have his pants sag, exposing his butt. So if you do the same thing out in the street, you are sending the same message. So my recommendation to you is to pull your pants up unless that is the message you are intending to send. And knowing how many of you that follow this trend like to act tough, then I suggest definitely pulling your pants up unless you’re really not as tough as you think. On top of that, if you’re pants are saggin’ like that and you have to run from the cops, then you are definitely in trouble. Okay I’m just playing, but you can see my logic.

There is also another reason why saggin’ took place in prison which I just became aware of. Inmates were not allowed to have belts or ropes so their pants would sag. The reason for this was that so inmates could not commit suicide. However, outside of jail you are allowed to have a belt to hold your pants up, so there’s no reason to sag. You’re not in prison, pull your pants up.

My reason for putting these two posts together was to make a point to my African-American readers, especially the youth about how far we have actually fallen. We can make better choices on how we can live our lives and things like joining gangs and saggin’ will not get us to those better choices. As a matter of fact, it shows just how easily conditioned we are by as system that thinks of African-Americans as sub-human. So be aware and rise with the indigo and starts looking at the world with a new and better pair of eyes.

For more in-depth info about the history of blood and crips, click here.


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