You Pledge Allegiance To What?

When you were a kid going to school, what was the first thing you did before you started the day? You pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. So why am I bringing this up? Before I answer that question, let me ask this one: WHY ARE YOU PLEDGING YOUR ALLEGIANCE TO A PIECE OF CLOTH ON A STICK??? It sounds a little ridiculous when you think about it right? Now I know what some people may say. They will say that they aren’t pledging allegiance to the flag itself, but to what the flag represents. Okay then, let’s go with that. So what does the flag of the United States of America represent? Let’s break it down:

“To the Republic for which it stands…”
Okay let’s stop here for a second. America is supposed to be a republic right? Well what is a republic? Let’s go to Wikipedia for this information:

form of government in which power is held by the people and representatives they elect,[1] and affairs of state are a “public matter” (from Latinres publica), rather than privately accommodated (such as through inheritance or divine mandate)

Well then we must come to the conclusion that America does not really live up to its republic stance. The last time I checked, there were decisions being made concerning this country that the people did not get a say on. Were we consulted on whether we wanted the Patriot Act? Nope! What about the Monsanto Protection Act? I think not! The Serve America Act (yes that does exist by the way)? Once again, nope! So America is a faux republic, rather than being a real true republic.

“One nation, under God,indivisible….”
Okay let’s stop again! I will reserve judgement about being one nation, under God, since you would have to look at that subjectively. But let’s talk about America being indivisible. If America is truly indivisible, why do we have two political parties (which is really two wings on the same bird). If we are truly indivisible, why do we have those that approve of gay marriage and those that do not. If we are truly indivisible, why do we have those that believe that children should be home-schooled and other that do not. Why do we have a rich and a poor? America is duality central! So no, America is not indivisible.

“With liberty and justice for all.”
Now this is funny! Liberty and justice for all??? Really?? So if there really is liberty and justice for all, why is it that only certain people can run for president? I have a research assignment for you. Look into the bloodlines of U.S. Presidents. There’s an education about your liberty and justice for all. Why is it that we are forced to receive health insurance under Obamacare? How is that liberty and justice for all??? Why is it that as more people are in favor of marijuana legalization that it is not being done at breakneck speed? Liberty and justice for all? Don’t make me laugh!

So again, why are we pledging allegiance to a flag?


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