keep your head up :)

With the new moon here and Aquarius bringing the beautiful goddess energy things are about to change for the better.We have been fighting and facing many demons in our lives and this has taught us the lessons we needed to take the final leap and change this world.

Chinese new year occurs this Friday. This year will bring an increased power in manifesting peace, unity and compassion. We are no longer under the spell of those in power. We are seeing the veil of deceit and evil be lifted from our eyes. Dreams are coming true:)

We have denied ourselves the love we all deserve due to fear. The fear we are not worthy which is farthest from the truth. We are apart of something very dangerous to evil. we are apart of the divine source, the weapon to change this world has come and its LOVE .

Take time this new moon to reevaluate parts of your own life that are not in line with the world you are creating. Be the becon of love and unity you would like to see in the world

and most of all relax, take time out to know your heart and too heal all past pains and heartaches. Give all to the universe.

Its time to shine 🙂



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