The Triune Brain

Did you know that we have three parts of our brain? There are some that are not aware of this information. But it is true. Our brain is a trinity. It has a father, a mother, and a son. Here is how it works:

The first part of the brain is the R-complex or the “reptilian brain”. This is the part of the brain that is most interested in survival, possession, and control. It is reactive, instinctual and animalistic. This is the part of the brain that controls the global elite and many past dictators like Hitler, Stalin and Mao. The reptilian brain is where the masculine energy resides (the father). The media targets this specific part of the brain which is why most humans are impulse shoppers and mindless consumers always wanting more of the latest new fad being pushed. Without the reptilian complex, marketers wouldn’t have a job and a number of businesses wouldn’t exist. Make you wonder why it’s called the “reptilian brain”

The second part of the triune brain is the  limbic system or “mammalian brain”. This part of the brain is what controls our emotions. It is also where the feminine energy resides (the mother).  Dangerous deceptions such as the New Age Movement target this part of the brain. This makes us too passive and can enable us to accept the totalitarian system that is being forced on us. Another side-effect of becoming too entrenched in the mammalian brain is not being concerned with maintaining in physical reality. Many of the religions target the mammalian brain as well. When you are stuck solely in this part of the brain, you are more willing to accept slavery. I call this “turn the other cheek syndrome”.

The third and final part of the triune brain is the neo-cortex, or the “human brain”. When both the reptilian and mammalian brain are in harmony and equally balanced, this part of the brain is activated (the son). The neo-cortex is responsible for higher-order thinking. This part of the brain is responsible for logic, creativity, art, music and science.

Could this be the true trinity of humanity? Just something for you to think about.

Here are some more links for you to check out that go into more detail about the triune brain.


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