Satan: Misunderstood – (3) Stop Blaming Me For Evil

Here’s something that I really get angry about. I get blamed for every evil thing. A war breaks out, it must’ve been Satan. Rapists, thieves, murderers, pedophiles, white-collar/blue-collar crimes, whatever your choice of evil, It’s always Satan’s fault. What happened to humanity taking responsibility for their own actions? Surely you can’t do that because that would mean that humanity would have to shoulder the blame. Goodness knows that you can’t do that because that would require you to get your own house in order. This is why humanity is very close to experiencing something that it has never experienced before, especially those in Western civilization (U.S., U.K., Europe, Canada, Australia)

But wait it gets better. When something goes great, whether it’s a newborn baby coming into the world, or getting a promotion at a new job, or making the honor roll in school, who gets all the accolades? God! Thank God for the new promotion. Thank God for me getting on the honor roll. But if it was the other way around, then it would be my fault. How would you feel if all you wanted to do was assist humanity in their evolution, and they give all their gratitude to the enemy? You would be pissed off. So now I’m pissed off! How can you give someone knowledge just for them to end up stupider than they were before? Like I mentioned before, it just seems like a waste of time and effort. I look at it like this; one who will not use their brain is no better than an animal. Humanity, in reality, is just a shade above a wild animal. The reason why I say this is because although humanity has the power of logic and reason, they don’t use it most of the time. Did that hurt? Good! This means that I hit a nerve and is the beginning of your transformation. What you religio-bots, Jehova-lovers, and Jesus freaks don’t realize is that they want you to just blindly follow and obey. No questioning, no critical thinking, just blind faith and obedience. However, I want you to think. I want you to think for yourself. See this is what Yahweh doesn’t want. Because if you think for yourself, then he has a more difficult time to guilt-trip you, or scare you into being a religious robot. Want a real-life example? How about the government? Do you even know what the true meaning of government is? Let’s break it down, shall we?

Government breaks down to two Latin words: “gubenare” which means ‘to control’ and “mens” which means ‘mind’.

GOVERNMENT IS MIND CONTROL! Want to know what else is mind control? RELIGION! Again let’s look at the Latin root word of religion which is religare which means “to tie back” or “to hold back”. The religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, better known as the Abrahamic religions are meant to do this very thing. To keep you in the Dark Ages which keep you in fear, ignorance, and darkness. I believe Helena Petrovna Blavatsky said it best:

“There is no religion higher than truth.”

For the record, I recommend looking up the Sanskrit translation of the word ‘Satan’. I’m certain that it will blow your mind.

Anyway, going back to government, they use violence to enforce their will. On top of that, those in governments seem to possess special “rights” that the citizens do not. How is this fair? But you people are stupid enough to accept that. Maybe it was a bad idea giving humanity knowledge. It just seems like one big waste. So in conclusion, think for yourself and stop blaming all the wrong in the world on me!



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