Languid Language (Words Cast Spells)

words cast spells

Languid Language
by Consummate Ilias Mahatma

The first thing you learn when you go to school is how to spell… Words are spelled to create a sentence of terms. Think of a jail sentence or a prison term…The Wyrd/Word sisters in Greek mythology were Fates or witches who controlled the fates of man… In our language we use curse words and cursive writing. We cuss and dis-cuss… Words have meaning and (are) mean things especially cross words. 

They can be used to make a point. We use a “con” verse to converse in order to keep us off course in our dis-course as a phrase frays. We use catch words… A story is a spiel or a spell. It is all part of the gospel of the Godspell or God’s spell.

Books contain chapters. What is a chapter? A chapter is a secret society or religious order, like the Knights Templar. A chapter contains many pages. What is a page? A page is an understudy and in service to the queen and king, as in pages and squires, a knight who is well versed in magic and is more or less a soldier or trained assassin…
To page someone is to summons them…
Pages summon demons to enslave or imprison our souls…
After all, a page does contain many sentences. A jail sentence is served in a prison ward. And indeed a sentence is created by words that are spelled out by using letters. A letter is someone who allows something to happen or someone who does something for some one else, like a bloodletter.

We languish in our languid language. Languid means “weak and lacking spirit or void of animation, lifeless” and languish which means “to lose strength or animation; be or become dull, feeble or spiritless; lackadaisical, listless”… How are we imprisoned by our language? Think about a book. The word book as a verb means to arrest or detain — “book ’em, Danno”…
In fact, the Latin word for book is “liber”, which is where we get our word “library” and also the word “liberty”. You can book a reservation which means you’re paying for the ownership of something in advance. You can book or place a bet on a game or race with your bookie. Yes, there is a bet being placed on a race — and it is the human race and the game is the game of life. It is the main bet or the alpha bet… In a group of monkeys, the alpha monkey is the primary monkey or the one in control.

There’s a song called Spirits in the Material World from an album named Ghost in the Machine. The lyrics proclaim, “Our so-called leaders speak. With words they try to jail ya.
They subjugate the meek. Where do the answers lie when we live from day to day? We are spirits in a material world.” The song was performed by a group appropriately named, The Police. The song — and an entire album by Sting, the lead singer, entitled The Soul Cages — refers to how we are spirits imprisoned in an earthly body.



The Insanity of Your Gods

go above and beyonf

The Insanity of Your Gods
by Consummate Ilias Mahatma

Now, just a few more words on Gnostic cosmology, and then I will return to the question that prompted this brief essay.

I often say that the Gnostic seers in the Mysteries were adept at paranormal skills such as lucid dreaming, remote viewing, clairaudience and clairvoyance. If this is correct, they would have been able to observe the Archon pseudo-gods and discern their modus operandi. In fact, about one-fifth of the NHC concerns the origins, motives, tactics, and actions of the Archons.

What those seers were able to determine about the predatory trickster-gods may be crucial to human survival. I want to emphasize one aspect of their dia-Gnosis of alien intrusion: not only does Yaldabaoth pretend to be the supreme creator god, but he falsely believes he is just that.

The chief Archon has a god complex! He is not only trying to deceive us, he is deceived. The pseudo-god is delusional, and his delusion infects all those who follow him – such is the shocking message from the ancient Mysteries.

The Gnostic assertion of the insanity of god must be one of the most astonishing concepts in human experience. But it is not isolated, not totally unique. In The Madness of the Ego I present a Buddhist parallel to the Gnostic Demiurge. Read this scenario and see if it is not an exact equivalent to the Gnostic myth of the Demiurge. Both narratives state that the pseudo-god mistakes himself for the creator of the entire universe.

This, of course, is exactly what Jehovah does, too. Believers in the mainstream religions who take this delusional entity for their Supreme Being are themselves delusional. In blind faith, millions of people are enmeshed in the insanity of a pretender god and implicated in the violence and aggression of the Archons.

The Demiurge is an imposter deity who works against humanity.

Yaldabaoth stands between humanity and the Aeons in the galactic core, pretending to be one of them. The Archon horde, operating on a hive-mentality, try to intrude between humanity and the Aeon Sophia, embodied in the earth. Thus they work against our innate wisdom, so closely connected to the intelligence of Gaia, in the vain attempt to deviate us from that connection.

This is the dia-Gnosis of the Mystery seers.

It is clear that the Sumerian Anunnaki and the Gnostic Archons are identical to modern ETs, but it is by no means easy to go through the massive material of myth and folk-lore and weed out every reference to the pseudo-deities.

When we today regard the gods described in ancient times as Archontic ETs, we tend to think that we have finally understood who the gods are. This is not correct: in reality, we have come to see who the gods are not!

In making the identification, Anunnaki = ETs, for instance, we catch sight of the entities who pretend to be gods. In the Sumerian cuneiform record, which are transcripts of channeled materials, the Anunnaki claim to be our creators. But does the fact that something was written on clay tablets 2800 years ago mean that it is true? Of course not.

The Sumerian cuneiform record presents a claim that the Anunnaki are superior creator gods, not proof that they are.

The cuneiform tablets are not evidence of facts, they are evidence of a story presented as fact.

Here we are close to seeing the double deception. Having ascertained that the ancient gods were really ETs, we fail to ask, What about gods who are not ETs? The nature of the ET deception is, first, that it tricks us about the gods, and then, when we get on to the deception, it diverts us from looking beyond it toward the true gods, the divinities of the living cosmos.

Having made the ET-god connection, we must take another step toward more sophisticated knowing.

The sane thing to do, then, would be to ask, If the Archon-ETs were wrongly regarded as gods, who are the genuine gods? It would be a gross error to assume that we have understood the nature of the gods simply by making the ET connection to ancient mythology.

Due to the double deception of the ET phenomenon, we tend to assume that “ancient astronauts”, who pretended to be gods and were taken as such, must be the only gods.

With the dia-Gnosis of the Archons, we are just on the threshold of discovering the true Gods. This is a momentous shift.

According to the Gnostics, the “true gods” are the Aeons of the Pleroma. And one of these is Sophia, the wisdom goddess, who morphed into the planet earth. Today we call her Gaia. She is the ground of life and consciousness for the human species and all sentient life, including molecular life.

Such is the ancient Pagan teaching preserved by the guardians of the Mysteries. Today we stand at the threshold of reviving and reliving that teaching.

The trick is, to get past the extraterrestrial tricksters to the real magic of life on this earth.

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Darkness is Not Evil!

I would like to talk about something that may or may not has crossed many people’s minds, once again due to conditioning. It is about darkness. We have been conditioned to believe that the dark is bad. When we were children, we were afraid of the dark. In Star Wars, joining the dark side was considered joining evil. But allow me to take this in another direction. Before anything existed, meaning before there were humans, animals, plants, or minerals, what was always there? DARKNESS! And since it was always there, darkness had nothing to judge, nothing to poke fun at, or nothing to war with. It has just always been there. Ironically, it was Jehovah that said “Let there be light!” Once light came into the picture, things got interesting. Now the funny thing is that we were conditioned to believe that light is good. But is it all good? Granted it is not all bad, but before light came into the picture, there was no judgment, no conflict, just stillness. Another thing to mention is that light can be manipulated into something positive or negative. Holograms can be made of light and it can deceive you to believe in something that isn’t really there. Yes light can help you see where you are going. But it can also lead you to the slaughterhouse. My point is that the dark may not be what you have believed it to be all your life and light is certainly not all good. When you close your eyes during meditation, darkness is then all around you and if your pineal gland is activated you can create your own internal light. A light that you alone can control, not a light that is being manipulated by someone else externally. So just to end this point, and to also give you something more to ponder, I’ve explained in previous posts that what we see of the universe is a small fraction of the whole thing. As a matter of fact, were you aware that over 90% of the universe is darkness? Take a look at this chart if you doubt me.

Hell is a Fiction (Sorta)

In light of the return of R.O.T.I., I felt it important to talk about something that has put extreme fear into many religious believers. This being the subject of hell. You know? The eternal place of fiery torment that you will be sent to if you don’t accept Jesus as your lord and savior. So allow me to get right to the point. Hell is not real! There is no such thing! As a matter of fact, allow me to modify that statement: We are already in hell! That’s right. We have no need to fear going to hell when we are already here.  Because the 5-sense material world is hell! Why do I say this? Because who we truly are (spirit/atma/infinite consciousness) is trapped in matter. So the true hell is the imprisonment of spirit in matter. So whatever we move onto after this life we be a lot better than where we are now. That is until we have to be reincarnated back to the material world

The hell that we were conditioned to believe in doesn’t exist. The ancient Jews didn’t believe in it. The ancient Egyptians didn’t believe in it. Ancient Greece didn’t believe in it. So why should we?

For more info on the fiction that is “hell”, click here.

Mikey’s Informed Convict Allegory

Have any of you heard of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”? Chances are that unless you have taken a philosophy course, you may not be familiar with it. But I will give you the abridged version:

“There are a group of cavemen chained to a rock with a bunch of flickering shadows displayed on a cave wall that the cavemen are mesmerized by. This is the only reality that they know. This is life for them. However, one day, one of the cavemen breaks free from the chains and steps  outside the cave to see the sun shining and the birds chirping. He can also smell the fresh air and is awestruck by what he sees and feels. He is so enticed by it that he has to tell the other cavemen about his discovery. However, when he shares the good news with his fellow cavemen, they attack him.”

When I first woke up to the way of the world in 2010 and then heard this allegory, I resonated with it very deeply. Chances are so have many seekers of the truth. We discover something, we feel that it is our responsibility to inform others, and then we get attacked for it. But even though public opinion says that “we are crazy” or “we should just shut up and follow the routine”,  we know that in our hearts and minds that we could never go back to our old way of thinking about how the world works.

A great example of this allegory in play in the modern world is in  Western civilization (America specifically). Once again, here is another example of Plato’s Cave Allegory at work:

“The West (group of cavemen) receives its information from the mainstream media (flickering shadows on the cave wall). Since this is how they’ve always believed this to be the best way to be informed. they trust the information that is spewed, Then one person, or maybe even a group of people, decides to step outside of the MSM box and look for information elsewhere (stepping outside of the cave) just to find out that the world is a lot different than what was told to them by the MSM. Now making this discovery, the person/people decide to tell his fellow citizens what he has found. For that he is ridiculed and labeled a “conspiracy theorist”, a “kook”, a “looney fringe”, whatever name that the dumbed-down sheep were conditioned to use when confronted with those types of people (the attack on the maverick caveman).”

So looking at this comparison, we can see that Plato’s Allegory of the Cave fits like a puzzle piece in this scenario. Especially if you compare the flickering shadows on the cave wall to a TV set that spews propaganda day and night. But let’s now take this another step further:

“A person who has always lived in the 5-sense material reality makes a discovery that the reality that we reside in is only a mere fraction of the whole. Again, this enlightening discovery is just too great to keep to himself/herself, so this person decides to share the good news. But his good intentions is met with verbal attacks from the conditioned, dumbed down people who dogmatically believe that 5-sense reality is the only reality that exists.”

Isn’t Plato’s Allegory of the Cave great? It can be broken down and fit into scenarios that can help you understand what the world is really like compared to what you have been told that it is like.

So just for fun, I would like to introduced a 21st century version of Plato’s Cave Allegory that I have created. We will called this “The Informed Convict”, and it goes a little something like this:

“Once upon a time there were seven prisoners in one prison cell. They have been locked in this cell for three years. One day, one of the convicts walk over to the cell gate and pulls on it to discover that it is unlocked and slides open. The informed convict steps outside of the cell and starts to walk around the prison. While walking he discovers cardboard displays of prison guards with voice boxes attached to them spewing sound bytes such as “Lights out” and “Back in your cell, convict”. With delight, the informed convict goes back to the cell to inform the other prisoners of his revelation. However, when he tells them about it, some of the prisoners ignore him, some tell him to shut up, and one even threatens to beat him up. The informed convict proves that the cell gate is unlocked by sliding it open. The other prisoners grew more irritated, but continue to pay him no mind. Then the informed convict drags one of the cardboard displays of the prison guards with the voice boxes that spewed out sound bytes attached to them. This time the other prisoners start to gang up on him which results in a chase. As they were chasing the informed convict, they began to realize that they were out of the prison and that what the informed convict said about the cardboard displays of the prison guards was accurate. Upon the prisoners’ discovery, they stopped chasing the informed convict and one of the prisoners asked him: “Why didn’t you tell us before?”

So what was the point of my allegory? This is basically the mentality of the sleeping sheeple. Then one of the asleep wake up to discover that the prison is not real. The informed one took the extra step to question his reality, which lead him to discover that he and the other prisoners  had the ability to escape the prison all along. It also shows that the informed one was able to prove that the prison was a farce, yet the other prisoners still refused to believe him. This shows cognitive dissonance. Being shown proof and still refusing to believe it. This is a HUGE problem with humanity. If the proof is there, it would be wise to at least consider the evidence before outright rejecting the claim. Then it took a negative reaction from the prisoners in order for them to realize the truth, which resulted in one of the convicts asking “Why didn’t you tell us before?” This shows how oblivious humanity can be. But here is the kicker. The whole time, the prisoners could leave whenever they wanted to. Unfortunately, due to their conditioning, they really believed that they didn’t have the ability or permission to leave the prison. The same applies to humanity. Humanity is in a prison right now (mental slavery) that they can walk away from at any time. The problem is that most of humanity chooses to remain in mental slavery, even though it is in opposition with their interests. But what really shows is that they don’t even believe that they can walk away. They then shun the one that shows them the exit, like the caveman is Plato’s Cave Allegory, or the informed convict in my allegory. Perhaps we should hear out the way showers instead of rejecting them.

R.O.T.I. (Return of the Indigo)


Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have put up a new post due to technical issues. But I am here to announce that Rise of the Indigo is back. There are a couple of announcements that I have to make.

First, the 2014 NYC Human Origins Conference will be pushed forward to a later date, most likely June.

Second, my first book, “The Archonicles: Book I” is just about completed and will still be released on schedule on July 7th, 2014.

Third involves the Rise of the Indigo website itself. Here on this site I’m dedicated to bringing the truth as best as I can. As time goes on, my views on things change due to coming in contact with new information during my research. This will happen as my research continues. The next wave of posts that will appear on this site is due to new information that I have come across. This is what will make the site unique. The truth is that I have no problems with information that conflicts with what I may have agreed to be the truth. This site will be forever changing as the years go on.

So that takes care of all the announcements. Keep it locked to R.O.T.I. for more information dedicated to bringing you the truth about the world we live in. Thanks again to all readers and subscribers for sticking with me!