R.O.T.I. (Return of the Indigo)


Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have put up a new post due to technical issues. But I am here to announce that Rise of the Indigo is back. There are a couple of announcements that I have to make.

First, the 2014 NYC Human Origins Conference will be pushed forward to a later date, most likely June.

Second, my first book, “The Archonicles: Book I” is just about completed and will still be released on schedule on July 7th, 2014.

Third involves the Rise of the Indigo website itself. Here on this site I’m dedicated to bringing the truth as best as I can. As time goes on, my views on things change due to coming in contact with new information during my research. This will happen as my research continues. The next wave of posts that will appear on this site is due to new information that I have come across. This is what will make the site unique. The truth is that I have no problems with information that conflicts with what I may have agreed to be the truth. This site will be forever changing as the years go on.

So that takes care of all the announcements. Keep it locked to R.O.T.I. for more information dedicated to bringing you the truth about the world we live in. Thanks again to all readers and subscribers for sticking with me!



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