Hell is a Fiction (Sorta)

In light of the return of R.O.T.I., I felt it important to talk about something that has put extreme fear into many religious believers. This being the subject of hell. You know? The eternal place of fiery torment that you will be sent to if you don’t accept Jesus as your lord and savior. So allow me to get right to the point. Hell is not real! There is no such thing! As a matter of fact, allow me to modify that statement: We are already in hell! That’s right. We have no need to fear going to hell when we are already here.  Because the 5-sense material world is hell! Why do I say this? Because who we truly are (spirit/atma/infinite consciousness) is trapped in matter. So the true hell is the imprisonment of spirit in matter. So whatever we move onto after this life we be a lot better than where we are now. That is until we have to be reincarnated back to the material world

The hell that we were conditioned to believe in doesn’t exist. The ancient Jews didn’t believe in it. The ancient Egyptians didn’t believe in it. Ancient Greece didn’t believe in it. So why should we?

For more info on the fiction that is “hell”, click here.


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