Darkness is Not Evil!

I would like to talk about something that may or may not has crossed many people’s minds, once again due to conditioning. It is about darkness. We have been conditioned to believe that the dark is bad. When we were children, we were afraid of the dark. In Star Wars, joining the dark side was considered joining evil. But allow me to take this in another direction. Before anything existed, meaning before there were humans, animals, plants, or minerals, what was always there? DARKNESS! And since it was always there, darkness had nothing to judge, nothing to poke fun at, or nothing to war with. It has just always been there. Ironically, it was Jehovah that said “Let there be light!” Once light came into the picture, things got interesting. Now the funny thing is that we were conditioned to believe that light is good. But is it all good? Granted it is not all bad, but before light came into the picture, there was no judgment, no conflict, just stillness. Another thing to mention is that light can be manipulated into something positive or negative. Holograms can be made of light and it can deceive you to believe in something that isn’t really there. Yes light can help you see where you are going. But it can also lead you to the slaughterhouse. My point is that the dark may not be what you have believed it to be all your life and light is certainly not all good. When you close your eyes during meditation, darkness is then all around you and if your pineal gland is activated you can create your own internal light. A light that you alone can control, not a light that is being manipulated by someone else externally. So just to end this point, and to also give you something more to ponder, I’ve explained in previous posts that what we see of the universe is a small fraction of the whole thing. As a matter of fact, were you aware that over 90% of the universe is darkness? Take a look at this chart if you doubt me.


3 thoughts on “Darkness is Not Evil!”

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  2. finally someone else has common sense in this world. You have actually explained something that I have been trying to explain to all these Jesus loving hypocrites in my school. Darkness is not positive nor negative, but only neutral, devoid of preference or conflict.

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