The 10th Rule of the Georgia Guidestones

I have spoken about the Georgia Guidestones on this site before as part of my Agenda 21 Is About Blaming Humanity For Archon-Created Problems. However, I want to focus solely on the 10th rule:

“Be not a cancer on the Earth. Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.”

I found this last rule rather interesting, even more than the first rule which was to:

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

Here is where my inquisitive nature comes in. Why would the Global Elite care about nature when all they do is destroy it in order to keep themselves wealthy? In addition to that, why would the archons that control them, care about leaving room for nature? I’m sure there are a number of guesses as to why the 10th rule became notable (they even repeated themselves in this rule), but I am going to express why I believe this rule to be included.

At some point in time (I’m going to guess around 2020), the Earth will split. Now I don’t mean literally split as in there will be two planet Earths. I mean that there will be one group of people vibrating on a high level and another vibrating on a low level. This will be the split between the Machine Kingdom and nature. Those vibrating on the high level will evolve naturally without technology while those vibrating on the low level will move towards the Machine Kingdom where their every technological thirst will be satisfied.

The Global Elite and the archons that control them know that there will be those who will refuse to be a part of the technological Machine Kingdom and they will not waste their time on trying to lure them in.  According to the Law of Free Will and the Law of Non-Interference, whatever choice that any human makes, no force can deviate them from making that choice.

Now there are some that may ask: “Mikey, if the Elite and their archon masters keep destroying nature, how can those who don’t choose the Machine Kingdom live in nature if there is no nature to live in?” Well this is the beauty of Mother Earth. She is self-sustaining. No matter what happens to her, she always will find a way to right whatever wrong was done to her (This is where humanity must really pay attention because it will be a difference between their evolution or their extinction). Earth has seen it all: hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, typhoons, and humanity. Through it all, Mother Earth has always come out on top and due to that, nature always replenishes. In addition, things in nature vibrate on a higher level then things that were created out of dead nature. This is why it’s a whole lot better to eat natural, organic foods rather than eating meat and processed foods.

So in my opinion, I look at the 10th rule on the Georgia Guidestones as being an admittance of defeat from the Elite and the archons that they cannot compete with Mother Earth and nature and instead will follow a “live and let live” type of agreement.

However, I also have reason to believe that it is also be used as a teaser for those in the Machine Kingdom as well. As time marches on, the people in the Machine Kingdom will be able to see nature and those who are living in harmony with it, developing their multidimensional capabilities. They may get that feeling like they made the wrong choice, but then it would be too late to do anything about it. It’s almost like making those in hell watch the ones in heaven enjoying themselves while they burn in a fiery torment. Of course I mean in a figurative sense, since I have already stated that Hell is a Fiction. But to give you an idea of the point that I’m trying to drive home, here is a clip from “Two and a Half Men” stating my point. (In order to help you avoid watching the whole clip, my point starts at 0:33 and ends at 1:22):

So, in conclusion, rule #10 of the Georgia Guidestones seems to be a white flag to the ones who vibrate in harmony with Mother Earth and nature itself, while being a form of torture for those who vibrate with the Machine Kingdom. One reference that is absolutely priceless that goes deeper into the rabbit hole on this topic is Wes Penre. He has four levels of learning talking about the Machine Kingdom and evolving without technology. Highly recommended! It will also be discussed more in my upcoming book “The Archonicles” which is set for an international release on 7/7/2014.

So which will you choose? Technology or nature?


A Few Words On TV

There is a reason that I decided to touch on the subject of TV. At one time or another you were exposed to television. We all had our favorite shows. And who could forget the enticing advertisements that drove us to the stores to spend, spend, spend our hard-earned money to enrich the multinational corporations. However I don’t look at TV as a bad thing. To me television is like a gun. A gun can be used to go on a murdering spree or it can be used to protect yourself and your family from a burglar.  As of right now, due to the heavily centralized control of the media and the people that control it, TV is being used for more malevolent purposes. Television nowadays paints a picture for the human as a window of what life is like, what life is about, and what people should think. And for many years it has worked like a charm.

Television today has bred a mass of consumerists and materialists. The type that live for instant gratification. The type that will watch a credit card commercial and sign up for one to buy things that they cannot afford just to go into deeper and deeper debt. And then what happens from there? A commercial comes on selling you on the idea that you can consolidate your credit card debt with your mortgage and other miscellaneous debt in order to refinance all your debt. Sounds good right? But is it? As someone who used to work in this type of field dealing with refinancing and consolidating debt, there is a catch. It’s called the interest rate. And depending on how good or bad your credit was, that would determine how high or low your interest rate was. But as we all know, interest is money created out of nothing. So you are paying unnecessary extra cash just to get out of the debt that you were originally in. It does sound ridiculous right?

However, I am getting off topic so allow me to get back on track. Television can actually be used to educate people. What if instead of pumping stupid crap like Jersey Shore (admittedly used to be a fan before I woke up) and America’s Got Talent, we informed the public about things that mattered like how can we clean up the oil spills in the oceans caused by jerk companies like British Petroleum (BP) or how to learn the law (common law and admiralty law). What if we were taught about who we really are, which is infinite awareness having a human experience, instead of being told that we are just an insignificant human that needs government to tell them how to live their lives and what they can do or being told that buying more material things and having more money will make us happy and get us laid. This can even be done on the entertainment side of TV. What if the shows we watched educated us as well as amused us? The Matrix was a good example of this.

It all starts with being willing to admit that TV in its state right now is not beneficial for us. So stop watching it! Easier said than done. But if done it causes quite a ripple. Why? Because if no one watches the junk on TV, ratings drop and advertisers lose money. And of course that is not okay with them. But that will be just fine for us because it means that just maybe they may have to see it the people’s way as far as what programming is aired. Wishful thinking, but many successful things were built on wishful thinking.

Just so I don’t come off as a hypocrite, I do still watch TV every once in a blue, but have greatly reduced my TV watching as of the last two years. So I can relate to when people say it’s hard to stop watching. So my advice is do what I did. Reduce the amount of TV you watch as each day passes and then before you know it you will have eliminated TV from your daily schedule.