You Shall Know the Truth

You Shall Know the Truth
by Consummate Ilias Mahatma

So you’ve gotten over Santa Claus but you’re still stuck on Jesus? How old are you?? And you still believe in fairy tales? You mean to tell me you’ve come to the logical conclusion that some guy in a red suit flying around in a sleigh pulled by magical flying reindeer and somehow managing to deliver toys to every child in the world in a single night is utterly ridiculous and physically impossible but you actually believe that 2000 years ago some guy walked on water, rose people from the dead, cured blindness by rubbing spit on peoples eyes and rose from the dead himself so he could ” save you” an ascend to heaven .If someone were to question your intelligence and your sanity would you be offended?

What if I told you the entire story of Jesus was copied and plagiarized from the story of Heru? What if I told you the story of Cain and Abel was copied from the story of Ausar and Seteh, the concept of the holy trinity was copied from the original holy trinity which was Ausar, Auset & their son Heru? ..what if I told you that Auset gave birth to Heru without ever being touched by a man conceived through the spirit of Ausar 4000 years before Mary did the same trick? What if I told you the Bible in its entirety was copied and plagiarized from Egyptian texts? .Would you call me a liar? I’m sure most of you would. What if I could prove it? Would you deny facts with your emotion or would you reevaluate what you’ve been lead to believe?

There are plenty of people who know what I know including some of your pastors.

The truth is in 325 B.C.E. at the conference of Nicea, in what is modern day Turkey, the Romans co-opted, whitened up and corrupted what you know as “Christianity” today. The truth is the proof of all of this being stolen from Egypt is literally written in stone on the walls of the great pyramids, temples, monuments and statues of not only Egypt but Nubia and Sudan also. The story of the virgin birth, holy trinity and resurrection all chiseled in stone on the walls of the pyramids of Egypt. The pyramids and monuments in Nubia actually predate the pyramids in Egypt but to give you a reference of time, the pyramids in Egypt are said to be 6000 years old. Obviously if these pyramids are 6,000 years old and these stories are on the walls for the world to see they clearly predate the Jesus story by 4000 years. If Jesus had actually been a real person and rose from the grave 4000 years before his alleged resurrection was said to have taken place he could’ve literally read his own autobiography. This is why Egypt is shrouded in “mystery”.

Even when you analyze the name Jesus and do a little research you discover a lie. You’ve been told that a man named Jesus walked this Earth 2000 years ago and died for your sins. Simple question: Has anyone ever told you when the letter “J” was invented? The letter J didn’t even exist. It’s one of the newest letters in existence. A Catholic monk by the name of Galilaous was playing around with the letter “I”, put a hook at the bottom of it and unintentionally created a new letter. Correct me if my math is off, but that was about 500 years ago right? The Jesus story is said to have taken place 2000 years ago right? Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. Even to this day the Hebrew alphabet hasn’t adopted the letter “J”. Jesus was a Hebrew was he not? So not only is there no “J” in the Hebrew alphabet but the letter itself didn’t even exist until 1500 years after this man named Jesus was said to have walked the earth and someone has convinced you that this man and his story are real? Again, if someone questioned your intelligence and your sanity would you be offended?

The most interesting thing about truth and lies is how much easier it is for people to absorb lies than it is for them to accept the truth; especially when that truth threatens what they truly believe. All the detail I laid out and explained and many people I’m sure will attack me left and right without bothering to check for themselves to see if anything I said might be true. Christians and Muslims alike. In this age of information you almost have to choose to be ignorant not to know what’s right in front of your face and literally at the tip of your fingers (Google, Wikipedia). For those of you who don’t believe this could be true, I challenge you. Google the story of Heru and read it for yourself before you attack me for telling you the truth. I will not argue or debate with anyone about this, the truth is out there for you know. Trying to argue with me only proves you didn’t bother even trying to seek it out.

*Not knowing is bad, not caring to know is worse – African Proverb


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