Africa For Sale

Africa For Sale
by Consummate Ilias Mahatma

Bilderberg Group – Descendants From The “Scramble For Africa”?

Africa is up for sale by the acre to the highest bidder… But how can rice exports from Ethiopia to Saudi Arabia be justified?

Land grabs have grabbed global attention. It’s on the agenda at the World Economic Forum this week, and as the trend for large land acquisitions accelerates, it’s moved from being primarily a story about Middle Eastern petrodollars pouring into Africa, to a much more widely spread phenomenon affecting many parts of south-east Asia, such as the Philippines, as well as Latin America.

In Cambodia, 15% of land has been signed over to private companies since 2005, a third of which are foreign. A new set of research studies from the International Land Coalition find the competition for land increasingly global and unequal.

Many of the deals are shrouded in secrecy, so the scale of what is happening is not clear, nor is it clear who is benefiting from these deals; a number of new reports try to tease these issues out, such as the International Institute for Environment and Development’s analysis of legal contract, which is published on Monday.

It’s not hard to see why the subject generates so much attention.

It’s partly the secrecy element, partly the fear: who is buying up the future? Large-scale land acquisition prompts all too vividly visions of a dystopian future in which millions of the hungry are excluded from the land of their forefathers by barbed wire fences and security guards as food is exported to feed the rich world.

This is no longer just a fear for the future. The US environmentalist Lester Brown points out……er/5381630

To get protection for the newly acquired assets, there will be a need for the NWo arise to occupy the lands that are sold. What is the plan to bring in the pawns of war, wealth, and control?

Will the U.S. taxpayers fall for a script they threw out the first time?

To understand the roll that Saudi Arabia plays in the wars of the world, one must know the history of how a Jewish goat herder became king of a nation. Understanding how this king with the help of the new world order orchestrated a deal with Hitler, to start a war for profits and oil.

War games of today being played out by nations that are mostly governed under one umbrella. Puppet regimes set up and individuals hand picked to be the controllers. How powerful is this banking backed NWO?

Powerful enough to put a stranger in the White House that no one is allowed to see, or his past or where he really comes from. If they can make a goat herder a king, then creating a president was just as easy.

How did they do it?

Don’t blame all Jews.

Don’t blame all priests.

Don’t blame all people of color.

Don’t blame a whole nation.

Don’t blame all journalists.

Don’t blame all politicians.

Blame the ones who actions and words are showing his/her true colors, not the whole group.

Actions and words are an individual choice, when you have seated yourself at the helm of governing the people, and making choices for them.

Those wish ill on others, cannot be or have a heart that has any good.

Where should one look for those faces and names that should be singled out, for their greed by violence and destruction on the innocent people of the world?

Who rides behind the chariots of God, and who rides behind Satan, in the war between good and evil on “Mother Earth” and the her ” One World Soul”?

Pandora’s Box is wide open for any and all who want to know…


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      1. a site like yours can become even more popular over night…they are supposedly listening, reading, watching…thank you for for getting the facts out in the open…love your site…peace

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