The Two Forces in Action

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The Two Forces in Action
by Consummate Ilias Mahatma

There are only two forces at work in all of Creation. These two Polarities have always been continuously struggling against each other. One of these forces is the force which expands Consciousness and awakens parts of the Creation to the understanding and realization of itself. This could be seen as the Light force, for it attempts to make things known, bring them into the Light, and reveal the Truth. The other force is that which attempts to shut Consciousness down and keep the parts of the Creation in ignorance of itself. This could be seen as the Dark force, which attempts to shut out the Light of knowledge and to keep us in a state resembling sleep, in which we are unconscious to Truth.

At an even simpler level, we could look at these Polarities as feelings. We really only ever experience two basic feelings. One is a good feeling and one is a bad feeling. Every other possible state of emotion is simply a different expression of these two basic feelings. If we boil it down to its essence, there are really only two possible emotions, or forces of Polarity, that we are capable of experiencing.

This inherent duality that we experience in and around ourselves is not chance or accident. It is done by the design of Creation. Creation is Oneness. Non-Duality. Think about it this way: if there is only one thing, how would that state of Oneness ever really be able to know itself unless it experienced that which it is not? There is no hot without cold, no light without dark, no good without evil, and so on. So Creation brought one of these Polarities into manifestation in order to know itself – through the process of understanding what it is not. This means that ultimately, one of the two Polarities is an illusion.

In his famous experiments with water, Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that by placing water in the presence of the “good” Polarity for certain periods of time, then photographing the water molecules under high magnification, the molecules took on a beautiful, harmonious, and orderly arrangement. When he placed the very same water in the presence of the opposing Polarity, or “bad” emotion, the molecule structure broke down and became a chaotic, disorderly mess.

The first Polarity is the force that creates harmony and order, brings Light to the darkness, and expands Consciousness and awareness of Self. It is the Polarity of Love. Love is the good Polarity or emotion, which uplifts humanity in its evolution toward knowledge, wisdom, and Truth. The expansion of Consciousness through Love leads to all the positive states, or “good” feelings, which we are capable of experiencing, including harmony, peace, health, safety, and order.

The second force is the Polarity which creates chaos and destruction in its wake. This Polarity is the force of Fear. Fear is the essence of negative emotion which leads to all other expressions of negativity, or “bad” feelings, which we experience, including hatred, intolerance, insecurity, depression, and a host of others. Fear shuts down Consciousness and perpetually strives to stop the Light of Truth from reaching us and having an effect in our lives.

These two basic Polarities of the essence of all other feelings and experiences. In every moment, we are choosing the experience of either Love or Fear, through our own Free Will.

Each of these Polarities have an internal manifestation and an external manifestation. This means that each Polarity expresses itself within an individual’s Consciousness in a certain way. Upon having reached this internal manifestation, each Polarity then reaches a stage of fulfillment in the external world of the individual.

Let’s look at the internal manifestations first.

The internal manifestation of Love occurs when the essence of this Polarity has reached its full expression within an individual. This state of Consciousness could be referred to as Self-Love, or Balance. This individual has united his or her Self through Will and self-control. I refer to this expression of Love as Dominion, for the individual has obtained the state of rulership of his or her own base instincts and is operating out of a healed and balanced mode of Consciousness. A being in a state of Dominion rules the Kingdom of the self. This type of rulership is real, it is not an Illusion, for it has been created by an act of Will. Dominion is, therefore, true Self-Love.

The internal manifestation of the Polarity of Fear occurs when Fear has invaded the Consciousness of an individual. It then immediately begins to destroy that being’s capacity to recognize patterns and formulate effective responses. This state of unconsciousness is known as Confusion. Confusion is the highest manifestation of Fear that occurs within an individual being. Confusion is the exact opposite state as Dominion, for when people become confused, they are owned by their own emotional turbulence and imbalance. They are not in Dominion, for they can never rule the Kingdom of self while in a state of Confusion. As such, Confusion is the beginning of the destruction of the Self.

Now let’s examine the external manifestations of Love and Fear.

When Love, or in other words, expanded states of awareness resulting in Dominion, has achieved its fullest expression within a group of individuals, a condition results in the external world around them. This condition is the highest expression that Love attains in the external realm of the individual. This condition is Freedom. Freedom is the highest attainment of the spiritual quest. The quest for Freedom and the quest for the Divine are one and the same. Any so-called spiritual ideology that does not speak of Freedom in this manner is a false spiritual teaching. Love, Freedom, and the Divine the same thing. Anyone that claims to be a spiritual teacher and doesn’t speak to the Truth of that statement is either a charlatan or a liar, or both.

Since the Divine is the embodiment of perfect Love, it must also allow perfect Freedom. This is why there is no direct intercession on the behalf of the Divine in our world. The Will of the Divine for us is no different than our own Will for us. Whatever we wish to create is allowed by the Divine. That is perfect Freedom, and therefore, perfect Love.

The external manifestation of Fear comes into existences once Fear has created Confusion within the Consciousness of the individuals of a society. Individuals who exist in a vibration of Fear and Confusion can not recognize patterns of information around them, for they are not operating from the higher thought functions of the Neocortex of the brain. This part of the brain is shut down, and these type of individuals operate in severely imbalanced states of Consciousness dictated largely by the R-Complex of the brain. Since they are deeply in Fear and greatly confused, they revert to attempting to control event and people around themselves. And thus the descent into Chaos begins. For Control is the highest expression of Fear manifested into external reality. Control is an illusion. It is not actually real, for no one is in fact in control of anything or anyone. Anyone who believes that they are are in external control of anyone else are actually in very deep states of illusion. Since Control is based on Confusion and Fear, it leads to nothing but dark and negative emotions and experiences for all individuals who partake in this illusion.

This is simply how Natural Law works. Love (higher Consciousness) leads to Dominion (self-control), which in turn leads to Freedom, which produces more Love and more Consciousness. Fear (the shutdown of Consciousness) leads to Confusion (no pattern-recognition), which in turn leads to the desire to Control, which breeds more Fear and Confusion. Both Polarities build cycles upon themselves. One of the Polarities, Love, is clearly very good for us. The other, Fear, creates nothing but destruction in its wake.

It is impossible to create the results of one of these Polarities by adding to it the essence of the opposite Polarity. For example, it is impossible to create Freedom, which is a result of the Polarity of Love, by adding Fear and Control to any situation or set of circumstances. Conversely, a society with Control as its foundation could never result in Freedom and Love. That is just how it works, and the people of this planet will either choose to understand this simple set of principles, or they will destroy themselves through their lack of understanding and ignorance of these principles. It is really that simple.

Our present situation is that our planet is currently trapped in repeating cycles of Fear, resulting in tremendous amounts of suffering, because the people of this world have been raging against Creation by refusing to learn the core lesson that Fear is an illusion. Fear was created so that the Creation could come to know itself for what it really is – pure Love.

Though most of us may still exist within this trap of Fear, our world is in the process of waking up from this illusion. And when the Consciousness of this world does fully awaken – and it Will – that will be the day Fear dies, and with it Confusion and Control will leave this world forever.


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