DISCLAIMER: Bryan Bordello is my dark alter ego. Usually I don’t use foul language on R.O.T.I., but just as a warning, any entries that I post will contain strong language and abrasive content. I find this to be the best way to dispel the rage that I have in a constructive way. So READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED AND NO ONE UNDER 18 OR ANYONE OFFENDED BY FOUL LANGUAGE SHOULD CONTINUE ON.

by Bryan Bordello

Let’s get one thing straight. I am in no way like Mikey Indigo. Unlike him, I want humanity to suffer endlessly. You are quite possibly the most disgusting species on this great planet. You’re all a bunch of selfish, horny, vindictive fucking parasites. Not only that, you’re all stupid as hell. How can one species destroy the very planet that they live on?? On top of that, how can humanity actually put their trust in “representatives” that are obviously attempting to enslave or kill you??? Humanity is nothing but a cancer and I really hope that the Georgia Guidestones come to pass and that 95% of the cancer that is humanity is wiped out. And the rest of the idiotic parasites that remain can be microchipped and enslaved for the rest of their pathetic lives. You were given free will and you use it to hurt people, kill people, rob from people and abuse each other. Then a number of you shit-ridden parasites like to hate each other for the stupidest reasons. Some of you hate people for NO FUCKING REASON other than you’re own insecurity! You form groups based on how your skin color is better than another and that those that don’t share the same skin color are less than human. Or those that don’t have the same religious belief system you believe them to be on a one-way trip to hell. You people make me want to puke! Or you fight over stupid things like a football team. If God knew that this would be the outcome of you scumbags, he should have wiped you nothings out a very long time ago. You are lucky that I’m not God or I would have manifested a huge magnifying glass and watch you all burn slowly under the hot sun like ants. The good thing about ants is at least they work together rather than against each other like your failure of a species. Honestly YOU ALL ARE EQUALLY WORTH LESS THAN NOTHING!

Mikey believes that you should have free will, but you humans are too stupid to know what to do with it. You use your free will to bow down to the biggest cult in the world: government. Do you stupid assholes even know that word means?? Government is mind control. But humanity doesn’t seem to have much of a mind anyway. People like to say that they do think for themselves, yet they look to some savior to jump from the clouds to take you to heaven just based on the fact that they “believe” in him. Fuck actually caring for each other. You just take the easy way out and just believe in some man who claims to be the son of God and all will be forgiven while you continue down your road of hate of your fellow man. REALLY?? Or people believe that because they vote in rigged elections funded by big banks and multinational corporations for a new slave master every 2-4 years that things will get better.  No wonder the elite don’t see you as a threat. They will just throw you another reality show, sporting event, or television competition to watch. Then they will continue planning the rest of your life for you while you believe yourselves to be “free”.

You scum of the earth put money over each other. You’ll criticize someone because they are not “like you”. I am so glad that I am not “like you” because then I would be stupid “like you”. What will happen when the economy collapses and money becomes worthless (and if you don’t believe it will then I just proved my point about how stupid you really are)? Then you will realize that your lives meant nothing because all you cared about was “getting rich” and “keeping up with the Joneses” and buying the newest technological gadget just to show it off to people that you don’t know or don’t even like. On top of that, these technological devices watch your every move. Stupid asses! You talk about privacy, yet you will actually pay someone to invade your privacy.

Do yourself a favor human race: Turn in the peanut-sized brain that you have because you are obviously not making any good use of it. Keep drinking fluoridated water and eating genetically-modified food because it will eventually give you cancer the way you gave the planet cancer. There’s a little karma for your ass. But why listen to me? Isn’t the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals?

With extreme rage, contempt, and disgust:


P.S. No sense in trying to shut me up. Many feel the same way I do. I just have the balls to say it.


5 thoughts on “THE BRYAN BORDELLO FILE #1 – Humanity”

  1. you are dead on .. thank you for your honesty and for embracing the warrior in you .. these souls are so lost and have no idea what is being sacrificed to try to wake them … I cant wait till this shit is over .. spending all our energy on these souls who just spit in our face

  2. you are as fucked up as us, but worse. Anyone who hates humanity deeply hates himself. I pity you, Today I woke up cursing everyone, but you’re screwed. i feel better now 😉

    1. I’ll give you this. At least you admit that you’re fucked up. Maybe that is the most honest thing that will come out of your dumbass mouth. You pity me? I laugh at you! What are you doing to wake people up? Did you even pay attention to WHY I feel the way I do or did you just get all pissed off that I told you how it is? If you aren’t doing anything to alert humanity of their plight then do yourself a favor and keep your trap closed! Maybe if you get your head out of the TV or your ass then you might be able to open your eyes to what’s going on. But I think I’m being too optimistic in your case. Now I give you permission to put your head back up your ass. Hey, now I feel better 😀


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