THE BRYAN BORDELLO FILE #2 – If You Vote in the Next Election, You’re a Moron!

WARNING: This post contains strong language! Reader discretion is advised! No one under 18 or offended by strong language should read on!

If You Vote in the Next Election, You’re a Moron!
by Bryan Bordello

So you stupid people still believe to be “free” because you get to choose some pompous dipshit like Barack Obama, who is obviously tearing this country apart, to be your lord and master? When will you voids understand that no matter who you choose to rule over you, NOTHING WILL CHANGE! They will still spoon feed you the same disgusting swill about “creating jobs” and “balancing the budget” that they have been feeding you for many years. Yet you stupid ass U.S. citizens buy into it every four years. And then the clown that you choose to be your leader breaks every last one of his promises and then you complain that you were betrayed. But wait! It gets better! The ones that voted tell the ones that didn’t vote that “They have no right to complain”. News flash! I didn’t vote for the prick. YOU DID! And now you’re all pissed off because you didn’t get what you wanted. So YOU have no right to complain! You made your bed, now fuck in it!

Now we are rapidly approaching 2016 where they’re will be another scripted show called “The Presidential Debates”. So who are the candidates for this dog and pony show? Hilary Clinton!The same Hilary Clinton that ran away from anything having to do with Benghazi because the bitch was guilty as sin. And this cunt has the balls (which I truly believe she does literally have balls dangling from her vag, but hey, that’s just me) to actually say that she wants to run for President. But hey, most of you stupid U.S. sheeple will still vote for her, believing every word that comes out of that poor excuse of a toilet called a mouth. Well, every debate requires an opponent, so who else do we have running? Jeb Bush! What a fucking surprise! Another Bush! I can see all the idiots in the red states flocking to the polls in 2016 to vote for this piece of shit. But hey, pieces of shit beget pieces of shit. Like creates like. Didn’t you animals learn anything from the last two Bushes??? Obviously not because you re-elected George W. Bush. And you also re-elected Barack Obama. You are really the stupidest fucks that came out of someone’s birth canal.

I hope the New World Order eats you like a lesbian eats a pussy. You people will get what you deserve. You will reap what you sow. And then when the shit really hits the fan, you’ll all be looking for someone to blame. You people are cowards. You act tough, but I will bet you that none of you will get on the front line like some of the rare breed of people who do have the guts to stand up to the machine. I actually think the government is slipping on it’s job of wiping out the stupid people. There are still way too many of you here and that is affecting those who are actually smart enough to use the brain that God gave them to figure out what is really going on and do whatever they can in their power to break free. And the ones who get all pissed off at me for telling it like it is, gets some balls. Maybe Monsanto can genetically modify some for you. They already have your food which is obviously affecting the little brain cells that reside in your empty heads.

And once all is said and done, you can remain here in the illusory 3D Tech Prison bowing down to whoever you choose to be your leader while you have a microchip implanted into you, controlling your thoughts and your soul (or what’s left of them), prepping you to make the transition from human to cyborg. But hey, at least you’ll be a million times more smarter just more dead inside if you aren’t already. Most of you are so you should be right at home in the new age of transhumanism that is waiting for you.

With extreme rage, contempt and disgust:



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