THE BRYAN BORDELLO FILE #3 – I Feel Sorry For the Next Generation

WARNING: This post contains strong language! Reader discretion is advised! No one under 18 or anyone easily offended should read on.

I Feel Sorry For the Next Generation
by Bryan Bordello

I must say that I weep for the generation that is to follow. They unfortunately will inherit the shitstorm that you stupid assholes caused due to your apathy. I stand in awe of the truckloads of idiots who say that their children are their world and that they would do anything for their children. YOU PEOPLE ARE DELUSIONAL AND LIARS! If you really gave a shit about your kids or any kids for that matter, you would do whatever it takes in your power to stop what is coming. You would take them out of those concentration camps for kids called public schools and teach them to think for themselves instead of breeding them to be dumbasses like you all are. Just because your parents fucked you up doesn’t mean that your kids deserve the same treatment.

If you really cared about your children, you wouldn’t take the advice of those “legal dope dealers” that you morons call doctors that tell you that you need to medicate your children with fluoridated shit like Ritalin. But then you talk out of the other side of your mouth and tell them “Don’t do drugs!” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I do know that I feel like knocking some of you jerks out with no mercy.

If you really cared about your children, why do you choose to vaccinate them?? Do you know what is in those vaccines??? Well do you??? Of course not because Dancing With the Stars was on and that was more important that doing your research. But you love your kids? Do you think loving your kids means getting them the latest iPhone or video game? Do you think it means allowing them to load up on sugar-coated shit? Do you think it means letting them stay up to watch half-queer, steroid-loaded muscle heads throw each other around in a ring? News flash! That’s not loving your child! And it’s not giving them a hug and a kiss every once in a while before you have to run out to your job to be a slave.

If you are not willing to go the distance for your child by getting informed on what your child is about to walk into in the future than maybe, just maybe you don’t give a fuck about your child. Oh but you will keep pretending like you do just to make it feel like you are doing the right thing. But all that you’re doing is living a lie.

My only hope is that, God forbid you poor excuse for parents are still among the living once the New World Order is in full force, your kids will kick the shit out of you for doing absolutely nothing to change the situation that you allowed to happen and for selling their future down the river just so you could have your instant gratification. Perhaps we had abortion all wrong. Maybe we should start aborting parents rather than fetuses.

With extreme rage, contempt, and disgust:



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