THE BRYAN BORDELLO FILE #4 – Population Control of Racists

WARNING: This post contains strong language! Reader discretion is advised! No one under 18 or anyone easily offended should read on.

Population Control of Racists
by Bryan Bordello

Let me tell you why I really think this world is sick. It’s because we have shit for brains called racists breathing. If the PTB/Illuminati want to exercise population control, start with all racist pricks. The only problem is that that they would have to kill themselves as well since they are the most racist group there is. But as I said before, if you are a racist, either kill yourself or hand me the gun and I’ll do you a favor and pull the trigger for you. How can you hate someone because of a skin color?? Some racist asshole explain that to me please. You don’t even have to know shit about the individual’s personality, but because they are either darker or lighter than you are, you feel it necessary to hate them.  I want to round you pieces of shit up in a van, attach C4 to it and blow it sky high. Mad? I don’t give a fuck. It’s your poisonous hate-filled shit that is causing a great deal of problems on this planet today. Look at what happened to Trayvon Martin. Or look at what those inbred fucks in the south did to many black people by hanging them from trees or tying them to trucks and dragging them all over the road. Unbelievable! But it’s not just whites attacking blacks. It’s vice versa as well. Black people are not innocent either. Anytime you ignorant assholes see a white person in your “hood”, you want to “jump” them. News flash! That white person walking in your neighborhood didn’t oppress your people, so leave him the fuck alone! So I would stick your racist black asses in that van strapped with C4 as well. Any racist belongs in that van!

Put it this way, that is if you are smart enough to look at it like this. Your racist ideology equals someone hating someone else because they wear a different colored spacesuit. And that makes you fucking stupid! Don’t you idiots realize that what the PTB/Illuminati want is for you to fight over stupid shit such as race?? It’s called “divide and conquer” you fucking morons! The way I see it racists don’t need to be controlled. They need to be eliminated without mercy! Or at least tortured until they decide to live in harmony with those that are not of the same skin color, or culture, or religion as they are. There I said it. And I’m not taking it back either. Maybe if I pistol whip you ignorant buffoons across your head enough times it will make you a tad smarter. But somehow I doubt that.

Here’s a scenario for you animals: What if a group of brown-eyed people started spewing hate about blue-eyed people? Sounds stupid right? Well, guess what, SO IS HATING SOMEONE FOR THEIR SKIN COLOR!!! I really do wonder if people were dropped on their fucking heads at birth. So to all your ignorant racists out there, you probably will reject every word that I just said either because you are illiterate because your daddy fucked his sister and your ignorant ass came out of her snatch as a result, causing complications in your cognitive abilities or maybe you are just too brainwashed with poisonous racist rhetoric to actually unlearn what has been pushed into your peanut brain. Anyway, knock it the fuck off! Get to know a person regardless of skin color.

With extreme rage, disgust, and contempt:



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