Could the Four Blood Moons Represent the Four Horsemen?

It has been quite a while since I have written a post, but my intuition is telling me that I should get this one out A.S.A.P. In light of all the events that have been happening this year I found it necessary to share a possible connection that made a lot of sense to me. As we know there have been two blood moons so far: one back in April  and another one this month. Now stay with me because it’s about to get a bit surreal. After the first blood moon, a lot of fear hype was being peddled about ISIS. Then after the second blood moon this month, another hype was being pushed to the masses. This one being the Ebola scare. So you may be thinking what is my point. I may be wrong but it sure seems like these blood moons are starting a pattern for the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Bear with me for a second. ISIS sparked a fear about possible war coming. War is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Then if that wasn’t enough, after the arrival of the second blood moon, the masses get oversaturated with ebola fear propaganda. If I’m right, the next two blood moons (One in April 2015 and the other on September 2015) will represent the remaining two horsemen of famine and death. My whole reason for even writing this post was certainly not to impress anyone, but to raise enough awareness to inspire people to take action. This is not the time to sit and wait for a savior or to power in fear. Action must be taken.


3 thoughts on “Could the Four Blood Moons Represent the Four Horsemen?”

  1. Wow, you know those blood moons we have every year… lets throw those long balls out there and try to associate them to sound like it makes sense.

    1. I did say that I could be wrong and this is meant to be a theory. Plus if you do research, which you probably won’t, blood moons have been tied to events happening.

      P.S. Why not give your real name and email? I doubt your email address is and your name is noneofya. Before you open your one mouth use your two eyes to do your own searching instead of failing miserably at being a smartass.

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