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The 10th Rule of the Georgia Guidestones

I have spoken about the Georgia Guidestones on this site before as part of my Agenda 21 Is About Blaming Humanity For Archon-Created Problems. However, I want to focus solely on the 10th rule:

“Be not a cancer on the Earth. Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.”

I found this last rule rather interesting, even more than the first rule which was to:

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

Here is where my inquisitive nature comes in. Why would the Global Elite care about nature when all they do is destroy it in order to keep themselves wealthy? In addition to that, why would the archons that control them, care about leaving room for nature? I’m sure there are a number of guesses as to why the 10th rule became notable (they even repeated themselves in this rule), but I am going to express why I believe this rule to be included.

At some point in time (I’m going to guess around 2020), the Earth will split. Now I don’t mean literally split as in there will be two planet Earths. I mean that there will be one group of people vibrating on a high level and another vibrating on a low level. This will be the split between the Machine Kingdom and nature. Those vibrating on the high level will evolve naturally without technology while those vibrating on the low level will move towards the Machine Kingdom where their every technological thirst will be satisfied.

The Global Elite and the archons that control them know that there will be those who will refuse to be a part of the technological Machine Kingdom and they will not waste their time on trying to lure them in.  According to the Law of Free Will and the Law of Non-Interference, whatever choice that any human makes, no force can deviate them from making that choice.

Now there are some that may ask: “Mikey, if the Elite and their archon masters keep destroying nature, how can those who don’t choose the Machine Kingdom live in nature if there is no nature to live in?” Well this is the beauty of Mother Earth. She is self-sustaining. No matter what happens to her, she always will find a way to right whatever wrong was done to her (This is where humanity must really pay attention because it will be a difference between their evolution or their extinction). Earth has seen it all: hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, typhoons, and humanity. Through it all, Mother Earth has always come out on top and due to that, nature always replenishes. In addition, things in nature vibrate on a higher level then things that were created out of dead nature. This is why it’s a whole lot better to eat natural, organic foods rather than eating meat and processed foods.

So in my opinion, I look at the 10th rule on the Georgia Guidestones as being an admittance of defeat from the Elite and the archons that they cannot compete with Mother Earth and nature and instead will follow a “live and let live” type of agreement.

However, I also have reason to believe that it is also be used as a teaser for those in the Machine Kingdom as well. As time marches on, the people in the Machine Kingdom will be able to see nature and those who are living in harmony with it, developing their multidimensional capabilities. They may get that feeling like they made the wrong choice, but then it would be too late to do anything about it. It’s almost like making those in hell watch the ones in heaven enjoying themselves while they burn in a fiery torment. Of course I mean in a figurative sense, since I have already stated that Hell is a Fiction. But to give you an idea of the point that I’m trying to drive home, here is a clip from “Two and a Half Men” stating my point. (In order to help you avoid watching the whole clip, my point starts at 0:33 and ends at 1:22):

So, in conclusion, rule #10 of the Georgia Guidestones seems to be a white flag to the ones who vibrate in harmony with Mother Earth and nature itself, while being a form of torture for those who vibrate with the Machine Kingdom. One reference that is absolutely priceless that goes deeper into the rabbit hole on this topic is Wes Penre. He has four levels of learning talking about the Machine Kingdom and evolving without technology. Highly recommended! It will also be discussed more in my upcoming book “The Archonicles” which is set for an international release on 7/7/2014.

So which will you choose? Technology or nature?


The Insanity of Your Gods

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The Insanity of Your Gods
by Consummate Ilias Mahatma

Now, just a few more words on Gnostic cosmology, and then I will return to the question that prompted this brief essay.

I often say that the Gnostic seers in the Mysteries were adept at paranormal skills such as lucid dreaming, remote viewing, clairaudience and clairvoyance. If this is correct, they would have been able to observe the Archon pseudo-gods and discern their modus operandi. In fact, about one-fifth of the NHC concerns the origins, motives, tactics, and actions of the Archons.

What those seers were able to determine about the predatory trickster-gods may be crucial to human survival. I want to emphasize one aspect of their dia-Gnosis of alien intrusion: not only does Yaldabaoth pretend to be the supreme creator god, but he falsely believes he is just that.

The chief Archon has a god complex! He is not only trying to deceive us, he is deceived. The pseudo-god is delusional, and his delusion infects all those who follow him – such is the shocking message from the ancient Mysteries.

The Gnostic assertion of the insanity of god must be one of the most astonishing concepts in human experience. But it is not isolated, not totally unique. In The Madness of the Ego I present a Buddhist parallel to the Gnostic Demiurge. Read this scenario and see if it is not an exact equivalent to the Gnostic myth of the Demiurge. Both narratives state that the pseudo-god mistakes himself for the creator of the entire universe.

This, of course, is exactly what Jehovah does, too. Believers in the mainstream religions who take this delusional entity for their Supreme Being are themselves delusional. In blind faith, millions of people are enmeshed in the insanity of a pretender god and implicated in the violence and aggression of the Archons.

The Demiurge is an imposter deity who works against humanity.

Yaldabaoth stands between humanity and the Aeons in the galactic core, pretending to be one of them. The Archon horde, operating on a hive-mentality, try to intrude between humanity and the Aeon Sophia, embodied in the earth. Thus they work against our innate wisdom, so closely connected to the intelligence of Gaia, in the vain attempt to deviate us from that connection.

This is the dia-Gnosis of the Mystery seers.

It is clear that the Sumerian Anunnaki and the Gnostic Archons are identical to modern ETs, but it is by no means easy to go through the massive material of myth and folk-lore and weed out every reference to the pseudo-deities.

When we today regard the gods described in ancient times as Archontic ETs, we tend to think that we have finally understood who the gods are. This is not correct: in reality, we have come to see who the gods are not!

In making the identification, Anunnaki = ETs, for instance, we catch sight of the entities who pretend to be gods. In the Sumerian cuneiform record, which are transcripts of channeled materials, the Anunnaki claim to be our creators. But does the fact that something was written on clay tablets 2800 years ago mean that it is true? Of course not.

The Sumerian cuneiform record presents a claim that the Anunnaki are superior creator gods, not proof that they are.

The cuneiform tablets are not evidence of facts, they are evidence of a story presented as fact.

Here we are close to seeing the double deception. Having ascertained that the ancient gods were really ETs, we fail to ask, What about gods who are not ETs? The nature of the ET deception is, first, that it tricks us about the gods, and then, when we get on to the deception, it diverts us from looking beyond it toward the true gods, the divinities of the living cosmos.

Having made the ET-god connection, we must take another step toward more sophisticated knowing.

The sane thing to do, then, would be to ask, If the Archon-ETs were wrongly regarded as gods, who are the genuine gods? It would be a gross error to assume that we have understood the nature of the gods simply by making the ET connection to ancient mythology.

Due to the double deception of the ET phenomenon, we tend to assume that “ancient astronauts”, who pretended to be gods and were taken as such, must be the only gods.

With the dia-Gnosis of the Archons, we are just on the threshold of discovering the true Gods. This is a momentous shift.

According to the Gnostics, the “true gods” are the Aeons of the Pleroma. And one of these is Sophia, the wisdom goddess, who morphed into the planet earth. Today we call her Gaia. She is the ground of life and consciousness for the human species and all sentient life, including molecular life.

Such is the ancient Pagan teaching preserved by the guardians of the Mysteries. Today we stand at the threshold of reviving and reliving that teaching.

The trick is, to get past the extraterrestrial tricksters to the real magic of life on this earth.

The Elite Have No Real Power

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote a new post due to my working on The Archonicles, but this is one that I believe couldn’t wait. For a long time I believed that the elite/Illuminati whatever you call them were all powerful and controlled things behind the scenes. But the more I think about it, I have come to this final conclusion: THE ELITE HAVE NO REAL POWER! I know what you’re thinking. You are probably wondering how could I have the nerve to believe that when I can just look around at all the things that they are planning in order to gain total control over humanity? Well that’s just it. Hear me out for a second. When you think of someone who is empowered, do you honestly think that person has the desire to control others? Of course not! Someone who is truly empowered can feel confident about who they are without the need to take someone else’s power away.

This brings me to the Elite. Here is something that I know most people are going to have a hard time understanding. THE ELITE ARE MORE ENSLAVED THAN THE PEOPLE ARE! They are enslaved to their reptilian brain, which is truly the mind of the Archons. We humans also have a reptilian brain as I have explained in previous posts, but the good news is that we have the ability to keep it in check. The elite cannot. The reptilian brain is all they can think with. This alone makes us more powerful than they are and the elite know this already. The thing is the elite are way too proud to admit this, so they are trying to push their control grid as quickly as possible. They have no power, just the illusion of power. It is the same way that Americans believe that they have freedom, but they really have only the illusion of freedom. What you must realize is that you are already free. You were born free. However, you were indoctrinated to believe that you had to be controlled, which explains why most humans allow things like the Patriot Act, the NDAA, and Agenda 21 go on being pushed through without so much of a question.

In the essence of things, we are infinite awareness and as infinite awareness we don’t have to fear things like new world order, or martial law, or FEMA camps. As a matter of fact, the most fearful are the elite and their minions. They feel it absolutely necessary that they control the people because they know that once a vast majority of the people catch on to what is happening, they’re will be problems.

The Elite are at a point of desperation. They are desperate for total control. But after what I just told you, we can feel confident that they have already lost. They are afraid of the people. They are the most enslaved. In all reality, as soon as most people get the point, they are no longer a threat. This means that Rockefeller, Rothschild, Bush, Obama, Clinton, the Pope (black or white), the Freemasons, and the Jesuits are now irrelevant. This means that we can take the fight to the unseen forces that control the elite’s thinking: The Archons.

As a matter of fact, what if I told you that there is another entity that controls the Archons as well. Most of you are not ready for that, but we will get there.


The due date has been set for the release of “The Archonicles: Book One (The Ascension Formula)”.

The year is 2014. A 12-year old Indigo child named Paul Morgan makes a discovery made by an infamous scientist eight years ago. He has found a special formula that will assist in humanity’s evolution to their higher spiritual self. This leads to a nationwide manhunt of Paul which includes high-ranking government officials, local and state police, the FBI, CIA, DHS, NSA, international banksters, high ranking religious leaders, and a number of super secret societies . The twist is that all these entities are under the control of an unseen inter-dimensional force called the archons, who ultimately want control over the 3rd dimension by this year. Paul must navigate through the obstacles of the 3rd dimension while evading the 4th dimensional archons in order to get the Ascension Formula: (I + I + D =A) to all of humanity before the archons  successfully complete their generations-long plan of total control over humanity.

THE ARCHONICLES: Book I – The Ascension Formula
Coming 7/7/2014

Human Origin Conference for NYC in 2014!

I am working on putting together a small Human Origins Conference for about 300 people in New York City later this year. If you are the the tri-state area and would like to be a part of making history and spreading the truth about the hidden history of humanity, covering such topics as mind control, extraterrestrials and UFOs, alternative human history, occult technologies, and much more, please send an e-mail to If you can assist in any way, shape or form, let’s talk! We look forward to bringing this fascinating presentation to the capital of the world, New York City.

Human Origins Conference 2014

human origins conference 2014

The Human Origins Conference, is a annual global ancient history and cosmos event, revealing fascinating realms of human origins on Earth.

Human Origins Conference is a non-profit leading worldwide provider of hidden history on Earth.

This annual conference is a serious approach to sensitive issues, dedicated to providing hidden knowledge of various topics which profoundly affect us all – rarely and or not addressed by our controlled mainstream media.

The conference aim is to share and inform the general public of various suppressed knowledge, covering; Mind Control, History, Secret Societies, Natural Law, Alien & UFO, Shadow Government, Occult Technologies, the Cosmos and the New World Order.

The conference objective is to expose the manipulation of humanity by non-human intelligence, be they alien, inter-dimensional, demonic or satanic. The goal of the conference is to share knowledge with the view to expand the consciousness of humanity by presenting world renowned researchers and writer’s revealing such sensitive information.

Guest speakers to be announced February 2014.

The Archonicles: Book I, Chapter 0.5 and 1

This is a sample of the up-and-coming book “The Archonicles” which will be the kick-off of a new book series that I will continue to release once a year. Book I will be available later in 2014. Book II will follow in 2015. Book III will follow in 2016. But to settle your curiosity, here is Chapters 0.5 and 1 of Book I


The year is 2009. The place is the Manhattan. Dr. Jeffrey Reeves, a clean-shaven, Caucasian scientist in his mid 40s appears to be fleeing for his life. A group of 8 men in NYPD SWAT gear are chasing him with assault rifles. As Dr. Reeves is fleeing, the SWAT members are shooting at him. “Freeze Reeves,” one of the officers yell. “You’re only making this hard on yourself!” Dr. Reeves runs into an abandoned building, sprinting to the third floor and desperately looks for a place to hide. He sees a doorway which he heads through and sees an old desk which he quickly hides underneath. He pulls out a piece of paper and a pen and begins writing something.

“Whoever sees this, please know that there is a plan in the next five years to enslave every man, woman and child to an unseen force of extraterrestrials called the Archons. I know this sounds crazy, but you have to believe me. I have put my life at risk by just talking about this. It is now up to you to expose this plan and assist in the evolution of humanity. So make sure to spread this gravely important formula that I have created: I + I + D =A This is the only way humanity can be saved. If we are not successful, we will face our extinction. Time is of the essence.”

Dr. Reeves folds the piece of paper and stashes it directly under the desk where he was hiding. Then the SWAT team of police storms the third floor where he was hiding. Dr. Reeves pulls out a pistol ready to shoot anything that moves. One of the officers quietly tiptoes over to the desk where Dr. Reeves was hiding. The doctor seeing this, knowing that it’s a matter of time before they kill him, aims his pistol at his calf and pulls the trigger as the sound of a gunshot and a loud scream fills the room. Another shot goes off. This time no scream. Dr. Reeves has killed one of the officers. At this point, the other seven officers start to quickly head to the area when they see their fellow officer lying dead on the ground. Suddenly, Dr. Reeves pops up from behind the desk and starts shooting at the other officers, which leads to the officers firing their weapons resulting in a shootout. Dr. Reeves is shot dead due to a total of 30 shots at his body, causing him to drop the gun and fall dead to the floor. One of the officers slowly move towards him to check his pulse.
“He’s done. Let the captain know that we got him.” Another officer gets on his walkie-talkie. “Myers to Dispatch, Operation Risen Phoenix was a success.” As the officers are working on clean-up, nobody discovers the letter that Dr. Reeves wrote underneath the box. And nobody would discover it until five years later.



It is now five years later. The month is February. Darren Woodlawn, a 12-year old biracial boy is sitting in the classroom. He has a bored look on his face. As if he would rather be somewhere else. The classroom is holding 30 other students with the teacher Mrs. Parker, a middle-aged woman with dark hair with grey streaks, wearing horn-rimmed glasses and a brown pants suit.

“And so class, in order to combat climate change, these planes spray a chemical into the sky that has a combination of aluminum and barium that cools down the sun. Are there any questions?”

Another boy, Paul Morgan, who is the same age as Darren, raises his hand. This causes Mrs. Parker to suck her teeth and roll her eyes.

“What is it Paul?”

Paul stands up at his desk and starts to ask his question.

“Wouldn’t spraying chemicals like aluminum and barium into the atmosphere like that be hazardous to the health of humanity?”

Mrs. Parker starts to trip over her words searching for an answer to give Paul. “Well Paul….”

“And wasn’t it proven that global warming, or what the establishment now calls climate change, is a scam because temperatures haven’t been rising since 1997”, argued Paul.

“Uh Paul”, Mrs. Parker said.

“And could it be possible that the planet has been warm because of the sun and has nothing to do with human activity”, Paul continued.

“That’s enough Paul”, Mrs. Parker snapped. “Take your seat.”

Paul sits down as the other students giggle. The bell rings and the kids start to depart.

“Okay kids, don’t forget to read chapter 7 and 8 in your textbooks. We will be having a quiz tomorrow.”

As Paul is leaving, Mrs. Parker stops him.

“Paul,” Mrs. Parker says. “You are going to have to learn that there are just some things that need to be left alone.”

Paul had a puzzled look on his face. “I don’t understand Mrs. Parker”.

“I’m talking about you asking the wrong questions instead of doing as you’re told. As a student, you need to keep in mind that there is a level of respect that is due to the teacher. You don’t question, you obey and do the work assigned to you. Do I have to make you see the school guidance counselor?”

“Mrs. Parker,” Paul replies. “How do you expect us to really be educated if you are just telling us to have blind faith in the information we receive?”

Mrs. Parker rolls her eyes once again. She takes a breath and begins to explain. “Look Paul, there are just some things that is not in our position to question. Sometimes we have to learn to fall in line and conform. Trust me, it will be easier for everyone if we just learn to accept the situations we are dealt.”

“So we should just accept the fact that our government is trying to kill us”, Paul asks without flinching.

Mrs. Parker slams the desk. “That’s it! Guidance counselor! Go now!”


As Paul is exiting Mrs. Parker’s classroom, there are two big boys waiting outside and one of them knocks Paul to the ground. The boy’s name is George Griswald. Just so you know, the kid is about 14 and is still in the 7th grade. Sad isn’t it?

“Hey geek”, George snaps. “If you’re so smart why did you just trip yourself?”

George and his friend laugh, high-five each other and walk away.

Paul gets up, picks up his books and continues to make his way to the guidance counselor. When he gets to the door of her office, he knocks twice awaiting an invitation to come in.


“Come in Paul”, Guidance Counselor Josie Daniels says.

Paul opens the door to Mrs. Daniels’s office and sees her sitting at her desk with her grey business suit and short brown hair up to her shoulders looking about 35 years old.

“Have a seat. Mrs. Parker told me to expect you.”

Paul sits down in the chair in front of Mrs. Daniels’s desk.

“Mrs. Daniels”, Paul says before she could utter another word. “In order to not waste each other’s time I think it would be best to tell you what happened so that I can get out of here. Mrs. Parker was talking about climate change which I believe to be a lie in order to condition people to think that it’s okay for the government, which is in turn a corporation run by other corporations, to spray poisons like aluminum and barium into the air that we breathe in order to cull the population. So I asked her questions like why haven’t the temperatures been rising since 1997 and could it be possible that the planet gets warm because of the sun. Then she says that it’s best not to question and just accept things as they are which I find rather ignorant if you ask me. So then all of a sudden I get sent here to tell you this story just so you can tell me the same thing she did.”

At this point Mrs. Daniels has a look of disappointment on her face with a sprinkle of horror.

“I take it by your silence and your look that we are done here. Sorry to waste your time.” After saying this, Paul gets up from his seat and exits Mrs. Daniels’s office.

Waiting outside of the guidance counselor’s office is Paul’s best friend, Darren Woodlawn, a 12-year old boy with blonde hair, vanilla skin, and blue eyes. He sees Paul leaving and heads toward him.

“So,” Darren says. “What did the guidance counselor say?”

“Actually nothing,” Paul replies.

Darren and Paul exit the school, hop on their bicycles and begin to ride home. Darren rides directly next to Paul as they continue their conversation.

“So my Aunt Darlene was trying to get me to attend church with her on Sunday. I really wonder how people can sit through things like that. They are so boring,” Darren says.

“Yeah I don’t do church”, Paul replies. “Some guy in a funny looking costume trying to sell you salvation by telling you to put money in a collection plate and surrender your life to some savior who allegedly died 2000 years ago because some man and woman ate some fruit that gave them the ability to see. Sounds like a huge waste of time to me.”

“You know Paul. People in school say a lot of things about you,” Darren tells him. “They say that you’re really weird and that you’re a troublemaker and you never just do what is told of you.”

“And does that bother you Darren,” Paul asks.

“No not at all man. But I just don’t want people to give you flack because you act, well….different,” Darren answers.

“Well I would rather be different and unique then the same as everyone else and mediocre,” Paul says.

Darren and Paul make it to their houses. They live right next door to each other. As they pull up, Paul’s mother Maria opens the door and comes out of the house with $10 in her hand.

“Oh good I’m glad that you’re home Paul,” Maria says. “I need you take your bike down to the store and pick up some milk for me.”

Maria hands Paul the $10 bill and he takes it. “Okay mom.”

“And Paul, I need every last cent of my change back. No picking up those organic honeycrisp apples that you always get. They are way too expensive.”

Without replying, Paul takes his bike and rides to the store. As he is riding, he turns his attention to an abandoned building. This is the same building where Dr. Jeffrey Reeves was killed five years ago. As Paul is looking at this building, he starts to have flashes of the incident that took place at that time. He could see Dr. Reeves writing the note and stashing it under the desk. He can also see Dr. Reeves being shot at multiple times by the SWAT police. After his flash, he decides to go inside the abandoned building. When Paul enters it, he notices the rats running around, and how dusty and unpleasant it looks in there. As he is looking around he starts to make his way up the stairs. He stops at the second floor, notices that there are a lot of floorboards missing, meaning one wrong step could to lead to one unpleasant drop down to the first floor. He begins to move on to the third floor and spots the doorway where Dr. Reeves ran to five years ago. He walks towards it and through it and spots the desk. Upon seeing this, Paul is reminded of his flash that he had before he entered the building. He walks to the desk and looks underneath it where he finds a folded piece of paper. He unfolds it revealing the letter that Dr. Reeves wrote back in 2009 for someone to discover. As Paul was getting ready to read it, he hears something forcing him to hide behind the desk. All of a sudden an entity appears in the building from out of nowhere. This entity resembles the look of a grey alien with wide black eyes, a rounded out triangle looking head and pale grey skin that seems to be looking for someone or something. Then seconds later, another entity appears out of nowhere, this one with a more reptilian look.

“Have you found it yet,” the reptilian entity asked the grey entity.

“No master, we haven’t found it yet,” the grey entity replied.

“Q-Zar, you know how important it is that we find Reeves’s ascension formula. Those disgusting humans must never find it out for if they do our plans to conquer this planet will be doomed”.

 The reptilian entity is known as Triptor, an archon and a leader of the Draconian Federation. The grey entity is his archon servant Q-Zar. They are both from the 4th dimension, a higher vibrating reality than the 3rd dimension that humanity resides in now. Q-Zar spots the desk that Reeves hid behind five years ago and where Paul is hiding behind right now. Q-Zar starts to make his way over there to investigate but then is stopped by Triptor.

“Q-Zar”, Triptor says “We can only remain in this dimension for a short time. We need to get back to the 4th dimension. We will have our conduits look for the ascension formula.”

“Yes my Lord,” answers Q-Zar.

Both Triptor and Q-Zar disappear, heading back to their own dimension. Once they are gone, Paul comes out of hiding and looks at the piece of paper that he found, paying attention to the formula written on it: I + I + D =A. Not quite realizing that he is looking at something that could very well save humanity, he puts the paper in his pocket and leaves the abandoned building.