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The 10th Rule of the Georgia Guidestones

I have spoken about the Georgia Guidestones on this site before as part of my Agenda 21 Is About Blaming Humanity For Archon-Created Problems. However, I want to focus solely on the 10th rule:

“Be not a cancer on the Earth. Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.”

I found this last rule rather interesting, even more than the first rule which was to:

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

Here is where my inquisitive nature comes in. Why would the Global Elite care about nature when all they do is destroy it in order to keep themselves wealthy? In addition to that, why would the archons that control them, care about leaving room for nature? I’m sure there are a number of guesses as to why the 10th rule became notable (they even repeated themselves in this rule), but I am going to express why I believe this rule to be included.

At some point in time (I’m going to guess around 2020), the Earth will split. Now I don’t mean literally split as in there will be two planet Earths. I mean that there will be one group of people vibrating on a high level and another vibrating on a low level. This will be the split between the Machine Kingdom and nature. Those vibrating on the high level will evolve naturally without technology while those vibrating on the low level will move towards the Machine Kingdom where their every technological thirst will be satisfied.

The Global Elite and the archons that control them know that there will be those who will refuse to be a part of the technological Machine Kingdom and they will not waste their time on trying to lure them in.  According to the Law of Free Will and the Law of Non-Interference, whatever choice that any human makes, no force can deviate them from making that choice.

Now there are some that may ask: “Mikey, if the Elite and their archon masters keep destroying nature, how can those who don’t choose the Machine Kingdom live in nature if there is no nature to live in?” Well this is the beauty of Mother Earth. She is self-sustaining. No matter what happens to her, she always will find a way to right whatever wrong was done to her (This is where humanity must really pay attention because it will be a difference between their evolution or their extinction). Earth has seen it all: hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, typhoons, and humanity. Through it all, Mother Earth has always come out on top and due to that, nature always replenishes. In addition, things in nature vibrate on a higher level then things that were created out of dead nature. This is why it’s a whole lot better to eat natural, organic foods rather than eating meat and processed foods.

So in my opinion, I look at the 10th rule on the Georgia Guidestones as being an admittance of defeat from the Elite and the archons that they cannot compete with Mother Earth and nature and instead will follow a “live and let live” type of agreement.

However, I also have reason to believe that it is also be used as a teaser for those in the Machine Kingdom as well. As time marches on, the people in the Machine Kingdom will be able to see nature and those who are living in harmony with it, developing their multidimensional capabilities. They may get that feeling like they made the wrong choice, but then it would be too late to do anything about it. It’s almost like making those in hell watch the ones in heaven enjoying themselves while they burn in a fiery torment. Of course I mean in a figurative sense, since I have already stated that Hell is a Fiction. But to give you an idea of the point that I’m trying to drive home, here is a clip from “Two and a Half Men” stating my point. (In order to help you avoid watching the whole clip, my point starts at 0:33 and ends at 1:22):

So, in conclusion, rule #10 of the Georgia Guidestones seems to be a white flag to the ones who vibrate in harmony with Mother Earth and nature itself, while being a form of torture for those who vibrate with the Machine Kingdom. One reference that is absolutely priceless that goes deeper into the rabbit hole on this topic is Wes Penre. He has four levels of learning talking about the Machine Kingdom and evolving without technology. Highly recommended! It will also be discussed more in my upcoming book “The Archonicles” which is set for an international release on 7/7/2014.

So which will you choose? Technology or nature?


Darkness is Not Evil!

I would like to talk about something that may or may not has crossed many people’s minds, once again due to conditioning. It is about darkness. We have been conditioned to believe that the dark is bad. When we were children, we were afraid of the dark. In Star Wars, joining the dark side was considered joining evil. But allow me to take this in another direction. Before anything existed, meaning before there were humans, animals, plants, or minerals, what was always there? DARKNESS! And since it was always there, darkness had nothing to judge, nothing to poke fun at, or nothing to war with. It has just always been there. Ironically, it was Jehovah that said “Let there be light!” Once light came into the picture, things got interesting. Now the funny thing is that we were conditioned to believe that light is good. But is it all good? Granted it is not all bad, but before light came into the picture, there was no judgment, no conflict, just stillness. Another thing to mention is that light can be manipulated into something positive or negative. Holograms can be made of light and it can deceive you to believe in something that isn’t really there. Yes light can help you see where you are going. But it can also lead you to the slaughterhouse. My point is that the dark may not be what you have believed it to be all your life and light is certainly not all good. When you close your eyes during meditation, darkness is then all around you and if your pineal gland is activated you can create your own internal light. A light that you alone can control, not a light that is being manipulated by someone else externally. So just to end this point, and to also give you something more to ponder, I’ve explained in previous posts that what we see of the universe is a small fraction of the whole thing. As a matter of fact, were you aware that over 90% of the universe is darkness? Take a look at this chart if you doubt me.

The Triune Brain

Did you know that we have three parts of our brain? There are some that are not aware of this information. But it is true. Our brain is a trinity. It has a father, a mother, and a son. Here is how it works:

The first part of the brain is the R-complex or the “reptilian brain”. This is the part of the brain that is most interested in survival, possession, and control. It is reactive, instinctual and animalistic. This is the part of the brain that controls the global elite and many past dictators like Hitler, Stalin and Mao. The reptilian brain is where the masculine energy resides (the father). The media targets this specific part of the brain which is why most humans are impulse shoppers and mindless consumers always wanting more of the latest new fad being pushed. Without the reptilian complex, marketers wouldn’t have a job and a number of businesses wouldn’t exist. Make you wonder why it’s called the “reptilian brain”

The second part of the triune brain is the  limbic system or “mammalian brain”. This part of the brain is what controls our emotions. It is also where the feminine energy resides (the mother).  Dangerous deceptions such as the New Age Movement target this part of the brain. This makes us too passive and can enable us to accept the totalitarian system that is being forced on us. Another side-effect of becoming too entrenched in the mammalian brain is not being concerned with maintaining in physical reality. Many of the religions target the mammalian brain as well. When you are stuck solely in this part of the brain, you are more willing to accept slavery. I call this “turn the other cheek syndrome”.

The third and final part of the triune brain is the neo-cortex, or the “human brain”. When both the reptilian and mammalian brain are in harmony and equally balanced, this part of the brain is activated (the son). The neo-cortex is responsible for higher-order thinking. This part of the brain is responsible for logic, creativity, art, music and science.

Could this be the true trinity of humanity? Just something for you to think about.

Here are some more links for you to check out that go into more detail about the triune brain.

Human Origins Conference 2014

human origins conference 2014

The Human Origins Conference, is a annual global ancient history and cosmos event, revealing fascinating realms of human origins on Earth.

Human Origins Conference is a non-profit leading worldwide provider of hidden history on Earth.

This annual conference is a serious approach to sensitive issues, dedicated to providing hidden knowledge of various topics which profoundly affect us all – rarely and or not addressed by our controlled mainstream media.

The conference aim is to share and inform the general public of various suppressed knowledge, covering; Mind Control, History, Secret Societies, Natural Law, Alien & UFO, Shadow Government, Occult Technologies, the Cosmos and the New World Order.

The conference objective is to expose the manipulation of humanity by non-human intelligence, be they alien, inter-dimensional, demonic or satanic. The goal of the conference is to share knowledge with the view to expand the consciousness of humanity by presenting world renowned researchers and writer’s revealing such sensitive information.

Guest speakers to be announced February 2014.

The Archonicles: Book I, Chapter 0.5 and 1

This is a sample of the up-and-coming book “The Archonicles” which will be the kick-off of a new book series that I will continue to release once a year. Book I will be available later in 2014. Book II will follow in 2015. Book III will follow in 2016. But to settle your curiosity, here is Chapters 0.5 and 1 of Book I


The year is 2009. The place is the Manhattan. Dr. Jeffrey Reeves, a clean-shaven, Caucasian scientist in his mid 40s appears to be fleeing for his life. A group of 8 men in NYPD SWAT gear are chasing him with assault rifles. As Dr. Reeves is fleeing, the SWAT members are shooting at him. “Freeze Reeves,” one of the officers yell. “You’re only making this hard on yourself!” Dr. Reeves runs into an abandoned building, sprinting to the third floor and desperately looks for a place to hide. He sees a doorway which he heads through and sees an old desk which he quickly hides underneath. He pulls out a piece of paper and a pen and begins writing something.

“Whoever sees this, please know that there is a plan in the next five years to enslave every man, woman and child to an unseen force of extraterrestrials called the Archons. I know this sounds crazy, but you have to believe me. I have put my life at risk by just talking about this. It is now up to you to expose this plan and assist in the evolution of humanity. So make sure to spread this gravely important formula that I have created: I + I + D =A This is the only way humanity can be saved. If we are not successful, we will face our extinction. Time is of the essence.”

Dr. Reeves folds the piece of paper and stashes it directly under the desk where he was hiding. Then the SWAT team of police storms the third floor where he was hiding. Dr. Reeves pulls out a pistol ready to shoot anything that moves. One of the officers quietly tiptoes over to the desk where Dr. Reeves was hiding. The doctor seeing this, knowing that it’s a matter of time before they kill him, aims his pistol at his calf and pulls the trigger as the sound of a gunshot and a loud scream fills the room. Another shot goes off. This time no scream. Dr. Reeves has killed one of the officers. At this point, the other seven officers start to quickly head to the area when they see their fellow officer lying dead on the ground. Suddenly, Dr. Reeves pops up from behind the desk and starts shooting at the other officers, which leads to the officers firing their weapons resulting in a shootout. Dr. Reeves is shot dead due to a total of 30 shots at his body, causing him to drop the gun and fall dead to the floor. One of the officers slowly move towards him to check his pulse.
“He’s done. Let the captain know that we got him.” Another officer gets on his walkie-talkie. “Myers to Dispatch, Operation Risen Phoenix was a success.” As the officers are working on clean-up, nobody discovers the letter that Dr. Reeves wrote underneath the box. And nobody would discover it until five years later.



It is now five years later. The month is February. Darren Woodlawn, a 12-year old biracial boy is sitting in the classroom. He has a bored look on his face. As if he would rather be somewhere else. The classroom is holding 30 other students with the teacher Mrs. Parker, a middle-aged woman with dark hair with grey streaks, wearing horn-rimmed glasses and a brown pants suit.

“And so class, in order to combat climate change, these planes spray a chemical into the sky that has a combination of aluminum and barium that cools down the sun. Are there any questions?”

Another boy, Paul Morgan, who is the same age as Darren, raises his hand. This causes Mrs. Parker to suck her teeth and roll her eyes.

“What is it Paul?”

Paul stands up at his desk and starts to ask his question.

“Wouldn’t spraying chemicals like aluminum and barium into the atmosphere like that be hazardous to the health of humanity?”

Mrs. Parker starts to trip over her words searching for an answer to give Paul. “Well Paul….”

“And wasn’t it proven that global warming, or what the establishment now calls climate change, is a scam because temperatures haven’t been rising since 1997”, argued Paul.

“Uh Paul”, Mrs. Parker said.

“And could it be possible that the planet has been warm because of the sun and has nothing to do with human activity”, Paul continued.

“That’s enough Paul”, Mrs. Parker snapped. “Take your seat.”

Paul sits down as the other students giggle. The bell rings and the kids start to depart.

“Okay kids, don’t forget to read chapter 7 and 8 in your textbooks. We will be having a quiz tomorrow.”

As Paul is leaving, Mrs. Parker stops him.

“Paul,” Mrs. Parker says. “You are going to have to learn that there are just some things that need to be left alone.”

Paul had a puzzled look on his face. “I don’t understand Mrs. Parker”.

“I’m talking about you asking the wrong questions instead of doing as you’re told. As a student, you need to keep in mind that there is a level of respect that is due to the teacher. You don’t question, you obey and do the work assigned to you. Do I have to make you see the school guidance counselor?”

“Mrs. Parker,” Paul replies. “How do you expect us to really be educated if you are just telling us to have blind faith in the information we receive?”

Mrs. Parker rolls her eyes once again. She takes a breath and begins to explain. “Look Paul, there are just some things that is not in our position to question. Sometimes we have to learn to fall in line and conform. Trust me, it will be easier for everyone if we just learn to accept the situations we are dealt.”

“So we should just accept the fact that our government is trying to kill us”, Paul asks without flinching.

Mrs. Parker slams the desk. “That’s it! Guidance counselor! Go now!”


As Paul is exiting Mrs. Parker’s classroom, there are two big boys waiting outside and one of them knocks Paul to the ground. The boy’s name is George Griswald. Just so you know, the kid is about 14 and is still in the 7th grade. Sad isn’t it?

“Hey geek”, George snaps. “If you’re so smart why did you just trip yourself?”

George and his friend laugh, high-five each other and walk away.

Paul gets up, picks up his books and continues to make his way to the guidance counselor. When he gets to the door of her office, he knocks twice awaiting an invitation to come in.


“Come in Paul”, Guidance Counselor Josie Daniels says.

Paul opens the door to Mrs. Daniels’s office and sees her sitting at her desk with her grey business suit and short brown hair up to her shoulders looking about 35 years old.

“Have a seat. Mrs. Parker told me to expect you.”

Paul sits down in the chair in front of Mrs. Daniels’s desk.

“Mrs. Daniels”, Paul says before she could utter another word. “In order to not waste each other’s time I think it would be best to tell you what happened so that I can get out of here. Mrs. Parker was talking about climate change which I believe to be a lie in order to condition people to think that it’s okay for the government, which is in turn a corporation run by other corporations, to spray poisons like aluminum and barium into the air that we breathe in order to cull the population. So I asked her questions like why haven’t the temperatures been rising since 1997 and could it be possible that the planet gets warm because of the sun. Then she says that it’s best not to question and just accept things as they are which I find rather ignorant if you ask me. So then all of a sudden I get sent here to tell you this story just so you can tell me the same thing she did.”

At this point Mrs. Daniels has a look of disappointment on her face with a sprinkle of horror.

“I take it by your silence and your look that we are done here. Sorry to waste your time.” After saying this, Paul gets up from his seat and exits Mrs. Daniels’s office.

Waiting outside of the guidance counselor’s office is Paul’s best friend, Darren Woodlawn, a 12-year old boy with blonde hair, vanilla skin, and blue eyes. He sees Paul leaving and heads toward him.

“So,” Darren says. “What did the guidance counselor say?”

“Actually nothing,” Paul replies.

Darren and Paul exit the school, hop on their bicycles and begin to ride home. Darren rides directly next to Paul as they continue their conversation.

“So my Aunt Darlene was trying to get me to attend church with her on Sunday. I really wonder how people can sit through things like that. They are so boring,” Darren says.

“Yeah I don’t do church”, Paul replies. “Some guy in a funny looking costume trying to sell you salvation by telling you to put money in a collection plate and surrender your life to some savior who allegedly died 2000 years ago because some man and woman ate some fruit that gave them the ability to see. Sounds like a huge waste of time to me.”

“You know Paul. People in school say a lot of things about you,” Darren tells him. “They say that you’re really weird and that you’re a troublemaker and you never just do what is told of you.”

“And does that bother you Darren,” Paul asks.

“No not at all man. But I just don’t want people to give you flack because you act, well….different,” Darren answers.

“Well I would rather be different and unique then the same as everyone else and mediocre,” Paul says.

Darren and Paul make it to their houses. They live right next door to each other. As they pull up, Paul’s mother Maria opens the door and comes out of the house with $10 in her hand.

“Oh good I’m glad that you’re home Paul,” Maria says. “I need you take your bike down to the store and pick up some milk for me.”

Maria hands Paul the $10 bill and he takes it. “Okay mom.”

“And Paul, I need every last cent of my change back. No picking up those organic honeycrisp apples that you always get. They are way too expensive.”

Without replying, Paul takes his bike and rides to the store. As he is riding, he turns his attention to an abandoned building. This is the same building where Dr. Jeffrey Reeves was killed five years ago. As Paul is looking at this building, he starts to have flashes of the incident that took place at that time. He could see Dr. Reeves writing the note and stashing it under the desk. He can also see Dr. Reeves being shot at multiple times by the SWAT police. After his flash, he decides to go inside the abandoned building. When Paul enters it, he notices the rats running around, and how dusty and unpleasant it looks in there. As he is looking around he starts to make his way up the stairs. He stops at the second floor, notices that there are a lot of floorboards missing, meaning one wrong step could to lead to one unpleasant drop down to the first floor. He begins to move on to the third floor and spots the doorway where Dr. Reeves ran to five years ago. He walks towards it and through it and spots the desk. Upon seeing this, Paul is reminded of his flash that he had before he entered the building. He walks to the desk and looks underneath it where he finds a folded piece of paper. He unfolds it revealing the letter that Dr. Reeves wrote back in 2009 for someone to discover. As Paul was getting ready to read it, he hears something forcing him to hide behind the desk. All of a sudden an entity appears in the building from out of nowhere. This entity resembles the look of a grey alien with wide black eyes, a rounded out triangle looking head and pale grey skin that seems to be looking for someone or something. Then seconds later, another entity appears out of nowhere, this one with a more reptilian look.

“Have you found it yet,” the reptilian entity asked the grey entity.

“No master, we haven’t found it yet,” the grey entity replied.

“Q-Zar, you know how important it is that we find Reeves’s ascension formula. Those disgusting humans must never find it out for if they do our plans to conquer this planet will be doomed”.

 The reptilian entity is known as Triptor, an archon and a leader of the Draconian Federation. The grey entity is his archon servant Q-Zar. They are both from the 4th dimension, a higher vibrating reality than the 3rd dimension that humanity resides in now. Q-Zar spots the desk that Reeves hid behind five years ago and where Paul is hiding behind right now. Q-Zar starts to make his way over there to investigate but then is stopped by Triptor.

“Q-Zar”, Triptor says “We can only remain in this dimension for a short time. We need to get back to the 4th dimension. We will have our conduits look for the ascension formula.”

“Yes my Lord,” answers Q-Zar.

Both Triptor and Q-Zar disappear, heading back to their own dimension. Once they are gone, Paul comes out of hiding and looks at the piece of paper that he found, paying attention to the formula written on it: I + I + D =A. Not quite realizing that he is looking at something that could very well save humanity, he puts the paper in his pocket and leaves the abandoned building.


The Age of Transhumanism

As a stated in my previous post, I plan on talking about what the archon agenda is and where they intend to take humanity. Just as a recapitulation, let’s do a little review. Archons are the entities that operate outside of visible light (what we as humanity perceive as 5-sense reality) in order to control the destiny of humanity residing in 3D reality in their favor. One crucial element that I should explain, and what will bridge the gap as far as the religious element is concerned is that these archons go by other names. For example, in the Islamic religion, they are referred to as jinn. In the Christian religion, they are referred to as demons. In the Sumerian culture, they were referred to as the Annunaki. And as I stated previously, in the Gnostic literature they are referred to as archons. So whatever your religious preference, just know that they refer to the same entity.

As I also stated previously, the archons do not possess a soul like humans do, but greatly desire one. In addition, they operate based on deception. So to get what they greatly desire, they need to sell the illusion to humanity in order to get them to willingly comply with the agenda. How do they plan on doing it? Using technology. Now before I continue, I do not blame technology as a whole for the problems we face. If it weren’t for technology, this site wouldn’t exist as would many truth sites wouldn’t exist. However, what the  intent of the technology would be used for would be a different story. It is the same scenario with things like guns. They can be used for protection, but they can also be used for senseless murder. The reason for the archons using technology is strictly to gain complete control of humanity mind, body and soul. As a matter of fact, you can see elements of this already unfolding and it hasn’t even gotten to the worst part yet. Here’s an example. If you go for a walk outside, you will see most of humanity staring into some aspect of technology, whether it be an android, iPhone, or Blackberry. Now if you have observed as I have, these people for the most part are completely unaware of their surroundings. I’ve actually seen people walk into other people and even into poles just by having their attention severely diverted thanks to the piece of technology that they held in their hand. This is exactly what the archons want. They want humanity addicted to technology. So addicted to it that they have no time to look around and admire the simple things in nature like the sun shining, or birds flying, or the grass growing. People need to realize that these things in nature are aspects of Source communicating with us. When we choose to ignore what surrounds us in nature in order to stare into our iPhone, we choose to ignore the Divine, which is an expression of our true selves.

The archons absolutely despises anything that is of Source, especially humanity, which explains why they are so intent on enslaving us in a fear-based 3D reality. What the archons understand, that humanity really needs to be aware of, is that humanity is very easy to manipulate by giving them something they desire, even to the point where they forget who they really are completely. Hence the wave of technology being thrown at us. It’s all about a sophisticated form of misdirection.

Now let’s throw this in the ring. As we have been told through many alternative news websites and through the conspiracy theory circle, and even indirectly in the mainstream media, the world is moving towards a “cashless society”. The proof of this is through credit cards, debit cards, and EBT cards. Well the kicker is that they want to digitally encode all currency on microchips, which would be implanted directly into humanity. These microchips would be connected into a global supercomputer which would record all transactions in the global population and also track the global populace . Now remember what I have said, the archons work in deception, so best believe when the time comes, they will sell these microchips as a great thing. As a matter of fact, it’s happening right now!

Now you may think well what’s wrong with having a strictly digital currency and no cash. This will prevent robberies and transactions will be a lot smoother. But will it really prevent robberies? Maybe on the basic level there won’t be any armed robberies from the general global population. But I don’t believe that it will prevent robberies on a grand scale. As I said, these microchips that these archons want to implant into humanity will be connected to a global supercomputer. Who’s going to be controlling it? Maybe the elite hybrid bloodlines that do the bidding of their archon ancestors?? The same ones who used private banking cartels like the Federal Reserve to rob the wealth of the American people?? So in reality, robberies won’t be prevented, just hidden in plain sight. But let’s put that to the side and look at this in another fashion. If this microchip is electronic, and the human body is mostly consisted of water, and water conducts electricity, and these microchips are controlled by the elite hybrid bloodlines who are doing the bidding of the archons that hate humanity, what do you expect to happen? I will call this the “killswitch”. So if one of the slaves are getting out of line, then BOOM, the elite hybrid bloodlines hit the “killswitch”, which sends a message to the other slaves that if they get out of line, this will be their fate. This is the complete control that the archons want of humanity. Keep them in constant fear of death for not conforming to the imposed agenda. This is how they plan on controlling the souls of humanity. On top of that. if we are truly all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively through Source, if humanity complies with the archon agenda, then the archons will win over humanity.

This also leads me to the discussion of transhumanism. Before I go into more detail, I would like to quote from Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book “Between Two Ages”:

“The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

“In the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason.”

Spoken like a true archon! Just so you are clear, Brzezinski was the National Security Advisor during Jimmy Carter’s administration in the late 70s to early 80s. And for those Obama fans, your commander-in-chief speaks quite highly of him. In these two quotes, Brzezinski is talking about an age of transhumanism.

Transhumanism, as defined according to Wikipedia, is:

an international cultural and intellectual movement with an eventual goal of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities”

Simply put. It is about combining man with machine. Here’s the deal. The archons have figured out that it is harder to control a man with a soul. It’s much easier to control a man combined with technology. This makes a cyborg that can be programmed with certain commands as given by the supercomputer, or whoever is controlling the supercomputer. Things that humanity enjoy like free-will and freedom of thought will be a thing of the past. Movies that the Khazar-controlled(which we can now upgrade to the archon-controlled) media have released like the Terminator franchise, The Stepford Wives, and Surrogates were predictive programming to prepare humanity to accept this age of transhumanism.

If we lose our connection with the divine and Source by embracing technology to the point of addiction, then we will be looking at our future as soulless human cyborgs used to serve the bidding of the archons, and then disposed of like a battery that has ran out of juice.

How do we prevent this? We get back in touch with nature and begin to live in harmony with the planet as a global citizen population so that we can reach ascension (Ascend Sion/Zion). No this will not be easy. Surely not as easy as accepting a savior to rescue you. In addition, we have to remember who we really are in our true form, which is infinite consciousness having a human experience. But if we do not do this and we completely forget who we really are, I sure hope that you like metal arms, legs and RFID chip implants.

What You See Is Not All You Get

I’m sure that all of you have heard the phrase “What you see is what you get”. Well I would like to up the ante and modify the phrase with my own saying. That one being “What you see is not all you get”. Now what do I mean by that? My point is that the world that we believe to be reality, is not all that there is. In this reality, we operate in seeing only visible light. However, this is just a fraction of all that there is in the world. We seem to be leaving out radio waves, ultraviolet, infrared, x-rays, and gamma rays. Let’s start slowly. We must overstand and innerstand what I mean by visible light, because it’s not as simple as people believe it to be.

light chart

Visible light is a lower level energetically illuminated projection. When operating in 3-dimensional 5-sense reality, this is all we see. And unfortunately, due to our unconscious awareness, we perceive this, and only this, to be true reality, while rejecting the other levels of energetically illuminated projection.  Visible light is severely limited, so by the time we come to the understanding that there are other forms of light that we do not perceive, we are already locked into the belief system that visible light is all that exists.

For more info on visible light and how it connects to this reality, I highly recommend reading this article from the ZenGardener website.

Now here is why what I am talking about is important. If the point of the game is to keep humanity focusing on visible light, who may stand to benefit from that? We can rule out anyone who is also operating in this same frequency, which includes government officials, politicians, international bankers, royal families, and secret and semi-secret societies. This turns out to be a revelation because not only are we discovering who is not the root of the problem, we are on our way to figuring out who is, or more accurately, what is. When we move beyond what is going on within the visible light reality, we have to move on to what is going on outside of the reality of visible light.

Keep in mind that this reality of visible light is a low level dense frequency. This is why we believe everything to be solid as Richard Dawkins has told us. But as you move up to higher vibrating frequencies, things become less dense. As a matter of fact, if you take matter and break it down to its most basic form, you are left with energy. Now we may not be able to see this energy with the naked eye, but it is there whether you believe it or not. This includes everything  in this reality from humans, plants, animals and inanimate objects. Everything is energy.

Allow me to go back a little bit. As I said, in the frequency of visible light, everything is dense and vibrates on a low level. Well do you know what else vibrates on a low level? Negative emotions. That’s right. Let me prove it to you in this way. When you are feeling emotions such as depression, fear, anger and stress, you feel weighed down. You feel more dense. This is why we must learn to move out of the fear vibration into a positive love vibration. Again I will prove this. When you fall in love, your heart is as light as a feather. You feel like your floating. These are positive emotions that cause you to feel this way. Now we cannot see these emotions in 5-sense reality, but we know that they are there because we can feel them.

Now on the topic of negative emotions, connecting this with what we cannot see outside of visible light, there are certain entities that feed off of this negative energy. These entities feed off of our fear, our depression, and our anger. It is their food. On the flip side, these entities cannot withstand positive emotions such as joy, love, peace and bliss. Why? Because those emotions vibrate higher than the frequency of these entities. So when our emotions vibrate higher than the entities who use us as their food source, they have no power over us. So  what are these entities that operate outside of visible light? Well researcher David Icke has referred to these entities as the reptilians. As a former Gnostic, I will refer to them as the archons. The archons crave something that we humans possess, a soul. Since humans have a soul, we have the ability to expand our creativity and feel emotions such as joy, peace, and love. Since the archons do not possess a soul, they must use deception in order to control the human populace in the hopes to control their souls. This truly may be the meaning of “selling your soul to the devil”.

Now if you have read my post about Saturn entitled  “Let’s Talk About ‘Six’ Baby”, you’ll remember that I said that the point of this whole global fascist totalitarian takeover is to keep humanity inside the box of 3D reality in a constant state of fear. To these archons, this would be a never ending feast of negative emotions that humanity would have a very difficult time escaping. Now you can start to overstand and innerstand why the constant barrage in the media about never ending wars, impending dangers, fears of economic collapse, recessions and depressions, stock market crashes, false flag terrorist attacks, country invasion, etc. When humanity feeds into the fear propaganda, the archons feed off of your fear keeping them well-fed and moving along with their agenda uninterrupted. Now with this new found knowledge, what if we just stopped being afraid? What if we just stopped paying attention to the fear porn being force-fed down our throats? And instead, what if we were to raise of vibration to such a high point that these archons just scurry away knowing that their plans of 3D reality control is futile.

Another important thing to take into account of this whole scenario is that in order for these archons to be able to operate within this reality to impose their agenda onto an unsuspecting humanity, they need a conduit operating within this reality. And if they were to have that, they would need to make sure that this conduit is in a position of great power and authority. And on top of that, the conduit that has all this power would have to have absolutely no remorse for the human plight and be very sympathetic to the archon agenda. Are you starting to see where I am getting at with this? For those who don’t quite get it yet, allow me to be blunt. In this reality, who are the entities that are in great power and authority? Many of you know them as politicians. Your presidents, prime ministers, Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the royal family dynasties. What these entities really are are half-human, half-reptilian/archon hybrids. You think that I have lost it, don’t you? Well maybe I have. But regardless, if you look at how society is following the agenda that I have been speaking of to a T since the culmination of this website, then you would have to at least consider this possibility. Remember what I said at the beginning of this post: “What you see is not all you get”.

Since we have been conditioned literally since birth to believe that visible light is the only reality that exists, it wouldn’t be a surprise that most of you reading this as I write would think that I have gone of the deep end. But if you have been following this site from post number one, and connect the dots that I have laid out for you, then this theory should not be far off.  As I said before, archons worked purely off of deception. When this is done, if humanity is not conscious enough, they can perceive this deception to be true reality, hence, they can lead humanity into the 3D reality prison that is the New World Order (or better yet, the Old World Order Remodeled). So this is where you get your religions that put you in a state of fear of hellfire if you don’t surrender your free will to a savior, whether its Jesus, Moses, Krishna, Mithras, Horus  or Maitreya. It is 100% mind control. And since it is our free will, which is Source’s greatest gift to humanity, that determines what will happen next, it is our responsibility to use our free will wisely. The best thing about free will is that if used to go against this agenda, we will be protected. Just to plant the seed in your head, we can look at it like this. Since we are in a free-will universe, the benevolent entities (yes they exist as well) outside of 3D reality are not allowed to interfere according to universal law. However, if we exercise our free will for non-compliance against the agenda and the archons and their minions force their will onto us, the benevolent entities have a right, once again according to universal law. to intervene on our behalf. So yes there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Now to follow in the next post, I will dig a little deeper into where the archons truly want to take humanity. I just want to warn you that it will get a little dark talking about it, but it is necessary in order to be aware and prevent it.