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You Must Become Like a Child

You Must Become Like a Child*

By Steve Ashton

*This post was written by Steve back in April 29, 2006


We come into this world a “blank sheet of paper”. We have no preconceived ideas, thoughts, or feelings. We come into the world curious, ready to take in information like a sponge absorbs water. But unfortunately, due to our conditioning, we have been disconnected from our natural childlike state of curiosity and imagination and given an indoctrination. Not only through the school system, but in the religious system as well. Because of this, our ego has put up a wall for any beliefs that we hold near and dear when new information enters into our consciousness. This is called cognitive dissonance and it is an intellectual and spiritual disease. In this post, my friend Steve Ashton talks in-depth about this in regards to religious beliefs and the true message of Jesus Christ. Although I am not a Christian in the orthodox sense, I find many valuable words of wisdom in Jesus’s words and thus have a very high regard and a great deal of respect for him whether he truly existed in the physical world or was merely a fictional character portraying a moral lesson to humanity. To those with rigid beliefs, I ask you to do one of two things. If you decide to look into this information, set your beliefs to the side for now as you read because your ego will reject this information as it will oppose what you believe at the moment. If your beliefs are way too strong to take in the information, please pass on it. This is for those who are interested in the Truth not those who want assurances that their beliefs are true.

What exactly is “Becoming Like a Child”?

Matthew 18:3 – And (Jesus) said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 18:4 – Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Mark 10:15 – Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.

These are merely a few of the many times Jesus stressed the importance of “becoming as little children”. Christians cannot seem to grasp exactly what Jesus was harping on. In fact, Jesus harped on a lot of things Christians cannot seem to understand, but, let’s concentrate on one “misunderstanding” at a time.
Matthew 18 is a chapter of some very good information on how and why it was so important to “become as a child”. Verse 3 is important. Jesus always clues us in on important Truths by prefacing His message with the Word “Verily”. When Jesus said “verily”, or “verily, verily”, it is His way of letting us know that this was something that He “unquestionably” said. It is Providence’s way of telling us to “listen up”, because this is absolutely True, and very important. Contrary to popular “false belief”, the Bible was written by men, and not everything contained in the Old or New Testament was written or inspired by our Creator, infallible, inerrant with no contradictions. This notion of Biblical inerrancy and infallibilty is one of the most damaging doctrines ever concocted by man. Fundamentalists start screaming “blasphemy” if you like, and I will calmly illustrate how your own Bible tells you that this notion is completely bogus, and very dangerous. I will address fundamentalist ideology, as well as Luther’s doctrine of “Sola Scriptura” in great detail in a coming post. For now, all those reading this and condemning me for disagreeing with your “programmed” belief system, simply grab your Bible, wipe the dust off, and turn to Ezekiel 13. Read it, and if you cannot figure out why the LORD was so pissed at all the “prophets who prophesied in Israel”, then you are either blind or ignorant, or both. If you have ears and eyes, you will clearly see that some information in the Bible is simply not True, and that is not me saying this, it was none other than Yahweh, aka Jehovah. Man put words in His/Her mouth, and since men never learn or listen, they also put words in Jesus’ mouth as well. I’m getting off subject, so enough on that subject for now.
Look at Matt 18:3. Jesus says, and I will paraphrase, “TRULY I am telling you, unless you convert (transform, change), and become as little children, you may as well forget about entering into the kingdom of heaven”. Many times in the Bible, there are certain little “Words” that provide important clues, but, they are almost always either overlooked totally, or they are misinterpreted completely. The Word here is “converted”. Converted to what? A Christian? Converted Christians are told that they are now “children of God” because they have undergone the standard traditional rituals required for conversion. All Christians know the drill, so I won’t detail the process. Because, this is not what this verse is telling you.
Converting to a religion is the process of “gaining” a label, and “gaining” a set of rituals, doctrines, dogma, and a fairly standardized set of beliefs, depending on the denomination. Jesus spoke of another “conversion”. The process of converting (transforming), and becoming “as a little child” is not a process of gain. It is the process of loss. Rather than gaining a certain set of beliefs, it involves forgetting about the ones you already have. One does not “fill the mind” to become as a child, one has to “empty the mind” of every learned belief accumulated throughout his or her life. A little child has not formed or been programmed with a belief structure. A little child comes into the world with his or her “house cleaned and swept in order”. His or her mind is completely empty of false teachings, and has not yet developed an “ego”. The process of converting and becoming as a child must begin by first letting go of the ego. Letting all learned beliefs go, and literally “emptying, and sweeping out the house called the “mind”. One literally has to forget everything he or she has ever learned, and completely emptying out forged beliefs. I cannot stress this enough. Jesus further stresses this point when He spoke of the new wine and wineskin. He makes it clear that one cannot pour “new wine into old wineskins, or the wineskin bursts”. Likewise, “one cannot pour old wine into new wineskins, or the wine becomes bitter”. “New wine (spiritual knowledge) absolutely requires a new wineskin” (an empty mind). There is no other way to become “as a child” but to become an “empty vessel”, willing to discard all beliefs, and starting all over just like a “little child”.
Christians are always so quick to condemn “eastern philosophy” as being unscriptural, and even demonize eastern religions. This is vanity and ignorance. They fail to realize that the one they call Jesus Christ was extremely influenced by eastern philosophy, particularly the teachings of a Chinese sage named Lao Tsi. Hundreds of years before Christ, Lao Tsi wrote something called the “Book of Tao”. As he neared the end of his life, his followers literally begged him to write down and record some of his teachings. So, he penned a little scroll of 81 verses, and this is the “Book of Tao”. This is very significant in the sense that the word “Tao” is literally translated to English as “The Way”. Jesus did not lead a movement called “Christianity”. His movement was called “The Way”. He referred to Himself as “The Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one gets to the Father except by Him. He did not say “by My authority”, He said “by Me”, as in by knowing “the Way”, “the Truth”, and by becoming “resurrected into the Life”. He did not teach His discpiples (us) to become “Christians”. He clealy taught them (us) to “become Christs” ourselves. Truly I say to you, that a man following the “broad way” becomes a Christian. The “few” who follow the “narrow Way” become Christs. Those with ears had better hear. Because the narrow way is actually quite broad, but men love shorcuts, and literally ignore half their brain.
So, what does Lao Tsi and Taoism have to do with Jesus telling us we absolutely must “become as a little child”? Allow me to share a few verses of the Book of Tao to illustrate that Jesus was teaching this little-know eastern philosophy, however, He illustrated the concept of the Way in symbolic riddles that were meant to relay Truth in a way that most men would be unable to comprehend. I’ll address the reason in another blog. Let’s take a look at the Tao, and I will share the similarities and hopefully better illustrate the concept of “becoming as a little child”.
Tao Te Ching (Book of Tao)
Verse 10:
Pacifying the agitated material soul and holding to oneness: Are you able to avoid separation? Focusing your energy on the release of tension: Can you be like an infant? In purifying your insight: Can you un-obstruct it?
The point Lao Tsi is making here can be compared to several of Jesus’ teachings.
1. Jesus spoke of becoming “one with the Spirit”, He taught us that we must not be a “kingdom divided”, although He knew very well that His message would be distorted by man, and further “divide and separate the “material soul”. He taught, albeit very subtly, the Taoist philosophy of “yin yang”. Yin Yang involves a balancing of “polar opposites”. The Tao and other eastern teachings stress the importance of this concept of a “unified Spirit”, and not “agitating the human soul” by thinking in terms of separateness. Western “religion” has caused the “agitation of man’s soul” by the “separation” of polar opposites. The concept of “duality” of Spirit has caused man to believe that he is divided in Spirit by “opposing dual forces”. Good and evil are opposing and separate forces that are represented by the names “God” v the devil” that are warring for control of man’s soul. As if the Creator of our Universe would create a being almost as powerful as Them, and then have to fight this entity to the death! What Christians fail to realize, and eastern philosophy understands, is that good and evil are dependent on each other. Man cannot understand or appreciate the True “goodness” of Providence, without first thoroughly understanding the concept of evil. Without evil, there would be no good, and vice-versa. The Tao teaches us that we must not be caught up in the duality and regard good and evil as “polar opposites’. A master of the Tao understands this, and as a result does not see the good as good, nor the evil as evil. She centers herself, and realizes these concepts as simply, ‘the way things are’. She understands that polarities are not separate, but rather they co-exist, and are dependent on one another. Only when one can “avoid the separate, and dual nature of opposites”, then can one begin to focus on the “release of tension”. Dualities cause anxiety, embracing the Tao eliminates these anxieties by staying centered and not seeing the separateness of opposites, but accepting them as interdependent, and not separate “dualities”. The philosophy of Yin-Yang teaches that everything in existence depends on the interaction of opposites, and rather than struggle and oppose each other, the opposites compliment each other. Harmony is key in the relationship of polar opposites.
The problem with all this, however, is that once again we see evidence of bias toward man, as the positive (Yin) is masculine principle, and the negative (Yang) is the feminine principle. Here is another example of a religion or philosophy either treating woman as a subordinate creature, or associate woman with the concept of the negative, or the embodiment, or cause of evil in countless male-dominated religions. You can bet that I will deal with this issue very soon. Original sin in the Bible will reveal some interesting information that shatters the old myths concocted from the first few chapters of Genesis. Man has a bad habit of inventing names, genders, and attributes of the different gods he created. So, when men develop belief systems, which are actually developed for him by others and men end up obstinately defending beliefs that he made no effort to reasonably analyze, nor does man make any effort to look at his faith with a reasonable and objective mind. Man devotes less time researching matters that he is told affect his eternal existence, than he does researching the purchase of a new car!
What exactly then is meant by “one must become as a little child”? It is a process that does not involve gaining something, it involves losing things. Compare the mind to a computer. It is comparable to a hard drive. The hard drive (mind) collects and stores all kinds of information, some True, but, most of it is not. Sometimes virus’ will find their way into the hard drive, and the only alternative is to “crash’ the computer, which eliminates “all” the data stored in the hard drive. Becoming as a little child is exactly like crashing the hard drive of your brain. Discard and eliminate all beliefs, and all the information that has been “programmed” by the Scribes and Pharisees of the day. What does a little child know? Nothing. He or she has not developed any notions or beliefs. The child’s mind is free of all false teachings, and then the child begins to learn things as he grows. This is referred to as ‘the image of no-thing’, according to the Tao.
Christians claiming to be “born again”, do not properly understand what it actually means to be “born anew of the Spirit”. Why? Because, these Words of Jesus reflect his tendency to communicate many “eastern philosophies” through the use of allegories, riddles, and metaphors, commonly known as “parables”. All eastern teachings, as well the teachings of the Christ focus on one becoming an “empty vessel”, restoring the original mind to its “ego-less” root. The Tao refers to the mind being likened to an “uncarved block of wood”, and asks the question, “can you become like an infant in purifying your insight”? Lao Tsi also begs the question, “in purifying your instinct, can you unobstruct it”? Jesus said the very same thing, but, He used different metaphoric language. Jesus called this “empty vessel” of ego-lessness a “new wineskin”. A new wineskin does not come already “filled”. It is empty. Like the “empty vessel”, and the “uncarved block”, free of all clutter and programmed belief structures. Just like the mind of a “little child”. Free of the “dualities” created in our minds do to the evil creation of man of “polar opposing forces”. As for “unobstructing” the purification process of the mind, Jesus also dealt with this cleansing process with His usual style and flair. He simply tells us not to “pour old wine into new wineskins”, or “pour new wine into old wineskins”. “New wine requires a new wineskin”, and the new wineskin is symbolic for someone who has indeed “become like a little child”, and discarded the old wine and skin, and this is what one must do to be Truly ” born-again”. The old wine, and now the new wine Jesus offered have become the “obstructions” referred to in the Tao Te Ching. The Bible refers to these obstructions as “stumbling blocks”. The path to Christian “childhood” is inundated with these “obstructions”, and there is a very “narrow way” in order to sidestep these numerous obstructions. Children are very nimble, and have tiny little feet; but a full-grown adult has a hard time, and cannot manipulate their way so well. This is a very hard task made more difficult as most Christians are attempting to walk the narrow path while inebriated on all the mixed-up “old and new wine”!
The Truth is this: the only way to ever begin to “become as a little child” is to literally crash the hard drive of your mind. Learn humility, and lose the ego. You have to kill it. It is the “mountain” that must be removed, because it is impossible to Truly achieve the purpose of becoming a “single-minded little child”.
I will end by saying this. If you are not willing to totally discard everything you have ever been taught concerning matters of religion, then to claim yourself as a “born-again” Christian is the farthest thing from the Truth. To claim oneself as being “filled with the Holy Spirit” is inaccurate, and based on “false” teaching. The first thing the True Holy Spirit does for one willing, is to “empty” the vessel of the mind, sweeping it out, and putting it in order. Ready to then be fed like a “little child” with Truth. If you do not understand this, or agree, then you will never know that “Truth that sets you free”. Because, when the vessel of the mind/ego is filled with a mountain of lies, then you can go to church twice a day, everyday, and never acheive what you claim. And, Jesus makes it clear that God really prefers “little children”, and does not have regard for those who cling to false ideas based on ego, vanity, and pride. So, the end result is that you are literally “born again of the flesh”, and reap what you have sown based on the word Christians cannot accept and claim it to be a teaching of the devil. The Word is Karma. The problem with sweeping the house and putting it back in order is that without the knowledge and the love, there are supposedly seven spirits that re-infiltrate the mind, and the last state of that man is worse than the first, according to the bible. Is this true? I think the spirits of negativity will always come until man learns that truth that (finally) sets him free. As for reincarnation, we’ll discuss this “damnable doctrine” of transmigration of souls in detail soon.
Matthew 18 is a chapter of some very good information on how and why it was so important to “become as a child”. Verse 3 is important. Jesus always clues us in on important Truths by prefacing His message with the Word “Verily”. When Jesus said “verily”, or “verily, verily”, it is His way of letting us know that this was something that He “unquestionably” said. It is Providence’s way of telling us to “listen up”, because this is absolutely True, and very important. Contrary to popular “false belief”, the Bible was written by men, and not everything contained in the Old or New Testament was written or inspired by our Creator, infallible, inerrant with no contradictions. This notion of Biblical inerrancy and infallibility is one of the most damaging doctrines ever concocted by man. Fundamentalists start screaming “blasphemy” if you like, and I will calmly illustrate how your own Bible tells you that this notion is completely bogus, and very dangerous. I will address fundamentalist ideology, as well as Luther’s doctrine of “Sola Scriptura” in great detail in a coming post. For now, all those reading this and condemning me for disagreeing with your “programmed” belief system, simply grab your Bible, wipe the dust off, and turn to Ezekiel 13. Read it, and if you cannot figure out why the LORD was so pissed at all the “prophets who prophesied in Israel”, then you are either blind or ignorant, or both. If you have ears and eyes, you will clearly see that some information in the Bible is simply not True, and that is not me saying this, it was none other than Yahweh, aka Jehovah. Man put words in His/Her mouth, and since men never learn or listen, they also put words in Jesus’ mouth as well. I’m getting off subject, so enough on that subject for now.



THEOSOPHIST. To the Doctrine of Atonement; I allude to that dangerous dogma in which you believe, and which teaches us that no matter how enormous our crimes against the laws of God and of man, we have but to believe in the self-sacrifice of Jesus for the salvation of mankind, and his blood will wash out every stain. It is twenty years that I preach against it, and I may now draw your attention to a paragraph from Isis Unveiled, written in 1875. This is what Christianity teaches, and what we combat: —

“God’s mercy is boundless and unfathomable. It is impossible to conceive of a human sin so damnable that the price paid in advance for the redemption of the sinner would not wipe it out if a thousandfold worse. And furthermore, it is never too late to repent. Though the offender wait until the last minute of the last hour of the last day of his mortal life, before his blanched lips utter the confession of faith, he may go to Paradise; the dying thief did it, and so may all others as vile. These are the assumptions of the Church, and of the Clergy; assumptions banged at the heads of your countrymen by England’s favourite preachers, right in the ‘light of the XIXth century,'” this most paradoxical age of all. Now to what does it lead?

ENQUIRER. Does it not make the Christian happier than the Buddhist or Brahmin?

THEOSOPHIST. No; not the educated man, at any rate, since the majority of these have long since virtually lost all belief in this cruel dogma. But it leads those who still believe in it more easily to the threshold of every conceivable crime, than any other I know of. Let me quote to you from Isis once more (vide Vol. II. pp. 542 and 543) —

“If we step outside the little circle of creed and consider the universe as a whole balanced by the exquisite adjustment of parts, how all sound logic, how the faintest glimmering sense of justice, revolts against this Vicarious Atonement! If the criminal sinned only against himself, and wronged no one but himself; if by sincere repentance he could cause the obliteration of past events, not only from the memory of man, but also from that imperishable record, which no deity — not even the Supremest of the Supreme — can cause to disappear, then this dogma might not be incomprehensible. But to maintain that one may wrong his fellow-man, kill, disturb the equilibrium of society and the natural order of things, and then — through cowardice, hope, or compulsion, it matters not — be forgiven by believing that the spilling of one blood washes out the other blood spilt — this is preposterous! Can the results of a crime be obliterated even though the crime itself should be pardoned? The effects of a cause are never limited to the boundaries of the cause, nor can the results of crime be confined to the offender and his victim. Every good as well as evil action has its effects, as palpably as the stone flung into calm water. The simile is trite, but it is the best ever conceived, so let us use it. The eddying circles are greater and swifter as the disturbing object is greater or smaller, but the smallest pebble, nay, the tiniest speck, makes its ripples. And this disturbance is not alone visible and on the surface. Below, unseen, in every direction — outward and downward — drop pushes drop until the sides and bottom are touched by the force. More, the air above the water is agitated, and this disturbance passes, as the physicists tell us, from stratum to stratum out into space forever and ever; an impulse has been given to matter, and that is never lost, can never be recalled! . . .

“So with crime, and so with its opposite. The action may be instantaneous, the effects are eternal. When, after the stone is once flung into the pond, we can recall it to the hand, roll back the ripples, obliterate the force expended, restore the etheric waves to their previous state of non-being, and wipe out every trace of the act of throwing the missile, so that Time’s record shall not show that it ever happened, then, then we may patiently hear Christians argue for the efficacy of this Atonement,”

and — cease to believe in Karmic Law. As it now stands, we call upon the whole world to decide, which of our two doctrines is the most appreciative of deific justice, and which is more reasonable, even on simple human evidence and logic.

ENQUIRER. Yet millions believe in the Christian dogma and are happy.

THEOSOPHIST. Pure sentimentalism overpowering their thinking faculties, which no true philanthropist or Altruist will ever accept. It is not even a dream of selfishness, but a nightmare of the human intellect. Look where it leads to, and tell me the name of that pagan country where crimes are more easily committed or more numerous than in Christian lands. Look at the long and ghastly annual records of crimes committed in European countries; and behold Protestant and Biblical America. There, conversions effected in prisons are more numerous than those made by public revivals and preaching. See how the ledger-balance of Christian justice (!) stands: Red-handed murderers, urged on by the demons of lust, revenge, cupidity, fanaticism, or mere brutal thirst for blood, who kill their victims, in most cases, without giving them time to repent or call on Jesus. These, perhaps, died sinful, and, of course — consistently with theological logic — met the reward of their greater or lesser offences. But the murderer, overtaken by human justice, is imprisoned, wept over by sentimentalists, prayed with and at, pronounces the charmed words of conversion, and goes to the scaffold a redeemed child of Jesus! Except for the murder, he would not have been prayed with, redeemed, pardoned. Clearly this man did well to murder, for thus he gained eternal happiness! And how about the victim, and his, or her family, relatives, dependents, social relations; has justice no recompense for them? Must they suffer in this world and the next, while he who wronged them sits beside the “holy thief” of Calvary, and is for ever blessed? On this question the clergy keep a prudent silence. (Isis Unveiled.) And now you know why Theosophists — whose fundamental belief and hope is justice for all, in Heaven as on earth, and in Karma — reject this dogma.

ENQUIRER. The ultimate destiny of man, then, is not a Heaven presided over by God, but the gradual transformation of matter into its primordial element, Spirit?

THEOSOPHIST. It is to that final goal to which all tends in nature.

ENQUIRER. Do not some of you regard this association or “fall of spirit into matter” as evil, and re-birth as a sorrow?

THEOSOPHIST. Some do, and therefore strive to shorten their period of probation on earth. It is not an unmixed evil, however, since it ensures the experience upon which we mount to knowledge and wisdom. I mean that experience which teaches that the needs of our spiritual nature can never be met by other than spiritual happiness. As long as we are in the body, we are subjected to pain, suffering and all the disappointing incidents occurring during life. Therefore, and to palliate this, we finally acquire knowledge which alone can afford us relief and hope of a better future.

Waking God Up (The Divine Dreamer Theory)

Allow me to present you with a scenario:

Let’s say you fall asleep and become lost in a dream. However,  you find that while in this dream that you cannot wake up. Since you are in this indefinite comatose state, there is one within  this dream, who is in reality an extension of you, the original dreamer, that made the unilateral decision to proclaim himself ruler of this dream and begins to usurp control of it. Now this one in control of your dream is aware that he is not the original dreamer, but wants to make sure that no one else in the dream realizes this because that will be the end of his control. So he decides to declare himself worthy of worship and to be known as the one true dreamer. In fact, he is so dedicated to this goal that he selects a group of chosen people that he made to be the fortunate ones of being the elite of the dream (also an extension of the original dreamer) with the promise of total control over all of the masses within it, as long as they remain loyal to this self-proclaimed ruler and his agenda. This faux dream ruler also constructed a set of laws that the masses of the dream (also an extension of the original dreamer) must follow or they will suffer his wrath. However, the self-proclaimed ruler of the dream and his elite minions are above the laws that were created, allowing the dream elite to covertly oppress the dream masses.

As the dream progresses, the more it seems like real life rather than just a dream. The dream elite are living the high life of wealth and power, sucking the energy and labor from the dream masses, sinking them deep into the dream and keeping them dedicated to maintaining this while more and more forgetting that this is only a dream. The dream masses become so entrenched in the dream that they themselves have forgotten that it is only a dream and start to live in fear of losing their possessions, not being successful, not being accepted by others or losing a loved one within this dream, all the while not aware that they are extensions of the original dreamer. This causes a great deal of separation pitting the dream masses against each other, which also causes the dream to fall into a lower vibration, locking the original dreamer deeper into the dream.

This scenario benefits the self-proclaimed dream ruler and the dream elite because they realized that as long as the dream masses believed themselves to be separate from each other, they can divide, conquer and rule with very little problems.

With all of this going on, a spark of the original dreamer comes into manifestation when an avatar is sent to show us how to live a better dream as an extension of the original dreamer. This spark of the original dreamer is a non-conformist. He is someone who is aware that they are in a dream and that everyone within the dream are all extensions of the original dreamer and that in order to be free of the control of the fictional dream usurper and his flunkies, remember who you really are and live in harmony with all within the dream, causing the illusory dream set up by the self-proclaimed dream ruler to dissolve and for everyone’s divine potential within the dream to be realized.

Due to this the fictional dream ruler uses its influence through his minions and gatekeepers to silence this spark by murdering him and by propaganda-like means, twists the idea of this spark of the original dreamer into something that the dream masses look to as a savior to be worshiped and believed in. With the penalty of suffering eternal torment for those who do not accept this ideology. This plan happens to work very well for the dream ruler and the dream elite by keeping the dream masses dependent on something within the dream. This keep the dream masses locked within the dream and further away from the original dreamer.

After reading this, does this story sound similar to another story that you may have heard before? If you said the Bible, you would be correct. But you may also be wondering to yourself: “Who is the original dreamer?” Then you also might be wondering: “Who is the self-proclaimed dream ruler?” Most of you would answer the first question that God is the original dreamer and Satan is the self-proclaimed dream ruler. But who is Satan as it is stated in the Bible? Well the best way to answer this question is to open the Bible and read Genesis 1 and then read Genesis 2.  Let’s look at some key excerpts within these two chapters:

Genesis 1:1-2: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form and void.”

Genesis 1:26-28: “And God said ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, ‘Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.’

A few key things here. When God created the heaven and the earth, it was without form and void. Meaning that it wasn’t solid. Or to be a bit more technical, it wasn’t physical or 3-dimensional. Also mentioned is that God created man is our image. We are obviously dealing with more than one entity. So God created man as male and female. It wouldn’t be far off to think of God as male and female as well. Which would actually make a lot of sense since when a male and female mates, they create a child. We have a masculine left brain (reptilian) and a feminine right brain (mammalian) and when they are perfectly balanced, they activate the neocortex that allows for higher-order thinking. These little hints could confirm this hypothesis. Also very important to keep in mind is that when man was created as male and female, they were created as spiritual beings, not physical 3D beings. If you remember, whatever God created was not physical. At least not yet.

Also very important, God gave man created as male and female dominion over all of the earth. Dominion means rule. Meaning that while man is on the earth, we rule over it. “We” meaning ALL OF US!!! Not one person. Not a small elite group. All of man, created as male and female by God, that resides on Earth has dominion over it which also breaks down to that we are all on equal footing. No man has a right to rule over you just like you have no right to rule over anyone else. This is the true meaning behind anarchy. With this said, we should always work to help each other, never to war with each other.

So let us move on to the key excerpts in Genesis 2:

Genesis 2:2: And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.”

Genesis 2:4: These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens…”

Genesis 2:7: And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Genesis 2:15-17: And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

Genesis 2:19: And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.

Genesis 2:21-23: And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.”

So one of the things that we pick up from Genesis 2 is that God rested on the seventh day. You might be thinking “Yeah I already know that.” But do we know if he ever woke up??? It never tells us if he did or not. But for the sake of this point, let’s say that God didn’t wake up after he created everything. This leads us to another question: “WHO’S LORD GOD???”You might be thinking that it is the same entity. Well there are two problems with that answer. One, remember how I said there was no form when God created everything? Re-read Genesis 2:7. It says that LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground. Two, how could LORD God form man when man, as a male and female, was already created by God?

In the same verse, it said that man became a living soul when LORD God breathed into his nostrils. If we are still sticking to the same theory of God still being asleep and this being God’s dream, then that means that souls are are an illusion created by LORD God and have nothing to do with the true God of Genesis 1. Technically you cannot sell your soul if it isn’t real.

You will also realize that in Genesis 2:15-17 that LORD God told Adam to dress and keep the Garden of Eden. This is probably the first example of slavery. If you remember, God of Genesis 1 never said that man had to work. Remember, according to God in Genesis 1, man had dominion (rule) over all the earth. Rulers are not slaves and do not have to be commanded to do anything.  LORD God also commanded that Adam could eat of every fruit in the garden of Eden except for one. That being the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This is when the illusion of duality is brought into the mix. A form of separation. Also introduced into the picture was the fact that if Adam did take and eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, that he would die. Again, keeping in mind that we are still within God’s dream, and death wasn’t even thought of while the God of Genesis 1 was still awake, this means that death is an illusion as well and is a creation of LORD God.

In Genesis 2:19 it said that LORD God formed every beast of the field and every foul of the air. But remember, the God of Genesis 1 created all things without form. So this is more proof that we are not dealing with the same entity. Also notable to state is that everything within this dream has titles and names. But in Genesis 1, God didn’t name anything or give titles to anyone. Maybe because names and titles are a form of separation? Think about it.

Finally in Genesis 2:21-23, LORD God made woman (not a man created female) by taking of Adam’s rib. But once again, God of Genesis 1 created man as male and female already.

To bring my point home, I am saying that LORD God is the fictional self-proclaimed dream ruler that I spoke of at the beginning of this post. God of Genesis 1 is the original dreamer. What we as the masses of this dream that we call life need to do is “Wake God Up”. How exactly do we do that? We remember who we are. Whether you call that God or Spirit or infinite consciousness/awareness does not matter. What does matter is you remember that WE ALL ARE THE DIVINE DREAMER AS MAN CREATED MALE OR FEMALE BY GOD. When we remain separate from each other, causing controversy with each other, going to war with each other, God remains asleep and goes deeper into sleep when we fall deeper into separation. We have to remember that we are all infinite awareness and remember that we as infinite awareness have dominion over ourselves and the earth. As we do this on a massive scale, God will begin to open his eyes, yawn and stretch, the dream ends and we are free from the illusion.

One more thing to add: Do you realize that LORD is always capitalized throughout the Bible? Did it ever jolt your curiosity as to why that is? Well, here is a hint:

The Two Forces in Action

love fear

The Two Forces in Action
by Consummate Ilias Mahatma

There are only two forces at work in all of Creation. These two Polarities have always been continuously struggling against each other. One of these forces is the force which expands Consciousness and awakens parts of the Creation to the understanding and realization of itself. This could be seen as the Light force, for it attempts to make things known, bring them into the Light, and reveal the Truth. The other force is that which attempts to shut Consciousness down and keep the parts of the Creation in ignorance of itself. This could be seen as the Dark force, which attempts to shut out the Light of knowledge and to keep us in a state resembling sleep, in which we are unconscious to Truth.

At an even simpler level, we could look at these Polarities as feelings. We really only ever experience two basic feelings. One is a good feeling and one is a bad feeling. Every other possible state of emotion is simply a different expression of these two basic feelings. If we boil it down to its essence, there are really only two possible emotions, or forces of Polarity, that we are capable of experiencing.

This inherent duality that we experience in and around ourselves is not chance or accident. It is done by the design of Creation. Creation is Oneness. Non-Duality. Think about it this way: if there is only one thing, how would that state of Oneness ever really be able to know itself unless it experienced that which it is not? There is no hot without cold, no light without dark, no good without evil, and so on. So Creation brought one of these Polarities into manifestation in order to know itself – through the process of understanding what it is not. This means that ultimately, one of the two Polarities is an illusion.

In his famous experiments with water, Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that by placing water in the presence of the “good” Polarity for certain periods of time, then photographing the water molecules under high magnification, the molecules took on a beautiful, harmonious, and orderly arrangement. When he placed the very same water in the presence of the opposing Polarity, or “bad” emotion, the molecule structure broke down and became a chaotic, disorderly mess.

The first Polarity is the force that creates harmony and order, brings Light to the darkness, and expands Consciousness and awareness of Self. It is the Polarity of Love. Love is the good Polarity or emotion, which uplifts humanity in its evolution toward knowledge, wisdom, and Truth. The expansion of Consciousness through Love leads to all the positive states, or “good” feelings, which we are capable of experiencing, including harmony, peace, health, safety, and order.

The second force is the Polarity which creates chaos and destruction in its wake. This Polarity is the force of Fear. Fear is the essence of negative emotion which leads to all other expressions of negativity, or “bad” feelings, which we experience, including hatred, intolerance, insecurity, depression, and a host of others. Fear shuts down Consciousness and perpetually strives to stop the Light of Truth from reaching us and having an effect in our lives.

These two basic Polarities of the essence of all other feelings and experiences. In every moment, we are choosing the experience of either Love or Fear, through our own Free Will.

Each of these Polarities have an internal manifestation and an external manifestation. This means that each Polarity expresses itself within an individual’s Consciousness in a certain way. Upon having reached this internal manifestation, each Polarity then reaches a stage of fulfillment in the external world of the individual.

Let’s look at the internal manifestations first.

The internal manifestation of Love occurs when the essence of this Polarity has reached its full expression within an individual. This state of Consciousness could be referred to as Self-Love, or Balance. This individual has united his or her Self through Will and self-control. I refer to this expression of Love as Dominion, for the individual has obtained the state of rulership of his or her own base instincts and is operating out of a healed and balanced mode of Consciousness. A being in a state of Dominion rules the Kingdom of the self. This type of rulership is real, it is not an Illusion, for it has been created by an act of Will. Dominion is, therefore, true Self-Love.

The internal manifestation of the Polarity of Fear occurs when Fear has invaded the Consciousness of an individual. It then immediately begins to destroy that being’s capacity to recognize patterns and formulate effective responses. This state of unconsciousness is known as Confusion. Confusion is the highest manifestation of Fear that occurs within an individual being. Confusion is the exact opposite state as Dominion, for when people become confused, they are owned by their own emotional turbulence and imbalance. They are not in Dominion, for they can never rule the Kingdom of self while in a state of Confusion. As such, Confusion is the beginning of the destruction of the Self.

Now let’s examine the external manifestations of Love and Fear.

When Love, or in other words, expanded states of awareness resulting in Dominion, has achieved its fullest expression within a group of individuals, a condition results in the external world around them. This condition is the highest expression that Love attains in the external realm of the individual. This condition is Freedom. Freedom is the highest attainment of the spiritual quest. The quest for Freedom and the quest for the Divine are one and the same. Any so-called spiritual ideology that does not speak of Freedom in this manner is a false spiritual teaching. Love, Freedom, and the Divine the same thing. Anyone that claims to be a spiritual teacher and doesn’t speak to the Truth of that statement is either a charlatan or a liar, or both.

Since the Divine is the embodiment of perfect Love, it must also allow perfect Freedom. This is why there is no direct intercession on the behalf of the Divine in our world. The Will of the Divine for us is no different than our own Will for us. Whatever we wish to create is allowed by the Divine. That is perfect Freedom, and therefore, perfect Love.

The external manifestation of Fear comes into existences once Fear has created Confusion within the Consciousness of the individuals of a society. Individuals who exist in a vibration of Fear and Confusion can not recognize patterns of information around them, for they are not operating from the higher thought functions of the Neocortex of the brain. This part of the brain is shut down, and these type of individuals operate in severely imbalanced states of Consciousness dictated largely by the R-Complex of the brain. Since they are deeply in Fear and greatly confused, they revert to attempting to control event and people around themselves. And thus the descent into Chaos begins. For Control is the highest expression of Fear manifested into external reality. Control is an illusion. It is not actually real, for no one is in fact in control of anything or anyone. Anyone who believes that they are are in external control of anyone else are actually in very deep states of illusion. Since Control is based on Confusion and Fear, it leads to nothing but dark and negative emotions and experiences for all individuals who partake in this illusion.

This is simply how Natural Law works. Love (higher Consciousness) leads to Dominion (self-control), which in turn leads to Freedom, which produces more Love and more Consciousness. Fear (the shutdown of Consciousness) leads to Confusion (no pattern-recognition), which in turn leads to the desire to Control, which breeds more Fear and Confusion. Both Polarities build cycles upon themselves. One of the Polarities, Love, is clearly very good for us. The other, Fear, creates nothing but destruction in its wake.

It is impossible to create the results of one of these Polarities by adding to it the essence of the opposite Polarity. For example, it is impossible to create Freedom, which is a result of the Polarity of Love, by adding Fear and Control to any situation or set of circumstances. Conversely, a society with Control as its foundation could never result in Freedom and Love. That is just how it works, and the people of this planet will either choose to understand this simple set of principles, or they will destroy themselves through their lack of understanding and ignorance of these principles. It is really that simple.

Our present situation is that our planet is currently trapped in repeating cycles of Fear, resulting in tremendous amounts of suffering, because the people of this world have been raging against Creation by refusing to learn the core lesson that Fear is an illusion. Fear was created so that the Creation could come to know itself for what it really is – pure Love.

Though most of us may still exist within this trap of Fear, our world is in the process of waking up from this illusion. And when the Consciousness of this world does fully awaken – and it Will – that will be the day Fear dies, and with it Confusion and Control will leave this world forever.

The Drama of the Ages Begins

alien jesus

The Drama of the Ages Begins
by Consummate Ilias Mahatma

The earth is center stage in the drama of the ages…

In the end the universe will be restored to order…

1 Cor. 15 24-28

“Then comes the end, when He delivers the kingdom to God the Father, when He puts an end to all rule and all authority and power. For He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet. The last enemy that will be destroyed is death. For ‘He has put all things under His feet.'[a]  But when He says ‘all things are put under Him,’ it is evident that He who put all things under Him is excepted. Now when all things are made subject to Him, then the Son Himself will also be subject to Him who put all things under Him, that God may be all in all.”

Then the saints will judge the angels…

1 Cor 6:3

“Know ye not that we shall judge angels”

The Church has become a university for angels…

Foundation of the World
This Is Appendix 146 From The Companion Bible.

To arrive at the true meaning of this expression, we must note that there are two words translated “foundation” in the New Testament: (1) themelios, and (2) katabole.

The Noun, themelios, occurs in Luke 6:48-49, 14:29, Acts 16:26, Romans 15:20, 1Corinthians 3:l0-12, Ephesians 2:20, 1Timothy 6:19, 2Timothy 2:19, Hebrews 6:1, 11:10, Revelation 21:14,19. It is never used of the world (kosmos) or the earth (ge). The corresponding Verb (themelioo) occurs in Matthew 7:25, Luke 6:48, Ephesians 3:17, Colossians 1:23, Hebrews 1:10 and 1Peter 5:10. The verb is only once used of the earth (ge). Hebrews 1:10.

A comparison of all these passages will show that these are proper and regular terms for the English words “to found”, and “foundation”.

The Noun, katabole, occurs in Matthew 13:35, 25:34, Luke 11:50, John 17:24, Ephesians 1:4, Hebrews 4:3, 9:26 , 11:11, 1Peter 1:20, Revelation 13:8, 17:8 and the corresponding Verb (kataballo) occurs in 2Corinthians 4:9, Hebrews 6:1 and Revelation 12:10.

A comparison of all these passages (especially 2 Corinthians 4:9 and Revelation 12:10) will show that kataballo and katabole are not the proper terms for founding and foundation, but the correct meaning is casting down, or overthrow.

Consistency, therefore, calls for the same translation in Hebrews 6:1, where, instead of “not laying again”, the rendering should be “not casting down”. That is to say, the foundation already laid, of repentance, etc., was not to be cast down or overthrown, but was to be left and progress made unto the perfection.

Accordingly, the Noun katabole, derived from, and cognate with the Verb, ought to be translated “disruption”, or “ruin”.

The remarkable thing is that in all occurrences (except Hebrews 11:11) the word is connected with “the world” (Greek kosmos. Appendix 129.1), and therefore the expression should be rendered “the disruption (or ruin) of the world”, clearly referring to the condition indicated in Genesis 1:2, and described in 2 Peter 3:5-6. For the earth was not created tohu (Isaiah 45:18) but became so, as stated in the Hebrew of Genesis 1:2 and confirmed by 2 Peter 3:6, where “the world that then was by the word of God” (Genesis 1:1), perished and “the heavens and the earth which are now, by the same word” were created (Genesis 2:4), and are “kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment” (2 Peter 3:7) which shall usher in the “new heavens and the new earth” of 2 Peter 3:13.

“The disruption of the world” is an event forming a great dividing line in the dispensations of the ages. In Genesis 1:1 we have the founding of the world (Hebrews 1:10 = themelioo), but in Genesis 1:2 we have its overthrow.

This is confirmed by a further remarkable fact, that the phrase, which occurs ten times, is associated with the Preposition apo = from (Appendix 104. iv) seven times, and with pro = before (Appendix 104. xiv) three times. The former refers to the kingdom, and is connected with the “counsels” of God; the latter refers to the Mystery (or Secret; See Appendix 193) and is connected with the “purpose” of God (see John 17:24, Ephesians 1:4, 1 Peter 1:20).

Ample New Testament testimony is thus given to the profoundly significant fact recorded in Genesis 1:2, that “the earth became tohu and bohu (i.e. waste end desolate); and darkness was on the face of the deep”, before the creation of “the heavens and the earth which are now” (2Peter 3:7).


The fall of Satan caused the earth to become a ruin.
The judgment described in Jeremiah above is exactly what we see. Satan’s fall occurred during this “gap” of time. You can read about the fall of Satan and the angels in Rev. 12:3 & 4, Ezekiel 28:13, and Isaiah 14:13-14.

Then was created below as above and here we are today!!!!

Several times in the Word of God we are warned that it will be as the “days of Noah”, so what was happening in the days of Noah?

Genesis 6:5

“Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

And if I may back up a few verses, here’s  what some of that evil included.

Genesis 6:4

“There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to daughters of men and they bore children with them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.”

The degeneration of the human race was proceeding rapidly, in spite of a few godly men such as Enosh, Enoch, and Noah. Ever wonder about some of the ancient petroglyph’s and pictograph’s, these huge rulers and kings? Bizarre beings, all sizes, some with what appears to be a cross breed of human and animal, others with six fingers? Odd shaped and circular transportation vehicles in the sky? Archeological finds with super-gigantic skeletons? Hear this, have no part of those unclean things!

Look at Genesis chapter 6 again. And “scientists” are mixing human DNA with animal, today! Strange creatures are washing up on our shores, today! The enemy has never stopped counterfeiting God and he is trying to “create” another race, a hybrid race. He must counterfeit God in all things because he thinks he is god! He certainly has gained a lot of “followers” and rules over a very large kingdom. It’s called earth. What powers and principalities is the Bible referring to?

Colossians 2:15

“Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.”

This affirms that they are not annihilated, but that their authority has been curbed.

1 Corinthians 2:8b

“… for had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.”

Hebrews 2: 10-18 for brevity, I’ll highlight v 16:

“For indeed He does not give aid to angels, but He does give aid to the seed of Abraham.”

Satan has complete control over some and influences other people continually! Except for a select few Christians. But even then we can fall under his influence with our thoughts and our mission includes resisting the enemy (and spreading the Word of the Good News), the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Continually.

Luke 17:26-30

Believers must live in constant expectancy and readiness for Christ’s return, in contrast to the careless indifference of unbelievers who are absorbed in routine pursuits of life as though they were permanent. Are we maturing as Christians? Soldiers train for their battles. Are we in training? Remember as these demons advance and show themselves in an unprecedented manner, that they are JUST demons. They are already defeated but must make a great show of power and authority, of which they have none over Christians. God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the High King, the all powerful One, the great I Am, Who Christians serve and believe in. If you are not yet a Christian, well, you’re in deep, and potentially eternal, trouble!

We will need all the training we can get, for the battle-of-battles is at our doorstep…

The challenge is to recognize the kundalini/chakra/pineal program, see it for what it is and move beyond it…

The way we do this is by simply living from our heart. Gratitude is a major key to empowerment.

Acknowledge the supreme cosmic program of deception/limitation for its genius and be grateful for its service, for you would not have the wisdom and the empowerment without it.

We know we are now done and it is time to move beyond it. The way we go about it is for our earthly egos to release and surrender control of this life to the greater aspects of Self that reside within our hearts.

It is said, ‘The kingdom of heaven is within’…!

I AM in this world for now, But I AM not of the Kingdom of this world!!’

The New Dawn


by Consummate Ilias Mahatma

The ‘NEW DAWN’ is upon us…

It will Rise to Fall…Its going to be horrific for those living under the conditions soon to be imposed by all Western democratic developed nations. The UN is finally rolling out its half a century plan to introduce the Chinese model (experiment) to the world as One System.

I suggest you get out of the way so your mind is clean and pure that you remain healthy and strong during the coming darkness so that you may be in a position to assist during the collapse of it in and around 2020.

The New World Order (you know what the NWO is – the corporate-sponsored “free-trade” globalization steamroller) exploits language in precisely the way Orwell predicted. Words are used to mislead and conceal – not clarify – and are twisted to designate the opposite of their true meanings. Concepts are tagged as being either “good guys” or “bad guys” by dressing them up in “white hat” words (like “reform” or “free”) or “black hat” words (like “bureaucracy” or “politics”).

This use of language is a form of propaganda – and this vocabulary propaganda is much more subtle and effective than content propaganda. Content propaganda misinforms about issues, but vocabulary propaganda interferes with the ability to think or talk about issues in a way that can lead to understanding or enable effective political organizing.

As Orwell predicted, this kind of propaganda makes language volatile. In his scenario, one might read in the morning paper about an action against an enemy, with no mention that the same folks were faithful allies as recently as yesterday’s edition. In actuality, the shifts in today’s doublespeak are more subtle and evolutionary. As you watch new language being created, you can map out the NWO agenda: the white-hat items are to be promoted, the black-hat items to be suppressed…

Just like WW1 & WW2 and the other so called wars – its all BUSINESS not PERSONAL; So, don’t get emotionally attached its SIMPLE!

Following is my attempt or examples to associate accurate meanings with some of the NWO’s most topical phrases. Perhaps these definitions will ring true to you, and help you better understand what the NWO is about. With the doublespeak unraveled, the media becomes a source of accurate information after all – NWO statements, though coded, are actually fairly descriptive of the sinister NWO agenda…

“COMPETITIVENESS”: the attractiveness of a venue to multinational investors, particularly: laxity of regulation and taxation; the degree to which a developed country regresses to Third-World status.

“FREE TRADE”: the systematic destabilization of national and regional economic arrangements, by means of treaties such as GATT and NAFTA, in order to take economic decision making as far as possible from any democratic process, and centralize global economic control into the hands of the corporate elite.

“GLOBALIZATION”: the undermining of the nation state as a focus of economic organization; the reduction to commodity status of worldwide raw-goods suppliers; the monopolization of distribution channels by transnational trading companies; the reduction of health & quality standards to least-common- denominator levels; the most honest self-characterization of the NWO agenda.

“PRIVATIZATION”: (1) the theft of citizen assets by corporate interests, achieved through discounted sell-offs of intentionally under-valued public properties; (2) the creation of new investment opportunities by means of dismantling successfully operating public services.

“THIRD-WORLD ASSISTANCE”: (1) the subsidization of non- competitive First-World industries by means of channeling earmarked funds through Third-World hands; (2) carrot-money to entice “development” in preferred NWO directions; (3) hush- money to fund domestic suppression in host countries.

The only way to create the NWO is to brainwash us into wanting and accepting it because they can’t do it without us. Most people cannot imagine being fully responsible for their lives and answerable to NO ONE. When we are truly free we are answerable to NO ONE, NO SYSTEM, NO AUTHORITY, NO ADMINISTRATION. We are only answerable to our consciences which tell us the truth of do no harm and life is a gift, if we listen carefully and don’t cover them up with lots of justifications for our greed and selfishness.

We attune with the virtues of love, of freedom, truth, peace, joy, abundance, do no harm, no loss of uniqueness and originality, no slaves and rulers for every one and everything, which are life is a gift and do no harm.

Reverse speech is rooted in intellectual property, mathematics, 0 to 1, (reactions to trauma/e-motion) invented and administered by, guess who, the architects of “The System”. It has no soul to connect with and will not help you to use your senses to feel the intention behind those we are listening to, which we have to learn to do because they never tell us their true intentions because, if they did, we would tell them where to go.

This is how they keep covert control…

What is reverse speech doing to solve the problems we all face, particularly those without food, water or shelter? How is reverse speech helping those being raped, pillaged and plundered by the force behind “The System”?

The only way we can sense the true intentions of others is to use our senses to connect with them. There is nothing in “The System” that teaches us to do this. Non-sense (“intellectual property”) cannot tell us about sense. Darkness only communicates darkness – there is no light, only “illuminated” light that is the reflection of e-motion (reactions to trauma).

The only way to unravel these people is to step right outside the box of all of “intellectual property” that is “The System”.
It wasn’t pieces of paper (NON-SENSE) and whatever was/is scribbled on them (NON-SENSE) that invaded all the lands across Earth and decimated, humiliated, raped, pillaged, plundered and enslaved all the tribes of MAN and it WILL NOT be pieces of paper (“The System”) or electronic digital data (“The System”) and whoever is promoting remedies reliant on “The System” that will set MAN free from the FORCE behind “The System” of NON-SENSE.
The remedy can ONLY be found outside of all “The System” brainwashing/braindirtying you have received ALL your waking-life which means you have to use your SENSES and NOT rely upon ANY man-made CON-struct/CON-cept (inventions) to navigate your way out of this brilliantly orchestrated man-made HELL “(The System”). This includes ALL read and write alphabet-languages, mathematics, geometry/sacred-geometry and anything derived from them such as, but not limited to, history (his-story/her-story).
The deceivers (“WE WILL LEAD EVERY REVOLUTION AGAINST US”) of the Freemasonic/Satanic world can ONLY use their founding-father/s (The Grand Architect/s) inventions (read and write alphabet-languages, mathematics, geometry and all con-cepts/con-structs derived from them = IMAGE POWER) to manipulate, deceive, con, seduce, etc, MAN into remaining in a fallen “state” where MAN is told how to think, feel, react/act, under-the-standing of the blinding, mesmerizing SPELL (you were taught to spell to be under their spell) cast by these Satanic/Freemasonic black-magic wizards, warlocks, witches, sorcerers, priests, priestesses, etc.


This is what image power is all about….


Through image power, slaves both create their master’s world and enslave themselves within it.


Innocent or not, these white-washers, white-anters, saboteurs, deceivers, distractors from true SENSORY (SENSE) remedy, etc, are but not limited to David Icke, Kevin Annett, Jeff Rense, Lisa M Harrison, George Green, Michael Tellinger, George Kavasslias, Russell Brand, Simon Kawai, Benjamin Fulford, Robert Arthur Menard, Mary Croft, Dean Clifford, Thomas Anderson, Mark Pytellek, Thrive, Ubuntu, Zeitgeist, etc, etc, etc,…… thousands and thousands of them——- Innocent or not, they actually serve the agenda that started with the invasion of our ancestors.

They can ONLY destroy you (mess with your head) INSIDE “The System” of NON-SENSE, but they can’t do this outside it.
All lies/deceptions/liars/etc, are found inside “The System”; they do not exist/perform outside it.

The greatest lie and liar is the one closest to the truth. They cause the greatest damage of all and they are all packaged as the “Good Guys”.

We need to be wary of the “heroes” (“Good Guys”/Pied Pipers), those in the “front-line” being thrown into jail, etc as it’s often a pre-determined set-up to build up their “Good Guy” persona amongst the duped/brainwashed. Their remedies down-the-line ALL lie within “The System” which means that they perpetuate “The System” with the life force energy they put into it and encourage others to put into it.

We are the result of generations of brainwashing, starting with what was left of the tribes after the invasions of “The System”, which was mainly children. All these generations have been taught to live their lives out of the information of “The System” (System Thought Control) and to look for everything they need within “The System”, including the remedies to the injustices of “The System”. However, there are no remedies to “The System” to be found within “The System”, which is why we are still living in a world of unhappiness, poverty, starvation, massive inequality, organized crime, torture, rape and murder. The only way to find remedy to “The System” is to go back to where we (ancestors) were before “The System”, which is before the invasion of the tribes. Under image power, we will never find the remedy during the “time” (history – his-story/her-story) of MANS fall into “The System”. We’re all at the effect (seductions/temptations/image-power/etc) of the FORCE behind “The System”.

We have replaced or YOU have been CON-ned into giving up your UNIQUENESS for INDIVIDUALITY… So you wanna be like BILL GATES, RICHARD BRANSON, or ANGELINA JOLIE, maybe BEYONCE naaaa ok so like NEIL ARMSTRONG, EINSTEIN…..OR GANDHI AND MLK, MAYBE JFK???? BUDDHA OR JESUS?
Why not just be Your-Self UNIQUE?!

IN-DIVIDe-U-AL = To Divide You All from With-IN

The SYSTEM – People who think that they are Freemen but are still using the benefits, etc, are in denial. They are still slaves to “The System” and still perpetuating the status of a world (The System) of slaves and masters, where some men and women have power and control over others.

The UN is in commerce (“The System”) so the living-sensory MAN does not exist if you do not have said “name”to perform with. From our perspective/life-experiences/insights/views/choices/decisions/etc, there is NOTHING anyone has to do to become free from “The System”. We already are free, that’s unless one continues to believe that (or acquiesce to) some men are (being) more equal than others, that they have masters and are slaves asking their overlords for permission/approval/etc to be released from bondage/slavery, etc, to them.

The UN, country, state, principality, territory, nation, etc, are fictions with men and women acting in costume and title as if they are overlords/masters etc, with power over their fellow men and women. The fact is, No MAN is master of another MAN.

When they invaded all the Tribes of Earth after they came to Earth they carved up all the LAND and put a Parish on each one all over the world.

Then they numbered each block they carved up that was CLAIMED out of each nation creating states or provinces and city’s and suburbs as humanity populated.

All your Land titles in your countries have a number on it with if you look up the Top a Parish name!

The Priest of each Parish or Church no matter what type being a Buddhist Temple to a Catholic Church a Jewish Synagogue or a Muslim Mosque or a Orthodox or Baptist church deals with the SINNERS’ SIN – YOU who takes a Lease and or purchase or Mortgage over the Land a CLAIM….

Not for the Religious version NON-SENSE they have suggested that we all accepted in various ways around the Earth…. Which are designed to DETACH YOU from SENSE / EARTH / LIFE…!!!
All Land is CURSED by THEM and if You accept the Curse by making a CLAIM over Land you then accept the CURSE. Stop claiming the Lie…

Money is a Lie why accept it as REAL? Same for all in the System!!!
So by accepting Intellectual Property being YOUR NAME you accept responsibility for all SINS that intellectual property has accepted… YOU ARE NOT YOUR NAME which is only Intellectual Property and Not YOUR REAL ID-ENTITY…!!!

THEY only ADMINISTER the Intellectual Property that is the SYSTEM and that You Claim Ownership of by accepting the Lie / CON-cept and CON-struct of the SYSTEM.


DEMONS or DE-MONS dictate how you behave and think and feel and do which is Your BE-LIE -F THINKING PATTERN….


The DE-MON or DEMON / GHOST that comes with Your CLAIM of accepting your ID-ENTITY the Intellectual property has been given Your FREE-WILL to POSSESS You once You make Your CLAIM into the SYSTEM…..



The Queen of the UK & Europe do not claim to own the wealth they enjoy and the Popes & clergymen Do not CLAIM TO Own anything either not touching Money.

It’s all INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY = Your Name, MONEY, Land Titles.

THEY Do not and You Do not own the Land or the Money or your Name its all Administered by the SYSTEM that Your Renting IT from IT.

DE-MON is being RENTED by You from the SYSTEM .
All that is PRESENT here and Now is YOU that’s why your PROCESSING the Curse the Smart Ones are behind the System that is Administrating the system that You CLAIM is REAL.



Satanists in the higher orders are high priests, masters of remote control, remote viewing and remote thought projection. They project thoughts into the brains of men and women so that those men and women think they are thinking/creating their own thoughts. They place value and importance on those thoughts and act accordingly, whether going to church, wheeling and dealing in commerce or even going to war and killing for those thoughts. Satanists con us into giving our life to their thoughts so that we create their world in their image. This is how we become their slaves who labor for their dream-world.

When we go to war and fight and kill, the energy of that war permeates nature. When a child is sacrificed, the energy of that trauma and fear experienced by the child is projected so that it permeates through all the web of life. That trauma and fear causes disconnection between us and between hearts and brains, creating cold intellects that consist of thoughts without consciousness/life embodied in them, and causing us to distrust and turn our backs on each other.

We are not supposed to be in the image of another MAN’s thought but Satanism is all about projecting thoughts for others to live their lives out of so that we continue to destroy the life that we are. Our true freedom comes when we are no longer doing harm to each other by what we are thinking and feeling and by how we are acting when our thoughts are all for the wholeness of life. When we are doing this, we will have remembered who we really are, what we are really part of and our true purpose and Satanists and their rituals will lose all their power. Satanists perform all kinds of rituals to instill a wedge between us so that we can’t come together in wholeness again. They have to keep us feeling that sense of hopelessness, weakness, powerlessness and disconnection.

Satanism is found all across Earth. Traditionally, Satanists are Aryan bloodlines who have invaded all the lands, decimated the tribes of MAN and re-educated the remains of the tribes into Satanic systems. Satanists are behind all the invading armies and all the religions and systems that have evolved. They are Levite priests – Judeo/Judaic warlocks and witches of Sion/Zion, masters of black-magic. They are not Jews and never have been, although this does not mean that some Jews are not Satanists as there are Satanists in all religions. The Jews are conquered tribes/babies who are brought up to believe they are Jews. They have been set up to be the scapegoats for the shadowy Aryan bloodlines who control the Roman Cult, the Jesuits, the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England, the British Crown, The Crown and all financial centers. Freemasonry is a religion headed by the Levite high priests. Freemasonry protects this Satanic world, providing the camouflage for them to hide behind as master puppeteers as they pull the strings of their marionettes. This is not a “Jewish” problem; it is MAN’S problem.

Ritual Sacrifice started in Ancient Egypt & spread from there. Today, it is everywhere. All involved in the fall were once innocent babies and all have been brainwashed into belief systems that encourage harm and chaos.

It is through allowing our children to contemplate on nature that they learn to re-connect with all of life without invalidating the uniqueness of each of us and without the need for leaders and followers.

Most Satanists don’t know the real significance of what they are doing. If they did, they wouldn’t do it because the harm they do to others is harm to them and their loved ones. We are all connected and we are all responsible for all of life and for all the harm being done to life.

All nations that have a SYSTEM CON-structed with the TRINITY is DESTRUCTIVE and has aligned to the Darkness…

The Holy Trinity:
1/ SPELLING – Read & Write
2/ Mathematics
3/ Geometry

All nations that have these 3 Systems serve the Beast – the DEAD WORLD!!!

The Beast is a fairytale – a LIE – a DEAD WORLD!!!!

It can be looked upon as either or, the lowest level of; and or the, first level of Freemasonry, that which is divided into 3 programs/CON-structs for the general masses (zero):

1. Western Belief
2. Eastern Belief
3. Atheist Beliefs

We all have our own SENSE and must be in tune & reconnect with-in our SENSE/INSTINCTS/FEELINGS/SELF…

Remember yourself as a child before they abused you, they did not teach you anything – the SYSTEM you were enrolled into with out your choice & understanding Abused you, this system is also known as CONDITIONING, and know that all Intellectual Property is NON-SENSE.

You were taught to come outside yourself and replace your SENSE/INSTINCTS/FEELINGS/SOUL with NON-SENSE the physical materialistic world, by Force may I ad….
Knowledge is Man made Fiction – NON-SENSE!!!
WISDOM is CREATION created Fact – SENSE!!!

The Re-Presentation of Intellectual Property is the Consumption of Death.

Only a Living Man Re-Presenting and giving Life to the Dead Corps being Intellectual Property can give life to His-tory.

The SYSTEM conditions the Living Man to get Lost in Character by giving energy to the intellectual property you have made Claim to; Your name, Money, Education, etc.

You set into motion the character you have claimed and conditioned to accept by the system that you were enrolled into and told to and or brainwashed to believe is True.

This is all a FAIRY-TALE from the Intellectual Property you give life too and keep on going.

You live out the Characters in the System and that make up the entire Intellectual Property we call Reality – it needs Actors to live out the script, who is YOU.

Man made Law is Fraud under Natural Law!!!

By abiding under the Man made Law which is made up of Rules & Regulations which is the administration by Man of His-tory you limit your Being because this is in actual reality handing over your Free-will to His-tory while you accept having / experiencing Your Story in the System / Matrix.

By CON-tributing to the System you keep it ALIVE and will be Punished by Your Actions by participating in Fraud.
The SYSTEM is a CON-cept & CON-structs that is a Replication of REALITY!!!!

Every time you use money, the electricity switch, the phone, the supermarket, the dictionary, and or send your kids to school and tell them they have to learn the truth you are committing Fraud and are RENTING/USING His-tory and YOU have to Pay with YOUR LIFE ENERGY


You have to pay for the use of ‘I’ and the Use of His-tory. That means you pay Rent for use of your name, tax file number etc under your birth certificate’s intellectual property owned by the SYSTEM.




The SYSTEM is a CON-cept & CON-structs that is a Replication of REALITY!!!!

Fiction which makes up the fairytale you all bring to life as you create the image they gave you which is not yours but His/Her-story and all owned by the CROWN which receives all the Royalties in forms of Tax’s for the Rent/Use of the Intellectual Property that binds the SPELL by the Words that describe this illusion.

The entire Man-Made SYSTEM / MATRIX is a CON/MAGIC TRICK/SPELL that You all participate in with what they Taught You at School SPELL-ING Words which makes up the Law that enslaves the ‘living being consciousness’; Law which is Rules & Regulations held together by CON-cepts made up by CON-structs which is a imitation of REALITY/NATURE and FRAUD in accordance with NATURAL LAW.

This modern society is the ‘LOST HARVEST’.

Prepare yourself for you must travel alone.

All warriors should prepare themselves to be self-sufficient. Never place your well-being, or the well-being of your loved ones, in someone else’s hands. We all must travel alone, if not all the time, at least some of the time. You must be prepared and ready to defend yourself, if things come to that. You must be personally prepared, not hoping for mercy or counting on being lucky.

Resist the urge to rest on your laurels, thinking that you have reached your goals and no longer need to train or prepare. Your training is like rowing a boat up a river. You can go as far up the river as you are willing to go, but you must continue to work for it.

People who are still caught up in the divide and conquer false left right political paradigm have great difficulty understanding libertarians and individualist anarchists. We appear to the left to be from the right. We appear to the right to be from the left. To partisan cheerleaders we simply ‘do not compute.’

This is because right vs left can only be used to distinguish between the two types of authoritarian collectivism. It is very meaningful to statists, this distinction, and it is designed to be all they ever think about and argue about. The controlled media is used to narrow the debate to only these two choices. It instructs those it brainwashes that anyone who expresses thought outside of that permitted zone is a crazy person. It takes creativity and individuality, a strong will, when someone offers you only two choices, to realize you have more choices than that.

But there is a large group of these strong independent people, independents, who are not authoritarians, not collectivists, not statists. We value individual liberty, individual rights, individual sovereignty. We find the narrow left vs right debate about what type of person should be lord and master of the other type of person to be absurd.

Because we are not easily herded like sheep through the manipulations of the divide and conquer left vs right paradigm, the ruling class is terrified of independent thinkers!

These insipid mimics fail to realize that fame is not democratic. It is an orchestrated spell intended to take us away from our own potentialities. It is a closed-club, existing only to offer us a ready-made escape mechanism, its ultimate aim is to restrict our innate desire to self-create, and utilize the endless possibilities of our potentially-boundless imaginations.

We are prisoners of the limitations set for us by our parasitical, self-appointed master here on Earth – this Planet, and it has been going on here for thousands of years.

In order to transcend our limitations all we have to do is realize that our master is not like us, despite the illusion of superiority, he is, by definition a ridiculous inferior.

His only strength is his psychotically relentless pursuit of self-advancement. Having sapped our desires to self-advance is it any wonder that he has the power to dominate us?
It is merely our surrender that makes us slaves which disconnects us from oneness and from our soul – the GODS!

This world is an Illusion….

The 10th Rule of the Georgia Guidestones

I have spoken about the Georgia Guidestones on this site before as part of my Agenda 21 Is About Blaming Humanity For Archon-Created Problems. However, I want to focus solely on the 10th rule:

“Be not a cancer on the Earth. Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.”

I found this last rule rather interesting, even more than the first rule which was to:

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

Here is where my inquisitive nature comes in. Why would the Global Elite care about nature when all they do is destroy it in order to keep themselves wealthy? In addition to that, why would the archons that control them, care about leaving room for nature? I’m sure there are a number of guesses as to why the 10th rule became notable (they even repeated themselves in this rule), but I am going to express why I believe this rule to be included.

At some point in time (I’m going to guess around 2020), the Earth will split. Now I don’t mean literally split as in there will be two planet Earths. I mean that there will be one group of people vibrating on a high level and another vibrating on a low level. This will be the split between the Machine Kingdom and nature. Those vibrating on the high level will evolve naturally without technology while those vibrating on the low level will move towards the Machine Kingdom where their every technological thirst will be satisfied.

The Global Elite and the archons that control them know that there will be those who will refuse to be a part of the technological Machine Kingdom and they will not waste their time on trying to lure them in.  According to the Law of Free Will and the Law of Non-Interference, whatever choice that any human makes, no force can deviate them from making that choice.

Now there are some that may ask: “Mikey, if the Elite and their archon masters keep destroying nature, how can those who don’t choose the Machine Kingdom live in nature if there is no nature to live in?” Well this is the beauty of Mother Earth. She is self-sustaining. No matter what happens to her, she always will find a way to right whatever wrong was done to her (This is where humanity must really pay attention because it will be a difference between their evolution or their extinction). Earth has seen it all: hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, typhoons, and humanity. Through it all, Mother Earth has always come out on top and due to that, nature always replenishes. In addition, things in nature vibrate on a higher level then things that were created out of dead nature. This is why it’s a whole lot better to eat natural, organic foods rather than eating meat and processed foods.

So in my opinion, I look at the 10th rule on the Georgia Guidestones as being an admittance of defeat from the Elite and the archons that they cannot compete with Mother Earth and nature and instead will follow a “live and let live” type of agreement.

However, I also have reason to believe that it is also be used as a teaser for those in the Machine Kingdom as well. As time marches on, the people in the Machine Kingdom will be able to see nature and those who are living in harmony with it, developing their multidimensional capabilities. They may get that feeling like they made the wrong choice, but then it would be too late to do anything about it. It’s almost like making those in hell watch the ones in heaven enjoying themselves while they burn in a fiery torment. Of course I mean in a figurative sense, since I have already stated that Hell is a Fiction. But to give you an idea of the point that I’m trying to drive home, here is a clip from “Two and a Half Men” stating my point. (In order to help you avoid watching the whole clip, my point starts at 0:33 and ends at 1:22):

So, in conclusion, rule #10 of the Georgia Guidestones seems to be a white flag to the ones who vibrate in harmony with Mother Earth and nature itself, while being a form of torture for those who vibrate with the Machine Kingdom. One reference that is absolutely priceless that goes deeper into the rabbit hole on this topic is Wes Penre. He has four levels of learning talking about the Machine Kingdom and evolving without technology. Highly recommended! It will also be discussed more in my upcoming book “The Archonicles” which is set for an international release on 7/7/2014.

So which will you choose? Technology or nature?